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10/5/2020 c55 Octavio Constant
Hi Emiyn. My name is Vio. And I happened to be a reader myself. I have to say the whole crossover about the Ben 10 and Fairy Tail is great! And I would to see more chapters especially if I do recall in one of those answers about them being in 7 years timeskip yet are in a pocket dimension i think in Ben's watch and staying there for 7 weeks. I would love to see how things turn out next time. Can't wait to see more chapters. I hope you have the time in this year to continue the story. I mean you did said if I recall in your notes that you will continue it. So what's stopping you. It has been updated in 2019 so I wonder when it will continue. I myself will be patient for months or a year just to wait and see the next chapters. I know Im not a writer but the fanfictions are getting good. Have a nice day!
10/4/2020 c55 HeadChopper
Great story. I would like to ask tho, when is the next chapter?
9/24/2020 c55 Guest
Please release the next episode I really like this story and I am really exited to see the next one so pls release the next one soon.
9/21/2020 c55 joaquin rodrigue
When will you release the next chapter
9/13/2020 c55 Sammy12346
Please continue this story it is excilent. One of the best ben10 and fairy tail crossovers I have ever red.
9/12/2020 c1 7PridedKnight168
are you going to continue doing this
8/12/2020 c1 Marionetka098765
Когда Обнова?
Null fairy?
8/4/2020 c55 MBS41
When are you going to update the story it's too good
7/31/2020 c12 azzyofhyperdeath
Good remake!
7/29/2020 c12 8Emiyn
Chapter 12 is now remade, being a combined version of Chapters 12 and 13. Also, apparent the Team Natsu character tag is gone, so I had to take off the placeholder that was there at first. Strange, isn't it?
7/28/2020 c55 Guest
Has unkown 1 always been in the description
7/27/2020 c55 Mps5533
Dear emiyn why new story where ben tennyson (version null void) with zed alien dog that has the nemetrix in the world of naruto please create story
7/24/2020 c1 Mass0234
Create ben 10 (version null void) x naruto
7/22/2020 c11 3Kr00k0dile
And now that I’ve gone through the beginning chapters, I see that you stated that you edited chapter 11 in May of 2020, so that at least answers most of my questions
7/22/2020 c55 Kr00k0dile
So the description now says currently in remaking cycle and like a couple of months ago it said Tenrou Island Arc, so I assume that it will probably be still quite sometime until we get an update
(Are you remaking certain chapters, and so, which ones?)
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