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6/15/2020 c8 Guest
I’m so happy you updated! A lot went down in this chapter, I’m curious to see what Ryoga is going to do now. Is Akane going to give him a chance? Will Ranma find a friend in Yusuke? I have so many questions.
3/26/2020 c8 Tony
Waiting for the next chapter.
3/26/2020 c8 Tony
Hope you are safe and sound. And plz update as soon as possible.
3/16/2020 c5 AsheTDust
“S'not fair," He complained lowly, miserably thinking of just how in-control Yusuke was of Shampoo, "What does he got that I don't?“

The answer to that is very simple Ranma. He has everything. Yusuke in this story is a Mary Sue.
3/16/2020 c8 Zx
Please update more frequently and at least tell us when can we expect the next chapter, and your other stories, are they going to get update any time soon?
3/13/2020 c8 Dragoon725
So Yusuke and Ryoga has a falling out huh? not a bit surprised that happened since I always thought Ryoga was very retarded in many ways as even Mousse has his limits on what should or shouldn't happen (Christmas episode where both Kuno and Ryoga started fighting it out IN AKANE'S ROOM with Mousse the only one trying to calm them down). Also, this is a troupe in most fanfics where Akane finds out that Ryoga was P-chan in that she would definitely try to kill him if he founds out which is a very big thing since finding that out is no different than if someone sneaked inside your room and stalking, obsessing over you. Personally, even if Akane didn't fall in love with Yusuke, this would have happened sooner or later as Ryoga is just dumb like that. Akane's dislike over Ryoga possibly falling for her over her looks isn't exactly untrue as Ryoga seems to place Akane on a pedestal and hardly had any true interactions with her and he also doesn't understand her faults or should I say refuse to believe that she does have them.
Personally, I believe that the only reason why Akane is starting to develop feeling over Yusuke is simply because he's the only male in the district that has the least amount of nuttiness and has a proper amount of reasoning within his character. You definitely can't say that's a thing when you talk about Ryoga, Mousse, Kuno and to an lesser extent Ranma. Even the background characters have a lot of nuttiness as remember how those idiots followed Kuno's need to beat Akane to date her crap in the first place so it's not surprising that she got hooked onto the only male in the district who isn't fit for an asylum.
3/12/2020 c8 James Birdsong
Cool of course
3/9/2020 c8 ZX
Hope you update ' the city of insanity' soon too. Great work as always.
3/9/2020 c8 ZX
Nice chapter. Keep going man! Love your work.
3/9/2020 c8 13foxchick1
Curious to see what happens next.
3/9/2020 c8 demzerff1
Haha I love that end bit so much!
3/8/2020 c8 James1996
Great chapter, I look forward to reading more in the future.
3/5/2020 c7 demzerff1
This can only end badly.
Poor Yusuke is getting pulled into love troubles without meaning to and he isn't a harem protagonist so there is no compromise.
Only battles to the death can decide the ultimate waifu.

Haha although in the end that can only be ranma.
2/17/2020 c7 6Hermione Blackwood
Please continue this one! Aside from mousse's horrible death, i really like this one and it cuts off here right when the fluff finally began -_-
2/15/2020 c5 Hermione Blackwood
Jesus that was horrifying. What a terrible way to go. Poor mousse.
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