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12/7/2019 c2 16chibinoyume
I was so scared I was reading an unfinished fic when I saw there were only two chapters and I finished chapter one. I am so, so glad to be wrong. While I could have certainly loved an epilogue of sorts, their "date", this fic is lovely as it is. So much happened even if just emotionally. It was so *them* in season 2, all uncertainty and pain but growing to admit their feelings for each other again. Thank you for sharing with us!
6/30/2017 c2 101MonkeyPajamas
Also, I was hoping to post this after you go to sleep because I want you to wake up to a review, not get it right before you go to bed. Which is an important distinction. But you also haven't texted and so... I'm not sure but I'm turning off my computer, so you'll get it when you do.

The title of this chapter made me think of a song because I could have sworn it was a lyric from it, but no, it's similar but not the same. But then again, it's such a good song it's always good to hear in my head.
And strangely enough it's not a Jeller song. I keep trying to make it a Jeller song because I love it so much, but it really isn't.

You know what, just because I feel like it needs to be said... you know how last summer when you were writing BW and there was all these lovely moments of the two of them waking up together.
I much prefer those happy waking up together moments to these and the TP ones where Jane wakes up scared and alone.
I mean, just in general... together alone for these two.

(and I love how this was written like months ago so you have NO idea what scene I'm even talking about as you read this review)

Kurt is still on the team. Because he's still there and ... darn this is making me think of how Kurt will wake up one time alone, because Jane disappeared and I don't like that.
But not thinking about show Jeller, I'm thinking about fic Jeller and in fic Jeller Kurt is still there.

Jane I don't know about you, but even at 3:53, I'm still all for trying to fall back asleep. Heck, even if it's 10 minutes before my alarm goes off I'm still all for trying to fall back asleep. I like sleep. This was known by both of us. I'm just sharing with Jane now.

I love the idea that Jane wanted to text him at 4am for confirmation. And I love that in the show storyline now, she wouldn't hesitate to text him (the few nights they spend apart at least).

I'm so glad Kurt got there early enough. And I can totally picture Kurt's confusion and worry when he sees Jane there that early also.

I like how Kurt wants to talk and takes her into his office. He knows somethings wrong. He wants to fix it.

Jane and I have the opposite problems with sleep. Her sleep is the problem. Me... it's the before sleep. Maybe I should write an angsty fic about Jane's trouble going to sleep. Hmmm..

Ha - "do you remember yesterday?" "In general, yes."

"When she didn't even flinch, didn't grimace or smile or roll her eyes at his terrible joke, he got even that much more concerned." I love that

No Kurt. They wouldn't have worked it out. Because you ARE this team. They really need you to be the glue that holds them all together. It doesn't work. Like, really it doesn't work without all of them. Like Patterson said way back in 1.03. They just have to find their new shape, but now that they have, it's a strong shape. You remove one of the pieces and it just doesn't work.

That Kurt still feels that agreement is valid. Even after everything that happened. Jane can still call him. And now she knows it's still valid again.

Jane, but what Tasha said is just as true. Yes, your life is as complicated as it comes. But that doesn't mean... like Tasha said, when you're right for each other, you make room.

Haha, Kurt she called you on it. I love how they basically were like, they barely mentioned that other people knew about Kurt and Nas, but they totally knew. It was like that one little scene and we were all like yep see these two can't keep a secret. They all know.
But I'm so glad they broke up.
Also because I love the idea that the whole team knows (and is excited about) Jeller.

Of course he thinks back to 109 and how he answered everything.
I love that there's all these like... you know how he said Jane got inside his walls. And she did. You can see it in their very first interactions and then really by 109, there is no wall. He wants to be open and honest with her. He wants to connect with her.

Yes Kurt, it's okay to be happy that you are both single. But it won't be for long. Because then you'll be together.

No. It wasn't like the beginning. This is such a better second chance. Because now they are two people. Honestly I realize they probably wouldn't have worked if they got together in S1. But now they will. Because they are better now.

Jane. You can believe him. Because Kurt... hes there for you. Really. He is. And he's learned that he's made mistakes and you have too, but again, you're better now. You're both better now. Things won't crash and burn because you've been through it and you're stronger together now and HE KNOWS YOUR HEART. Even if you don't know that when this story was written.

He pulled her to him and she relaxed and it's just so sweet and darn I hate them (they're too cute)

"It had just happened. She'd been powerless to stop it."
Really Jane, we're all pretty powerless around Kurt. You're just lucky you're the one he chooses.

"That he wanted her to lean on him that way. there was no one else to wom she would even consider confiding something like this and only then did she realize how much she had missed it"
Oh I love that

"There is no one else but you." HEART EYES

That Kurt knows he can't promise it. That's such a perfect Kurt line, and then his response "I hope it never comes to that again." Its so perfectly Kurt.

Oh Kurt. Jane is strong. Yes. You are strong. And in a sense, yes, you can both survive without the other. But you are stronger together.

