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5/12/2017 c1 Scared-potttah
I love your writing it's this book I don't like the part where the actions where taken between Lilly and sniv LILLY IS JAMES'S Wife she loves him and he loves her end of discussion
5/4/2017 c1 Cat
Interesting... This is one of the better portrayals of Snape I've seen in a while. Nasty, self-centered, deceiving...but also something more. And I like the hint that, had Harry been in Slytheirn, Snape would truly have been his mentor. I remember speculating with my parents, way back around the time of the second book, that Snape might be, in his own way, trying to help the Gryffindors. By always coming down hard on them he "hardened their armor" so to speak, while leaving Slytherin weak and open to attack. After all, if someone is being told constantly that they are the best, they might start to believe it, and not really work at getting better. Whereas, if they're constantly being put down, a person whose strongest traits are bravery, courage, and stubbornness will fight back to prove their tormentor wrong. (Yes, I know chivalry is one of Gryffindor's traits, too, but that wasn't what Snape was working with-or against.)

I also like the suggestion that Lily and Snape rekindled their friendship as best they could when they were both old enough to realize that there were more important things to worry about than name calling and hexes. Lily reached out to one friend to help another, and Snape swallowed his pride to help the only real friend he ever had...I think this is a really neat portrayal of Snape as the truly neutral one out to help no one but himself-with the one exception being his one "true friend."

And I really, really like the suggestion that yes, Lily and Snape might have "gone too far," but Harry is very definitely James' son. :)

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