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8/8/2019 c55 Guest
Here are my crazy ideas for Big Chill has babies in the future.

There Natsu and Fairy Tail all arrive to
Ben’s location and see what he’s been up to as Big Chill. Fairy Tail prepares to subdue their friend.

Big Chill: Back off!

Erza: Easy there, Ben. Easy.

Lucy: This is unexpected.

Gray: You’re telling me. What is that?

Big Chill: What it is none of your business. And if I were you and didn’t want to be frozen to death, I would stay as far away from here as possible.

Happy: Whoa, I never thought Ben act protective and rude attitude.

Wendy: Ben can hear me, please we want to know what got into you lately

Natsu: Too much talking, if Ben won’t give us the answer. Allow me to knock some sense back in him.

Natsu: Fire Dragon Iron Fist!

He about hit at Big Chill, only for him to intangibles.

Natsu: What the Hell?! (Realize) Oh that’s right. Big Chill can go intangibles, right?

Big Chill: Some people just don’t listen or pay attention.

Gray: I couldn’t agree more with you, Ben

Big Chill tried to freeze Natsu, but he dodges. He then notices Wendy, Carla, Happy and Lucy making there towards the metal pile, and blocks them.

Big Chill: Stay away from there!

Lucy: Easy there, Ben, it is us, your friend, you just need to calm down, we’re only tried to help you and see what that nest for?

Wendy: Ben, Honey, it’s me, Wendy, your mate, your girlfriend; remember? Do we only want to help you to figure out what is that pile for?

Big Chill: I don’t want any help.

He tries to freeze Happy and the girls but missed again. With his guard down, Gajeel and Pantherlily both take the opportunity to hit him hard with Bustersword and Iron Dragon Club.

Wendy: Gajeel and Lily! Was that necessary to hit Ben so hard, you do realize that Ben in his form right?

Pantherlily: I know your concern about your mate, but it was the only way to put it him unconscious without hurting him that harshly

Gajeel: he right. Stop your worries, squirt, when Tennyson wakes up, he will thank us for that.

Erza: I hate to say but your right, it was the only way to slow him down, I’m sure Ben will be alright until he wakes up. Right now, our priorities are we destroy that metal pile that Ben made.

Gajeel: Now, we talking! I called dips on eating those metals thanks to Monster Kid make that for me

Everyone had begun smashing the metal pile until they heard a splotch and saw Lucy and Happy covered in goo.

Happy: Nice, that’s just what I needed. Goo all over me (crying) Carla is not gotta love me anymore.

Lucy: Are you kidding?! I got goo all over me! Why does always happen to me (crying)!.

But then the goo starts bubbling up and something floats out of it.

Natsu: What is that thing?

The floating then reveals to be a baby version of Big Chill. Much to the girls’ awe.

Girls: Awwwwwwww.

Erza: That has been the adorable thing I’ve ever seen. (In thought) could be that Ben is has been layered eggs with those baby Chills!

Lucy: I can believe that piles were only to hatched those babies, but they’re so cute!

Natsu and Gray: What the hell?!

Wendy: Hey there, little Chill.

The baby Chill begins flying around to Wendy

Wendy:(giggles) Hey, stop it. I think it likes me.

Happy: (deviously) I know what that means, Wendy

Wendy: Mean what?

Happy: (deviously) since, Ben now is the daddy, I think now your mommy now, Wendy~!

Wendy went mega blush to heard what Happy said that now she now be the mother to those Babies Chills

Carla: No! Wendy you are too young to be the parent with babies! This is unacceptable! When Ben turns back to his human form; I will claw his face!

Wendy: Can you two stop that?! And Carla do you think that’s little harsh on him, he is not himself it was Big Chill doings

Just then a bunch of other little Chills began to hatch and fly towards Big Chill. Once he awakens, his offspring was relieved to see him alright and fly up in space. But a much smaller one stays behind.

Big Chill: Go on. Fly.

Wendy was disappointed that little Chills has to go, even though, Wendy felt her heart that she wanted to become a mother with those babies to experience with them in their future.

Wendy (in thought): ooohhhh, they have to go away now, I wish I would like raised those Little Chills as my children and experience to be a mother myself in the future.

With that, the little Chill fly towards its brothers and sisters in space leaving Big Chill staring up at the starry night sky then turned back into Ben. Ben looked around confused and then turned to his mate and friends for answers.

Ben: Guys? Girls? What am I doing here? And for that matter, what you all doing here? What’s with the giant trash pile? Why are Lucy and Happy covered in goo? And why do I have this strange feeling in my heart?

