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2/6/2020 c1 35Shaman94
I'm not %100 sure if the crossovers have to be X meets Ladybug (or) TF but I'll play it safe for now.

Ladybug meets the Nicktoons Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
10/14/2017 c1 135chilled monkey
Entries not allowed:
-stories: lists, bloopers, polls, previews, challenges, author notes, and etc.
or two liners.
: comments inserted in between the flow of a copied story.
with non-historical and non-fictional characters: actors, musicians, and etc.
form of interactive entry: choose your adventure, second person/you based, Q&As, and etc.
/script format and keyboard dialogue based entries.

I apologise if I seem rude but this is NOT a story. This is a request for ideas/suggestions. As such it is not allowed in the Stories category.

Please delete this and re-post it in your profile which is where it should be. Suggestions can be sent to you via private message.

Again, I apologise if I come across as rude. I'm sure you're a fine writer and I wish you the best. However the fact remains that "FanFic MashUp!" is not a story and as such is not allowed.
10/9/2017 c2 234gunman
Transformers Prime x Evangelion.
Idea: Shinji Ikari is teleported to Jasper, Nevada, where he meets Cliffjumper, who saves him from Decepticons. This also saves Cliffjumpers life as he is not attacked by The Cons. Shinji becomes the first human teen to join the Autobots, and is partnered with Cliffjumper, who is his guardian. Shinji/Miko pairing because they are kinda opposites.
10/9/2017 c1 gunman
Transformers Prime x Max Steel.
Idea: Jack discovers that his father is actually an alien from Takion and on his 16 and a half year, he starts manifesting TURBO energy. This energy is as good as Energon to the Autobots, but the Decepticons want it too. Steel, the alien Ultralink, comes to find Jack and help him defend Earth, as his father's last request.
Also, Steel is in love with Arcee.
What do you think?
8/10/2017 c1 1Eva.B.Alexeeva
miraculous tales of ladybug and chat noir and transformers prime please
4/21/2017 c1 9Autobot00001
I say do Miraculous Ladybug and Transformers Prime! Have Hawk Moth form an alliance with Megatron! I have a few ideas of my own if you're interested!
4/14/2017 c1 brandon08liu
Do Transformers Prime and Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug and Cat Noir crossover! With a new type of Decepticons called Akumacons.

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