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for The Null Fairy

6/3 c8 2Aurum Faea
it'd be cool if he got ultimate during the tenrou time skip
6/3 c55 Guest
Please go back and continue with your story. You can't end like this, less now that Ben has already shown his dragon form, and I want to continue seeing Ben and Wendy's romance.
6/2 c3 Aurum Faea
I just remembered gravattack being able to make a black hole- I would say lets not do that soon
6/2 c2 Aurum Faea
Yknow just thought of something for the tenrou arc (thats probably already done) it'd be cool if ben went back and ended up as ben 10k with the biomnitrix or something like that and when he came back he could be stronger than ever. And also aliens growing with him would also be cool and thats even a thing in the show
5/27 c55 1Red the Pokemon Master
You coming back anytime soon?
5/27 c17 Red the Pokemon Master
Good chapter. But why did you call Water Hazard a new alien? Ben already turned into him back in the Phantom Lord arc.
5/26 c55 SalvaShark
As a fan of both ben 10 and fairy tail myself, I cannot help but wonder how I would present these scenarios in my own story. For example what if ben didn't have access to the dragon transformation, would he use alien x. Also if possible how would he avoid being in stasis for 7 years, possibly with clockwork or alien x being activated the moment the stasis begins, he time travels to the exact moment they get released, that way it would avoid the risk of the omnitrix rebooting and locking away gained transformations. Also in regards to the grand magic games, what if Kevin were to return as part of Raven tail, as a parallel to his canon counterpart where he was able to somehow escape the null void and then find some sort of redemption leading him to join a light guild. I know there is probably no chance of you reading this since it's been almost 2 years since you updated this story, but I would really like to see more as soon as you are able.
5/25 c34 SalvaShark
I don't know if this was confirmed by the time you wrote this, but sotoraggian language cannot be translated similarly to that of vulpimancers, other than that keep up the good work
5/24 c7 SalvaShark
I'll be honest the only thing I would change about this chapter is the fact that ben could change using Ditto, its something he can only do using Echo echo
5/8 c55 fanboy141
plz write back im literally crying here!uwaaaaah!
5/8 c55 fanboy
um are u still here
5/4 c53 Omniverse Nexus
I've got some good news. The author just posted something new on their Deviantart account! For those wondering what the account is, it's the same as their username
5/3 c55 Guest
Wow almost 2 years! I hope the author is alright
5/2 c55 Nongthon
Its been almost 2 year when are going to update
4/29 c48 Guest
Great story but it has been a year since you updated i hope you are doing well
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