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11/20/2019 c55 Dragon storm
Okay I think I've got an idea why you haven't been updating. One you're suffering from writer's block or something in your real life is taking up a lot of your time which is all right because fan fiction writing is more like a hobby.
11/13/2019 c33 XorDart
ruined because of jellal soo good luck with that.
11/8/2019 c55 kitsune
are you alive?
11/4/2019 c55 kingkoopa171
please don't age Ben I think it's cute Ben is young and I like it when Ben is forced to do the girl stuff with the girls some of the time it wouldn't be as funny if he was aged or looked older
11/3/2019 c48 4Gr3en-Man98
dragon storm Thanks for the review now I know what I need to do to make the story better I get it they’re not enough character action
11/1/2019 c55 Ed
Question: Since Ben has a magic dragon dna in his watch will also suffer motion sickness like the dragon slayers as a joke?
10/31/2019 c55 Dragon storm
Happy Halloween Emiym
10/30/2019 c22 Gr3en-Man98
Dragostrom while you wait you can check back in with my story
10/27/2019 c55 DragonLord123
I love this please continue it please I just love it, everything about it is amazing and I cant wait to see ben use a ultimate ognilogia. so please continue it this story its one of my favourite so far.
10/26/2019 c1 kingkoopa171
I'm also In love with your story
10/26/2019 c1 kingkoopa171
I sent you a pm of ideas
10/26/2019 c20 Gr3en-Man98
Emiyn hope yoir doing okay man just wanna wish you a happy Halloween An if ya have time it me an honor for you to check out my story
10/23/2019 c55 Dragon storm
Going off my last big review there's somethings I want to mention. Minerva's going to want to convince Ben to leave Fairy Tail join sabertooth regardless if he ages or not. If he does age then Minerva's going to find him attractive both his looks and his power. If he doesn't then she still didn't want us to join them because this is a kid who defeated the 5th strongest wizard saint. Also there's the issue with the other guilds the may want to poach him after all blue Pegasus and lamia scale both ben in action and Raven tail would have heard stories about then. Speaking of Raven tail you never commented in my review about Daphne join them with a knock-off Omnitrix after all if anyone in that world would have the knowledge to build one it her
10/15/2019 c55 Dragon storm
Dear Grkem Keskin
While I don't even mind constructive criticism at least you could have done when you dismissed my review was do two things one do proper spellcheck cuz I'm pretty sure dem isn't a real word it's just slang and 2 write more than just no don't do it considering my last review was at least a paragraph long and I put a lot of thought into it
10/7/2019 c38 Grkem Keskin
No don't age dem make shiela fall in love with Ben
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