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3/6 c1 Guest
Why the heck do you barely update, yet still go read and review other stories?! Come on. I love ur stories soo muchh. :,)
2/20 c15 Flash 2.0
That is fine
Please post ASAP.

This story helps me hold on... If you know what I mean
2/14 c15 1Miss. L 2002
I'm glad you updated and I'm glad stuff is getting easier for you. I really like the way you do your POV especially with Zach because it's like we get to see the part of him he never showed in the books. Also, I'm glad to hear that you're gonna pull through xxx
2/3 c15 3GallagherGirls13BYE
Ooh both sides know a lot now! Excited to see what happens from here on out. I really loved the sentence about Zach wishing that night had gone normal because he probably would have kissed her. It was a really nice touch! Keep up the good work
-Colleen xx
2/3 c15 2GallaghergirlsEmbassyrowFan
What will Joe say?
I'm guessing Zach already told Joe before the girls but you never know.
1/27 c14 1Miss. L 2002
This scene was amazing! I love how without even knowing each other they stood side by side fighting. You have a real talent with POV’s something that a lot of people can’t do (I know I can’t) and I admire how you incorporate that in your chapters. DONT QUIT! Believe me the chapters are just perfect the way they are. And I’m sorry about the issues at home that you were talking about a couple chapters ago, it gets better trust me. The characters are individually different an similar to the books. You’re writing is truly amazing, don’t give up on it ;)
1/27 c7 Miss. L 2002
Hi! Since I was new I thought this would be a good chapter to leave a review. I love the story so far! I don’t know why but I thought it was really funny that Jonas couldn’t crack Liz’s firewall. And Cammie meeting Zach for the first time! I think I’m fangurling... I hate writers block. I could sit there looking at the same four words for days and i won’t be able to continue it. It’s good so far so I will be reading ;) Also, if you need ideas, just pm me xxx
1/7 c14 2GallaghergirlsEmbassyrowFan
Awesome chapter but now I am dying to know what will happen next you need to update ASAP please.
1/2 c14 15CammieAMorgan
It's 1am where I am and I literally re read this whole story. I don't even feel guilty, I love it so much! Ahhh so excited to see what's to come!
12/25/2017 c14 bad-girl-always-bad
Okay you left us a cliffhanger, I was so excited so you. Have to update soon I want to know what happens
12/5/2017 c14 Chad
Omg! Update!
12/3/2017 c14 Dreamer0704
Hi! I loved this chapter and trust me school work is really annoying so i completely get it! I Love CammieAMorgan and her stories! I absolutely love this chapter and the ending of it!
12/2/2017 c14 2BritishBombshell007
THis was AMAzInG! I’m really intrigued to see how Joe relates to them all. Can’t wait for the next chapter x
12/2/2017 c14 3GallagherGirls13BYE
AHHHHHHH THIS CHAPTER WAS SO PERFECT AND BRIGHTENED MY MOOD RIGHT BEFORE EXAM WEEK! Thank you so much! :) I can’t wait to see how this progresses now that the boys and girls know there’s more to the story than they know. Joe is gonna be mad that they couldn’t keep to themselves but at least they found each other to be helpful and the girls totally got saved by the boys. I’m ready for them to become a Circle-fighting team. Looooove it!
-Colleen xx
11/4/2017 c13 15CammieAMorgan
I've only just seen this! Amazing work! Bless you so much, you are an absolute treasure to work with. Also you've come up with so many incredible ideas I literally wrote a few lines. These characters are yours and I absolutely adore how individual they are and how they all are similar yet different to the books. I can't wait for this story to develop further and for people to see how amazing you are. LOVE LOVE LOVE
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