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8/2 c55 Guest
A full year with not update/rewrite is this story dead
7/25 c44 kingkoopa171
I hope the characters don't age I would love for them to stay there current ages
7/23 c55 Tilong
He should have used Ultimate Ognologia or Alien X
6/4 c3 Ebrahim051
so wait did he lose the master control? if not why did he turn manually when he could do it with a thought?
6/4 c3 Ebrahim051
why didn't he use Clockwork to fix the battery. couldn't he just reverse time?
6/2 c48 0-Ret
"it was then that Mira comes to the front of the audience, carrying a placenta of documents had held a bunch of text."

I think you meant plethora, that's something... else.

Great story, you make the characters feel believably close to canon.
5/31 c51 Natsu
I don't like how he's an anodite now,he has aliens in an Omnitrix for a reason,making him an anodite ruins the story and everything else
5/29 c13 Natsu
Didn't like this new chapter,the old one was way better
5/29 c35 Okkinonix
the ending made me laugh
5/26 c55 Guest
5/25 c55 Guest
4/9 c55 Emerald117
Please tell me you're just busy and not dead. It's been 3 years and this is awfully concerning
3/13 c55 benedictloe
please don't tell me we have to wait on this update 7 years for the update of this story?, man if only this story got adopted and continue by someone or something?
3/11 c55 Ben
Please update this story... we seriously wanna know what happens next
3/10 c55 jamal.hatch1999
So Ben's dead in this chapter or no and is there gonna be an update for this.
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