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12/1/2019 c5 15chibinoyume
My god, this was such a treasure. So heartbreaking, but so perfectly balanced in the anguish and the comfort. This last chapter was sad, happy, sweet and oh so fluffy. The last few scenes are just adorable, and your writing is superb. All the happy sighs. Thank you for sharing!
8/27/2017 c5 101MonkeyPajamas
Two chapters in one day and finishing the story. At least that's the goal. I won't really know if it happens until I actually submit the review.

Aww Kurt pulled her closer as she started to fall. He's so perfect.

"It's okay. I got you." Okay now if we could get a real audio clip/gif of Kurt saying that I would be happy.

Yes Kurt, it's definitely for you. You love that you get to hold her, to be close to her, and don't have to pretend anymore

I know we discussed this last year, but I do love the idea that Kurt just sleeps in his boxers. Which sounds weird but I swear it isn't like that.

"then again, his touch had always been soothing to her" talk about stating the obvious Jane

"I love you, too. I guess I always have. I just... I just didn't know what the feeling was... or what I was supposed to do with it."

"Her head was a confusing place just then" I think i need to use this as a constant description.

"What it." "I intend to. Or you, mostly."

They are happy and in love and together. That's happiness and fluff.
8/27/2017 c4 MonkeyPajamas
Switching from TP to this is quite a shift. Do you even remember this story? Hmm, maybe I could just start randomly making up reviews and quoting non existant lines...

Yay! Zapata is there to help rescue them - and hahahaha notices that Jane is sitting on Weller's lap "about damn time"

Hehe and Jane relaxes when she sees Tasha looking at them. I can totally picture how that played out.

"having no intention of arguing with her boss when it came to Jane's well-being" smart Tash. Smart.

I forgot that RDC made an apperance here!

Oh Kurt - you're so worried about Jane. It's adorable.

"Your place or mine" makes me so happy

Yes Jane. He really does feel the same way about you. Deal with it.

Oh yes Jane. So familiar with the frustration of having crutches and especially if someone else is having them and feeling stuck. I got to be such an expert at hopping. I wasn't going to wait. Oh such memories.

"If anyone could help Jane, it was Kurt."

"I regret that our 3rd kiss didn't happen a long time ago. But I'm glad it finally did."

"And I'm not trying to convince you of anything ... except possibly of how much I love you."

"I'm not going anywhere. I promise."
6/14/2017 c3 MonkeyPajamas
I feel like I owe you a review. I mean, I do, but it feels like its been forever. But oh well, you know the story. I'll stop thinking about that and get to reviewing a story you barely remember writing.

And what I love now based on the fact this was written so long ago...

But really Jane... you are not Remi.

I think that's one of the most complicated and craziest things about Jane. To really become a whole new person, and have only the slightest fragments on memories of this other person.
It's so weird and so cool.

"The thought of not having HIM in her life was something she couldn't accept."
(Like how now it's not even about your story right now because now I'm just connecting it with the finale. Sorry about that)

"Breathe in. Breathe out."
Yep, I feel you Jane. That's the only way to do it some times.

That's the only way to make Kurt OR Jane behave - threaten the other one. If its only them in danger, they'll fight like hell. But not if it puts the other person at risk.

Of course he didn't mention that he was hurt also Jane. He only was worried about you. As he always is.

Hmm Jane... much nicer having Kurt helping support you than this Daryl dude I think. "Jane leaned as far away from Daryl as she could while still needing to lean on him"

"If she concentrated hard enough, she could almost see Kurt beside her."
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. I want a whole story about this. Except, as I started thinking about it, it turned into utter angst fest so...

"There's always a way out."

I remember how I became an expert hopper because I screwed up my ankle so much as a child. Like, I could (and did) hop everywhere.
I was a weird child.
I'm a weird adult, so it makes sense. Just less hopping these days.

"Never in a million years would he have talked about all of this with anyone else... and yet, he told Jane without a second thought."
And that's why we love their relationship. (also, I left out the apostrophe on that's and so it noticed it as a misspelled word. and instead of suggesting adding the apostrophe it suggested tats. Which is cool because of Blindspot, but also very confusing. Because that's is a normal word, more common that tats)

they're gonna be rescued, but that doesn't matter. I mean, it's important. But the two of them together is what matters.
5/11/2017 c5 6Hazmatt
Amazing story! I really enjoyed it!
5/8/2017 c4 Guest
ohhh yeah this is so awesome. can't get enough of it. a dream coming true. you had the best idea with this story!
5/9/2017 c5 lipamo
oh wow this is the most neautiful chapter and of course i WISH you would write even more.. it is pure bliss to me. love it so much! thank so for every word and take care
5/7/2017 c3 lipamo
you write their dynamic so magnificent! and being in the dark is a wonderful idea to let them explore each other physically on this innocent level. love it!
5/7/2017 c2 lipamo
oh how they kiss - is so incredibly beautiful.. you are doing the best job you know that in making my day with this. love it!
5/7/2017 c1 lipamo
wow. just wow - that's something new - what a great idea.. i am grinning already although their situation is quite horrible except for all the body contact ..
5/2/2017 c5 GuesT
ahhh my jeller heart, awesome chapter and awesome fic! Please write some fluffy Jeller again, you are great writer.
4/29/2017 c5 LucindaG
I love protective, supportive, steadfast Kurt ("I got you")...his tenderness with Jane...and her slow realization that this is what love actually feels like, that she's always loved him...oh how I love this, pure Jeller bliss. I'm not sorry you wrote fluff and am sure not sorry I read it :)
4/28/2017 c5 Annie
wonderful chapter...love the way you write conversation...not syrupy or silly, but real
4/28/2017 c5 Guest
This chapter was absolutely amazing! Perfection! This story was amazing! Such a wonderful surprise addition to your many awesome stories! And when the show constantly leaves us dissapointed when it comes to this couple, I remeber that I have your stories to read and I feel better! It also works the same if your just having a bad day and I can read one your stories and feel better! Anyhoo great job! Looking forward to the next story!
4/27/2017 c5 Elislin
So beautiful!
I just love jeller so much!
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