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5/9 c17 28Kairan1979
Teaching hippies to use chakra? What if a cult leader like Charles Manson learns it?
5/8 c19 Eeyore3061
Where to go .. where to go .. how about 'Colors and Capes'?
He Drops in front of or near The Busted Flush and when he goes in *everyone* says "XANDER!" and he's shocked while recognizing most, if not everyone there .. "Umm you all know me?"
Confused Hilarity Ensues .. which becomes even more so when Harley leads the questioning after getting a wink from Ace so he's almost Blue Screened after finding out who he's been dating for over a year .. and after a tap on his shoulder turns to someone in jeans, flannel, a mask, and sad puppy dog eyes, "You mean you don't don't remember me, your Superhero Daughter? Lumber Jane?" .. full Blue Screen. *snickers*

OR, maybe, 'A Sunny Day in DC' .. where off duty Superguy and Supergirl are having lunch to celebrate their One Year "First Date" Anniversary with "off duty" Harley and Ivy where they had chili .. and it's Harley that saw him port in and goes to get him since Xander and Kara are all lovie dovie distracted... ;)
Which, let's be honest, is better than dropping in during their *WEDDING* .. Black Adam officiating, his son is the ring bearer, Harley's daughter is the flower girl, Batgirl in her cowl and a dress the matron of honor, Guy Garner is the best man, Ma and Pa Kent are there in disguise (Pa having walked her down the aisle), Harley and Ivy are bridesmaids, Dr Fate is the other groomsman, .. and with the bride's side having mostly Heroes, it's mostly Villains on the groom's side because they like how he has always treated them .. with Flash and the Rouges making sure everyone behaves... ;)
Yeah, gotta stop spinning these out ..
5/8 c15 Kairan1979
Omakes are the best part of the chapter.
5/8 c10 Kairan1979
Naruto and Sasuke as brothers? That's a recipe for disaster.
5/7 c17 Joshera
For an example of a genuinely friendly AI Overlord idea, read the Evitable Conflict by Isaac Asimov.
5/6 c19 1Beowulf-BX
I wonder where Xander will go next.

I vote for either Worm or an anime. I wonder how Washu from Tenchi would react to him. I have a sudden image of her Goldberg spearing Xander onto a bed lol. Also if Cameren goes go with him, will Washu upgrade her?

Better idea...what if they end up in Firefly? Xander...in space...*shuvers*. Or say in something totally out there. Power Rangers.
5/6 c19 176Firehedgehog
great update, and just love mulders smugness at proof
5/5 c19 Guest
DC, I want you to know that I've been reading your stories for over a decade. I had a really bad day today, and then I saw you posted.

I haven't even read it yet, but you should know that just seeing that you're still out there, being you and writing stories, has significantly improved my bad day.

Thank you.
5/5 c19 2CMVreud
LOL, Terminator crossover with X-Files. I'd read that.
I'd read that so hard.
5/5 c19 sandipi
Sh*t! It would be easier to level with Mulder and Scully. They are used to weird stuff. "We (!?) are going to leave a note and slip out." Is Cameron going with him? I loved Summer Glau in the role.
Thank you for the new chapter.
5/5 c19 28Puidwen
LMAO at the x-files bit at the end.
5/4 c19 2Kaiya Azure
I wonder if Uncle Bob will be able to smile properly when Xander returns to check on them.

Nice to see Faith helping Buffy. Pun not intended.

Healing/regeneration artifacts would definitely come in handy.

On the bright side, John and company should be pretty well prepared should the worst still manage to happen. Though I wonder where Xander will disappear to this time.

Huh, X-Files in Terminator... or is it the other way around? Either way, that's liable to make things very interesting.
5/4 c19 2marius1117
liked it
5/4 c19 Guest
To llian-winter. To repeat a prior review I left for chapter 16:

"without at least a Potter, and another two of magical and tech spec worlds. Going to Worm at this point is just a good way to get his feces wrecked. The Entities getting out of their corner of multiverse, AND loosing a lot of his mana just to add insult to injury. About the only thing worse would be going to Marvel universes. While DC universes are nearly as bad as Worm. And before anyway asks about Warhammer, that'd require a bare minimum of DBZ universes to pre-prepare for and ... yeah, you'd need minimum of DC to match that, better would be Marvel after DC, then you'd have a chance to actually gain something from DBZ. There just isn't anything between Warhammer and DBZ so... yeah. There's a reason those two are endgame scenarios for jumpchain."

So... yeah, no comic world before he's been to enough normie sci-fi, and magical non-elder eldritch realms that he can then go to an eldritch lite realm, and win. Then he can go to DC, followed by Worm, before hitting Marvel; just so he can survive DBZ and it's spinoffs, all in an attempt to power up before trying jack with any warhammer verse (and heavens help me, but WH Fantasy would be the one he should go to first, just to have enough to handle WH OG)
5/4 c19 Guest
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