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4/21 c55 Guest
Still alive?
4/19 c55 Odd-Eyes-Omega-dragon
how about an arc where they are trapped in the Omnitrix showing Ben's adventures
3/16 c20 Guest
Got to this chapter and I'm done. No more ben is just to useless he doesn't really matter to the story
3/16 c19 Guest
Soooo bens a moron. FEEDBACK.
And then stays upgrade for too long and does nothing when jellal fuck s everything up
3/11 c55 Brayden
Fantastic story hope the next chapter is soon
3/4 c1 killerwolf1544
I'm just waiting for Alien X and plus I hope he didn't die
3/4 c55 killerwolf1544
I don't think so
3/2 c55 7PridedKnight168
maybe he is dead or something (hopefully not)
2/26 c25 4Gr3en-Man98
Yes I’m extremely worried you’d think he’d at-least tell is what going on
2/22 c55 Omniverse Nexus
Anyone else worried with how long it's been?
2/12 c55 Guest
Maybe emiyn caught the COVID-19 virus
2/8 c55 pinkumocha777
This whole entire Fanfic is just amazing and very well Made the ship between ben and Wendy is just a best match! I really hope to see this story Continue on i can't wait for the next chapters!
2/3 c55 killerwolf154
Great job keep doing the great things you doing and please don't stop
2/2 c55 Night furry 4543
My biggest concern is if Ben is gonna be ok Igneel and the out her dragons who fought Acnologia had there souls split in half will been be half alive will Ben become a dragon slayer with his own element and if so what element who’s going to train him
12/28/2020 c55 GreatAce50
we miss you author! when are you gonna update the next chapter? I hope you doing well on your hiatus.. I can't wait for the grand magic tournament arc though.. I love your work especially fairy tail.. bcoz it's so rare to find a pairing between Ben and Wendy in the fanfiction
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