They all look at him and each other perplexed.

Erza: Ben you might want to sit down for this, it was a long crazy story that you would like to know what happened to you.

After discussing the issue, they showed Ben his offspring.

Erza: To put it in simple terms, Ben, those are your children.

Ben: How? I don’t remember having children anytime sooner (widen eyes) Wait a minute I realize something about eighty years or less to lay eggs.

Happy: That’s too bad because those little Chills were your babies.

Ben: Great, so what you’re saying is that I’m now a father now

Happy: Don’t forget that, now Wendy is a mommy now.

Ben and Wendy blush very deep about having babies too soon

Carla: Ben! How dare you took Wendy’s purity!

Ben: Wait a minute, Carla, it not my fault that Necrofriggian’s native has laid the eggs in eighty years

Pantherlily: Ben, You're gotta take full responsibility for your actions

Ben: Come on! Even you Lily lecture me now. I told you that wasn’t myself

Erza (angry): Benjamin Kirby Tennyson!

Ben (shiver in fear): Just wait minute Erza, I didn’t even make babies eggs while I was in Necrofriggian’s form, you need to believe me I swear!

Erza: it because of you, now I’m the Aunt now! (crying)

Lucy: In a weird way, for having babies that are aliens. Since you and Wendy are responsible for those babies Chills

Natsu: That would explain why Ben has been eating those pickle in the first place.

Gray: Yeah, and his strange mood swings.

Erza: Well now that that’s over with fiasco, let’s go back to the Guild to explain to our Master?

All: Aye!

They head back to the Guild, only to find the sound coming from one Baby Chill still here approach to Ben.

Ben: hey there little fella what are you not with your siblings?

Baby Chill making cute squawk to tell it, father.

Ben: (Gasp) you’re saying you want to stay here with me.

Baby Chill nodded mean yes to stay with it father and Baby Chill glare at Wendy to approach her through her arms

Wendy: Ben, I think she wants to stay here with us to be part of this family. (glare at baby Chill) do you want to be with us, sweetie?

Baby Chill glare at Wendy with watery eyes mean she will like to stay with her mother and father.

Ben: (smile) how could I say no to an innocent little buddy (confuse) wait since how do you know it the girl

Wendy: I was thinking the same thing too Ben, and is Woman intuition because went I look to her eyes, realized that she a girl

Erza: If that Baby Chill girl wants to stay with you two. Then, Ben and Wendy, you are responsible for taking care of this child do you understand?!

Wendy & Ben: Yes, Ma’am!

Ben: I guess we’re her parent now, right Wendy?

Wendy: That right! I’m so happy that this Baby Chill gotta stay with us, but wait we need a name for her

Ben: You know, we do need to name her something related to Ice name (Widen Eyes; smile) how about we name her Krystal

Wendy: That good name for our girl (glare at Baby Chill) do you like that name Krystal for you sweetie?

Baby Chill nodded to her new mother, henceforth her name now Krystal, Wendy smiled that she did like that name Krystal as well, Wendy glare to Carla who is disapproved

Wendy: Carla, I know is wrong about this whole fiasco, but I want to learn experience from this child, and in the future me and Ben will have kids with great love

Carla having deep thought even though she can’t decline this situation, but she decides that her partner want to experience with this baby alien

Carla: (sign) I can’t stop you from doing parentally act, but it never gets easier; especially in a family as big as ours. But that’s the way it is. You just need to learn to be responsible to look after your child including you, Ben.

Wendy: (cried) Thank you, Carla! Thank you.

Ben: Don’t worry Carla, I’m not going anywhere and I’m not leaving Wendy side as long I’ll be with her and Krystal

Carla: (smile) I’m glad that you decide to be Wendy and your baby, but one more thing to giving you my blessing.

Ben: (Narrow his eyes) Why is that?

Carla scratching Ben on his face with her claws

Ben: Me ouch!

Wendy: Carla! What was that for?!

Carla: That is my way to give Ben my blessing, plus that for taking Wendy’s purity!

Ben rubbing his face

Ben: Okay I deserved that punished from you Carla

Carla: Good let go back to the Guild

Ben: Shall we go Wendy

Wendy: Of course, let go back, and introducing to our new child and part of the family.

