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6/11 c1 Guest
Next. DMC Univers or DBZ Univers
6/3 c27 1SixFtWookie
If Xander realized that a familiar face in the InBetween led to a verse with that face, is he gonna start jumping and looking for his friend's faces? Or, realizing that he has full access to The World As Myth, is he gonna jump into a familiar world to get access to the patterns of all his childhood heroes so he can bring the Justice League, the Avengers, and all his favorite Jedi back to the Dale? Because that sounds like a fun read as he comes up with different ways to shake all those hands, and help protagonists along the way.
6/2 c7 SixFtWookie
Aaaaaahhh! Dropbear! RUN!
5/28 c27 Aratherfluffyfatcat
5/25 c27 Books85
This story is a hoot! It made me laugh on a not very bright day.

Thank you.
5/14 c27 allanreimer
o.o well, that happened. Jayne musta had too much squirrel growing up...
5/1 c27 Guest
Teen Titans / Xmen evolution, AFTER, the show ends, give Rogue control mutation
5/1 c27 Guest
I would suggest a magic realm next just to add to Xander's skill set.. Harry Potter, Fairy Tail, The Magicians, LOTR, etc...anything to add to his magic knowledge
5/1 c1 Gina Barron
Review my story!

www dot fanfiction dot net/s/14072242/1/Olivia-s-big-day-out


Review my story!

www dot fanfiction dot net/s/14072242/1/Olivia-s-big-day-out
4/27 c27 DiveLord
HAHAHAHAHA. Finally some insanity that's too much for Xander. If anyone could do it, it'd be Jayne Cobb.
4/27 c27 Curious Reader
So if my math is right that 27 t-800's xander created if we don't count cameron and the 'special' order for jayne.

Man, what are they going to do with 27 of them once this is all said and done I wonder?

Leave a 5 or six on the planet for guard duty(just in case that agent comes calling) and the rest...sick them on the alliance?

Track down the reavers origin and eliminate? This one might be an interesting order to give them.

Fix up the ships and the 800s can crew them and do hunter/killer work on reaver party's in the future. Hunter the hunters kind of thing.

The jayne situation...I'm hoping for the obvious reason for asking a droid is what going on, and that we get a slightly weird but funny reason behind it.
4/27 c27 Bucio
Well that was fast, and that was only Terminators, if he had used Ninjas, Tanukis and Kitsunes (and a few giant bears) it would have been even faster, at least Sanctuary already has its own Terminator Squad to defend itself (and Zoe with Xander giving her own trio of Terminators).

Of Jayne, so well that we were going and with the things that he comes out.

Heh, at this point River won't have her chance with Xander with so many interruptions, or she corners him or accompanies him on his next jump/trip, or our protagonist leaves River her own Xander (if he already can make copies of himself like others, a pre Planeswalker Xander with base upgrades) and with enough gold and coffee

Good luck and keep it up
4/27 c27 Guest
I choose to believe that Jayne is going to treat the new cyborg that looks like his mom as a sister. That, or it's to troll people who knew his mom.

And completely ignore the fact that the excuse he gave for Xander's use was that the looks are his 'perfect woman' that Xander scanned off of him.
4/27 c27 1arewin
Quirky but fun, keep it up
4/26 c27 Seimika
Horny cave man wants to do a sexier version of his mother... I think I interneted enough for today
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