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9/23 c30 Kitsune995
I love your work
9/23 c15 Kitsune995
9/22 c29 BoredKing
Why is emotional attachment such a bizarre concept in your stories? I like your stories but dear god do I hate how you always treat romance like it's the weather.
9/22 c17 BoredKing
So they're ignoring how giving one of the most powerful nations in the world access to superpowers is going to result in the bare minimum a few minor wars, if not another word war?

Introducing chakra to a world won't stick around to rule, which is beyond idiotic. It's like giving an undeveloped word access to sci-fi level tech.
9/22 c9 BoredKing
Minato is not stronger than Hashirama. Minato couldn't even fight Tobi and and to use a suicide technique to stop the 9 tails. Hashirama beat Madara in his prime while he has the 9 tails.
9/22 c6 BoredKing
Did you just kill Kurama? Bruh that's cruel.
9/20 c12 budjul1611975
"Tits and beer" god?Kinda like "tits and wine" from GoT.
9/20 c30 28Puidwen
Love the new chapter.
9/17 c25 arrogant-punk
I kept wondering why Xander only recognized River/Cameron and not Mal/Caleb, but it finally dawned on me this is an early season Xander.

What kind of hijinks have you got planned if Xander ever runs into Caleb and the first evil?
9/15 c30 2CyberDragonEX
You know what a GOOD world for Xander to wind up in would be? Supernatural. With hunters, and monsters, and all that - it'd probably feel like home to him. Plus, imagine if he came across, and acquired a Template of, the Men of Letters Bunker.

The ULTIMATE supernatural fortress, which he'd then be able to copy into future worlds. And then there's the possibility that, when created, said copy would adapt to that world's forces - with it's library and wards and such being replaced with native equivalents.
9/14 c30 Difdi
Normally, sharing porn with someone tends to end poorly, since everybody's taste is different - but does it count if you're giving someone's stash to their dimensional analogue?
9/13 c30 DiveLord
And Xander is in motion again! I love Firefly but there wasn’t much for Xander to learn there. Fixing Serenity, River, whistleblowing the Alliance, and ending the Reavers is realistically all the help he could provide there in a short amount of time.

Stomping all over an alternate Naruto-verse before Obito shows back up will at least let him continue learning Jutsus and artifacts, for a little while. I realize he likely won’t stick around for all that long, just enough to spread some good and then off to the next adventure. Kinda want him to find his way back to that specific Sailor Moon just to “have words” with the Senshi in the form of palm to backside.
9/11 c30 Guest
Thanks for more of this! It's great fun as usual! I am surprised you went with an alternate timeline of Konoha so close to the last time he was there, but I think you are using it to set up him visiting alternative timelines in the future. Maybe alternatives to canon timelines?

Hopefully he revisits his previous Konoha after this for comparison and to catch up with Anko again.

Very eager to see what comes next! Thank you for another wonderful chapter!
9/11 c30 Guest
*cackles in delight*

This is wonderful! Thank you for writing it!
9/12 c5 4Verdauga
Quite interesting.
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