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for Heart of Porcelain

3/9 c21 Apple Yumi 94
lol he is such a charmer
3/9 c20 Apple Yumi 94
squeal so precious
3/9 c19 Apple Yumi 94
wow awesome story. I wonder what was the thought he had upon waking up seeing her?
3/8 c16 Apple Yumi 94
woowee, that adolescent trauma is a mean monster smh
3/8 c15 Apple Yumi 94

lmbo that brought back the class trauma from finals week my freshman yr in college g! hahaha you better get to stalking your calculus profcrank that project out swift as a fox hunty lol
3/8 c14 Apple Yumi 94
hahahaha adorable big bro moment

and the irony is hot! kids sometimes don't realize they're doing a similar behavior in a different way. I mean, for him to avoid his mom during her peak moments of histeria is in a way rejecting and abandoning her in her times of distress. different than his dad, but still crappy. unfortunately, in order to preserve his own mental health it is indeed necessary to have a healthy boundary from his mom? *sob* it's so unfair to all of them
3/8 c13 Apple Yumi 94
hahahaha cute
3/8 c11 Apple Yumi 94
muahahahahahahahaaaa what's next?
3/8 c10 Apple Yumi 94
I'm squealinnnnng! I didn't think we would get this far so soon.
3/8 c9 Apple Yumi 94
lol cute. but now I need the tea! what happened in new Caledonia?! something else on top of the cannon story? this is such a fascinating fiction you've written!
3/7 c8 Apple Yumi 94
biiiiiiitch I loveeee Miss A! this is so accurate. whenever you're trying to block someone out that's done you dirty you gotta hype yourself up with a certain song whenever you think of letting them back in. mine was bodak yellow, specifically the "And I'm quick, cut a nigga off So don't get comfortable" lolol. Gawd that was my theme song that entire apr-jul hahahah I feel your burden Ga Eul. men aren't worth the trouble sis lolol
3/7 c7 Apple Yumi 94
dang, that's raw. the image is in my mind and I wasn't even there
3/7 c6 Apple Yumi 94
that is the cutest sonnnng
3/7 c3 Apple Yumi 94
lol yay currency exchange
3/7 c2 Apple Yumi 94
that escalated quickly
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