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8/9 c16 Chameleon1321
please update! it's really good
5/31 c16 Guest
4/26 c16 1flash 2.0
I love it, I cannot wait to see what is coming up.
4/14 c16 1Miss. L 2002
I’m back and I’m glad you’re back too! Might I just say, you wrote this whole chapter on your own and it was freaking spectacular! I loved Joe’s POV because it’s a state of panic combined with the stuff I do before exams, and it just made me laugh :)
It was Cammie. Cammie…..CAMMIE!? WHY IS SHE CALLING ME AT 3:00am? Shit! Something bad must've of happened to them. Why is it always them?
This is my favorite line this whole chapter.
Honestly stop thanking me your story is amazing especially for the first story, those are always the hardest, but you make it seem so easy. I wish I was you lol.
I have a feeling that Joe’s mysterious message at the end means he’s gonna have a test for them when he gets there. Honestly the way he protects Cammie is so inexplicably adorable
Can’t wait until your next chapter xxx
4/9 c16 Hersheylife
Hey! I love this story sooo much. I do have one suggestion though. I would suggest not retelling parts of the story from different points of view. sometimes it is hard to read when we are reading the same thing over and over. I am not trying to be mean at all! I still love this story, and you do not have to follow my suggestion, but I just thought I would let you know. Thanks!
4/7 c16 Dreamer0704
Wow I love this story! If you could put little recaps of what happened last that would be great because of the longer updates! THank you!
4/6 c16 3BritishBombshell007
This was amazing! I love this story and can't wait to see what you do with it. So excited to see what you do next :) x
4/6 c16 5GallagherGirlsEmbassyRowFan
Its been a while. What does Joe have in mind?
And will the Gallagher Girls and the Blackthorne Boys meet again and under what circumstances? Good or bad?
Update soon! :)
4/6 c16 1AaGallagherGirl
Love this! Take your time don’t worry about how long it takes x
4/6 c16 16CammieAMorgan
Ahhhh so freaking excited to see what happens next! Love the little moment at the beginning of Joe's section where he knew something was wrong. Thank you for the shout out! Bless you! Xx
4/5 c16 3GallagherGirls13BYE
Another great update! And yeah I’m sooo excited to see where this is leading, especially with the addition of Joe’s mysterious plan. I’m sure the BBs and GGs won’t know what hit them. Can’t wait!
Until next time,
Colleen xx
3/6 c1 Guest
Why the heck do you barely update, yet still go read and review other stories?! Come on. I love ur stories soo muchh. :,)
2/20 c15 Flash 2.0
That is fine
Please post ASAP.

This story helps me hold on... If you know what I mean
2/14 c15 1Miss. L 2002
I'm glad you updated and I'm glad stuff is getting easier for you. I really like the way you do your POV especially with Zach because it's like we get to see the part of him he never showed in the books. Also, I'm glad to hear that you're gonna pull through xxx
2/3 c15 3GallagherGirls13BYE
Ooh both sides know a lot now! Excited to see what happens from here on out. I really loved the sentence about Zach wishing that night had gone normal because he probably would have kissed her. It was a really nice touch! Keep up the good work
-Colleen xx
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