Ben: (glare at Krystal) ready to have fun with us, Krystal

Krystal nodded to her daddy, which make her parents smile that this gotta one crazy adventure in the future.
8/4/2019 c46 D-Alexis-C
Wendy in thought: Darn it, I was so close to tell Erza I could stay at Ben’s place (dreamily) I wished every night we go sleep together in the same bed, I would like snuggle Ben in his chest, making breakfast for him, and keeping company with him while he working his project
8/3/2019 c55 6CT7567Rules
I didn't notice it last chapter, but I love the G-Gundam bit you used with Laxus. Ben's dragon form is quite something.
8/2/2019 c55 Justin
Dude summer time means more story time what keeping you everyone wants to know what happens next
8/1/2019 c1 DarkApollo
We are not pushing you but it's August now but no update yet
7/31/2019 c55 Xanaz
You haven't been updated in a month now. Are you alright?
7/27/2019 c55 Tenma Kirin
Continue, pls!
7/15/2019 c55 roxyanddevon
You should mack it so that the apper in Ben's world and Ben had srvif and not have amnesh
7/13/2019 c18 Silverwingzz
Why is the omnitrix messing up now of all times but never did that any other times he used it. To make it do that now is kind of annoying.
7/13/2019 c17 Silverwingzz
Didn’t you use water hazard vs Juvia?
7/12/2019 c13 Guest
Please, make Romeo fall in love with Wendy too, I would like see a some sort of rivality between Ben and Romeo for the dragon slayer affection. I can already see it.
Romeo, stand in front of Ben and Wendy with determination in his eyes: Ben Tennyson, I challenge you for the love of Wendy Marvell. You accept or you're a coward?
Everyone in the Guild, except Ben and Wendy: WHAAAAAATTTTT?
Natsu: Finally, somebody else have challenge Ben, and I can see the progress made by Romeo in these 7 years too.
Gray: And it's not a simple challenge, it's a love battle. It's official, Romeo Is following Natsu's footsteps.
Lucy, blushing: Oh my God, a challenge for a girl, this situation it's like a romantic novel.
Levy: Yeah, let's just hope that the situation don't become extreme.
Gajeel: Don't be afraid shrimp, Ben and Romeo are reasonable guys after all.
Juvia: Juvia know it. But the love can blind the most logical minds.
Mirajane: A love challenge between Ben and Romeo for Wendy? Romeo Is so romantic and brave.
Lisanna: Yeah Ben accept, show us how much you care of Wendy.
Cana: Alright, Who will win for you guys, Ben or Romeo? Come on, I'll take bets.
Macao: I bet 100 jewel on my son, in this 7 years he has grown up a lot.
Wakaba: Yeah but Ben is one of the strongest member of the Guild and is became even strongest.
Laxus: This is could be interesting. I want to see how Romeo does with Ben.
Evergreen: You're not the only one Laxus, a battle for the love of a young maiden.
Bickslow: KHEHEHE, I bet 1000 jewels on Ben, Romeo will be ass whooping.
Freed: Be polite Bickslow, You're speaking about one of your companions.
Gildartz: This Is the first time that I see Ben fight, I want see how many forms Will use in this challenge.
Bisca: I bet that Romeo will stand up to Ben for enough time to make a plan.
Alzack: You're right Bisca, but Romeo mustn't underestimate his enemy, especially if Is Ben.
Happy: How cool, Ben please accept, show at Romeo who is the boss.
Carla: Wendy is contest by 2 young and handsome boys. She is really lucky.
Pantherlily: Ah an official challenge. What you're gonna do young Ben?
Makarov: This Is a good occasion to see how much capable is become Romeo without Natsu influence.
Erza: QUIET EVERYONE! This Is an importante challenge for Ben, we must be respectfull.
Wendy, embaressed over any limit: Ben please don't do that. You don't have to prove me anything.
Ben: I'm sorry Wendy I have no choice. Romeo Convoblt i accept your challenge and I'm not gonna lose.
Mavis, smilling: How lively Is my Fairy Tail.
7/9/2019 c55 ingrame832
the battle was perfect the way you made Ben fight the dragon really got me pumped I was so pumped I had to hit the gym not to go on a rampage but I have a idea well more of a request instead of natsu and gajeel vs sting an rouge make it so that Ben challenges then solo I real want to see Ben kick there buts hopefully in his dragon form or rath just a idea oh and make sabertooths master hurt Wendy see what Ben dose
7/2/2019 c55 Gamethrower
Please come with a new chapter soon I love this series
7/1/2019 c55 1i wanted a unique name
Can't wait bro.
6/30/2019 c55 Dragon storm
Hey dude I don't want to be rude or anything but why haven't you edited chapter 11, 12 and 13 yet I thought you said you were looking forward to it
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