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7/18/2004 c3 15Golbezandcrew
Hey you wanted a reveiw so here ya go

I loved it^^

i love all those thingys of shadows past
7/12/2003 c2 4Rabid Biscuit
Imperfect clone? IMPERFECT CLONE! The nerve of you! Oh I should destroy you!

Shadow's Keeper: Calm down!

Shadow the Hedgehog: NO!

I will have revenge! Agh! *starts trashing the room*

Shadow's Keeper: Bad boy! Down boy, down!(over the noise of fabric ripping) I really liked your story! Sorry about Shadow! I found him crashed in the woods and I never should of let him onto this website with me! Really good!
4/4/2003 c2 shadowgirl
wow great story hope ya update soon
3/31/2003 c2 security2
Great chapter, not too short, not too long. it is VERY interesting. I can't wait to read the next chapter!
3/31/2003 c1 security2
Well, it could be a bit longer. Other than that, it was very good.
3/31/2003 c2 Timothy
I'm not exactly a well rounded critique, but I can say that I am really enjoying what I'm reading. You were right about that Sonic Robotnik hedgehog stepping out of it's container. I really didn't see that coming! I hope that you weren't joking about it. I cannot wait for chapter 3! Good luck! P.S: Wishes are indeed eternal. (corny huh?)
2/23/2003 c1 1Darkstrife1
I'm interested I'd like to see how it comes out. I don't know what people have against script format. I think its good. Hopefully an update will be coming soon. *stares blankly at Cyberbanjo the Hedgehog*
2/22/2003 c1 5Illusion's Shadow
Not bad, not bad at all. Sounds kind of interesting, too. I would like to see this updated! =D?
2/22/2003 c1 Super Sonic
You know, people are awful rude for not giving you a review. (Coming from me, that's a high compliment.) I like the story, so keep it up! Also, it may help if you put a little more talk in it, that's what got me from writing scripts.

Good luck!


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