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for The Legend of Zelda: Interloper of Time

6/10 c1 8HyperA2019
Waiting for Curiosity Broke the Scissors, Chapter 16.
5/19 c40 Hail Lord Archanfel
Kinda blunt there
5/15 c7 Gibson1014
A little child size being with the strength to throw boulders like she was throwing a baseball is both hilarious and terrifying lol.
5/15 c5 Gibson1014
You know when you say it out loud, it doesn’t really sound all that believable lol.
5/15 c4 Gibson1014
Dang, tree-jiji still ends up passing away... I just want to point out just how adorable the name Tree-Jiji is XD
I just love the fact that he’s called ‘Tree Grandfather’
5/15 c3 Gibson1014
Poor child naruto! Finally taken away from the place of his abuse and now that’s he’s finally in a safe place he has a mental break down! Can’t blame him tho...
5/15 c2 Gibson1014
Welp! Bye Kurama XD
What did they do with him tho? Obviously they stripped him of his powers before sending him away so where did they send him?
5/15 c1 Gibson1014
Do you think that link knows that he is in a loop, being reborn time and time again in hopes to succeeding? Or is his mind wiped after he dies and is just forced into his position all this time? Have the goddesses ever asked if he was ok with it or do they for it on him?
5/12 c40 6Lucius Walker
Oh, nice! You've updated this lovely crossover! And my oh my, the relationship drama's just getting good.
5/10 c40 david2299
This was a real pleasure to read and a rarity. Loved it and took all day to read to ensure I enjoyed it to the max.
5/10 c40 SonicBlast4444
...well that happened...this was mostly filler i can tell but was entertaining filler. I look forward to more. Also my guess is harem...just a guess. Would solve the issue. And i still love the humanized(hylianized?) Fi idea. Genius.
5/10 c10 KalthosNamikaze
my votes on pairing would be saria or zelda
5/9 c40 10avatoa
Geez, Saria, rip the bandaid off why don’t ya?
5/8 c40 Blackz123
Please update wakfu Chronicles of the Lost Ninja
5/8 c40 24Rio Skyron
the famous words of Naruto "Huh?
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