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5/25/2021 c34 SalvaShark
I don't know if this was confirmed by the time you wrote this, but sotoraggian language cannot be translated similarly to that of vulpimancers, other than that keep up the good work
5/24/2021 c7 SalvaShark
I'll be honest the only thing I would change about this chapter is the fact that ben could change using Ditto, its something he can only do using Echo echo
5/8/2021 c55 fanboy141
plz write back im literally crying here!uwaaaaah!
5/8/2021 c55 fanboy
um are u still here
5/4/2021 c53 Omniverse Nexus
I've got some good news. The author just posted something new on their Deviantart account! For those wondering what the account is, it's the same as their username
5/3/2021 c55 Guest
Wow almost 2 years! I hope the author is alright
5/2/2021 c55 Nongthon
Its been almost 2 year when are going to update
4/29/2021 c48 Guest
Great story but it has been a year since you updated i hope you are doing well
4/21/2021 c55 Guest
Still alive?
4/19/2021 c55 Odd-Eyes-Omega-dragon
how about an arc where they are trapped in the Omnitrix showing Ben's adventures
3/16/2021 c20 Guest
Got to this chapter and I'm done. No more ben is just to useless he doesn't really matter to the story
3/16/2021 c19 Guest
Soooo bens a moron. FEEDBACK.
And then stays upgrade for too long and does nothing when jellal fuck s everything up
3/11/2021 c55 Brayden
Fantastic story hope the next chapter is soon
3/4/2021 c1 killerwolf1544
I'm just waiting for Alien X and plus I hope he didn't die
3/4/2021 c55 killerwolf1544
I don't think so
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