"I don't want to have to be fine without you." I kind of totally love that line. That may be my favorite line ever. Seriously (ignore the other kajillion times I've said that and will say that again)

"You love her stupid. Glad you could catch up."

Guess what - they did go get those drinks. I just really connected the episode order. This was the episode where they got the drinks and made the confessions and I think that makes me love this story even more. (well the episode, you know, you wrote this as a post episode for the episode before... whatever! you better understand what I'm trying to say)

terrified in a good way is perfect.

He doesn't have to. But he wants to.

"Because I have a feeling this is going to be a nonstop day."
"Right, unlike all the other calm days around here."
"It was nice to see her smile."

And Jane leaned her head against his shoulder.

They had each other. And they really do.
5/14/2017 c1 MonkeyPajamas
Hey look - a review! There is no real process for how I'm choosing which story to review. I am at least doing it in order - chapter 1 (or 38 or whatever one is first). But today it was random choice. And so I chose this story. I mean, I figure it's been forever since I've reviewed ANY of them, and it's not like either one of us remembers what the story is about because you've wrote so much. Also, I get to reread them all so I don't really care. It's all good.

So I did have to double check that this was the one that was a dream. I mean I know it must be. But come on, it's so real the first paragraph where I'm like, wait, all that's left is Tasha, Patterson, Jane. That can't be right.

The six of them - now down to three. This team has gone through so many chances. Mayfair. Nas. Reade. Jane. Kurt. It's all been an up and down. They really need to find their new shape again. Part of that line was just due to the fact that I was playing with tangrams yesterday and I can't play with those without thinking of Patterons's line.

If he kicked Jane off the team, all it would be is Zapata. And she would have to be absorbed by another team. Because she can't go out into the field alone. It's hard to imagine even just her and Jane alone. Even at the smallest, it was three - Kurt, Tasha, Reade - right before Jane came into their lives.

Pellington makes my blood boil. It's so HIM. Which is good but also, bad, becaue he's bad. I don't care that he's dead now.

"No team without you."
It's so true. Kurt Weller... he is. Because without Kurt, he's the leader. It's an odd comparison, but like I'll try. Because it's soccer. So the captain of the USWNT there's actually two co captains. But anyway. One is a fantastic player. Well they're all good, but you know. But absolutely great super technical. But she really isn't a great LEADER. So when she's the captain on the field, you can tell the difference a little bit. And that's what it's like here. Obviously they are all great agents. They all know what job they need to do and can get the job done and give it a hundred and ten percent. But Kurt - he's the one that can keep them together. Provide the right guidance and support. Yell when he needs to and hug when he needs to. Be a friend or be a leader.

There is no team without Kurt Weller.
(And side note - there is no Kurt Weller without Jane, but that's for another story)

Jane may have known Kurt the shortest, but of course she was most affected. He wasn't just her boss. He was her starting point.

I'm glad Patterson is getting Jane. It makes sense. No matter what the relationship between Jane and the other two agents they both have their skill set. Jane needs emotional support. That's Patterson. Weller needs to be investigated (well his situation). That's Zapata. Even if it was all friends and hugs and happiness (like their S1 relationship) those are the skills they have.

"This was not reality. She simply refused to accept it."
5/9/2017 c2 lipamo
Wow what a beautiful second chapter! It is easy to imagine because it is so well written. Love love love it
4/21/2017 c2 6Hazmatt
Great story! I really enjoyed it!
4/19/2017 c2 20Vilian
Awww. Don't know how you do it, but no matter how long or short your stories are, each is equally good. Great job!
4/15/2017 c2 Amina07
That was amazing! This is exactly where they are on the show; they need each other and want to be with each other, but it's a very bad timing huh always have... despite everything that happened between them, it's
undeniable how connected they are. Let's hope they can find their way to be together in the middle of that mess
4/15/2017 c2 1BlueTigress
Fantastic story! You have a great way of writing the characters
4/15/2017 c2 LucindaG
You really got me! I thought the rug had been pulled out from under the dwindling team, only to realize it was a DREAM! Tricked us! I loved that Kurt realizes there's no one for him but Jane. And her line, "I don't want to have to be fine without you."...
Lovely...you always leave us hoping for more :)
4/14/2017 c2 Elislin
4/14/2017 c2 Amydave29
So good! You had me worried after the 1st chapter. Loved that it was a dream! Jeller fluff
4/14/2017 c2 Guest
Ahh! I love this! This chapter was absolutely amazing, I didn't know it was a dream but I am so happy with that twist! I loved everythig about this chapter, so many jeller feels! It was written so beautifuly and amazing as all your writing is! I really hope that there might be more to this story because like the others it's so fantastic!
4/14/2017 c2 Jackie
Loved it, thank you
4/14/2017 c2 Annie
typical Jeller...wonderful
4/14/2017 c2 11Scarletfern
This was perfect! And you totally got me. I never expected it to be a dream! Great story!
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