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4/15/2017 c1 Curious
Interesting story but don't you more interesting stories to update?
4/14/2017 c1 dragonsword1000
Yusuke is going to turn Ranma and Ryoga into continent level threats very quickly, please continue this story.
4/14/2017 c1 Zibanitum
I notice you have a habit of shipping two male characters together in your fics. Are you coming out of the closet here? As a writer are you inserting yourself into Ranma's roll, pining for a big strong superman who will come and own your ass? Hope you find your bull soon.
4/14/2017 c1 Coffee

So Ranma's a gunner's fan in this fic? I expect you to find some way to slip a 'Wenger Out!' reference in.
4/14/2017 c1 8The Keeper of Worlds
Nice job here:-)
4/14/2017 c1 3Reishin Amara
I absolutely LOL at that logic at the end.
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