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8/22/2017 c7 3Black Moons Daughter
I love it! Kya is simply amazing character! I can't wait to see what happens next!
5/21/2017 c7 31DxC95
This was pretty cute X3 I love how both Ozzy and Drix are teasing Thrax about liking Kya, and how Almira's pretty spoiled (luckily, not spoiled rotten to the point that she's obnoxious) As for Sloan, for some reason, I imagine him as a tall, angular figure, like a cross between the tall aliens from Invader Zim (ironically enough, I've never seen the cartoon, but have heard good things about it) and The Mole from the Ozzy and Drix cartoon (I HAVE seen a few episodes of that, and think The Mole is quite amusing), and a touch of vampire-like features, with dark-blue and purple colors.
5/13/2017 c6 DxC95
Ah, that classic scene of best friends waking up in the same bed XD I thought Ed being pissed off was pretty funny; kind of like a child not getting what he wants. I also liked the mention of Riley, even if it doesn't go anywhere.
5/10/2017 c5 DxC95
For some reason, I thought Thrax knew Kyrosis was at his house when Ed was there, but I guess I was wrong :p Luckily, he wasn't too upset when he found out her side; probably because she couldn't really do much to save them. I wonder how Ed's gonna react to them still being friendly XD
5/9/2017 c4 DxC95
Sorry I didn't see this sooner, I'm not in the OJ fandom much anymore

But at any rate, I like this so far :D I like how you're using Almira and Edmund, and can't wait to see what happens next.

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