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12/16/2020 c17 9Love.Fiction.2021
Nice chap
12/11/2020 c16 MGF
Hi, I'm new to your story, and I have to say you have written the best fandom of Supernatural (in my opinion) by far without butchering the original storyline (even with modifications) with Victoria along for the ride, which, by the way, I love her! She is the added character that the Winchesters need in their journey. But what I like most about her is that you gave her flaws, weaknesses, imperfection. You didn't make her totally perfect, cus let's be real here, nobody is perfect. The brothers, as well the Angles, are proof of that.

Vic, like everyone else, has issues and is prone to having a mental breakdown, like when she lost her unborn child-a real plot twist-I honestly thought Dean and Tori would have this kid only to have it tragically taken away from them just like everything in their lives. You've written out her grief and despair so well that I literally cried for her. Well done portraying the emotions you have going on around them. Perhaps it's not meant to be...yet. I hope that someday they'll have a child, but let's wait and see where this road leads them.

I love every interaction Victoria had with the characters, especially Dean (god knows he needs love). He's been through a lot of sh**s; Bobby and Sam too. Tori puts so much effort into maintaining the only family she's got left, but like Dean, she is not perfect, and yet she still pushes forward, even when she strayed off the path for a while. Like how Vic supports the brothers to the best of her ability, Dean, Sam, and Bobby (in his own way) dose the same. After all, making a family a "family" takes a lot of work, struggles, and acceptance. But that depends on the individuals within that family, blood or not.

If I have to be honest with the series final, they should have ended at Ep. 19; though the ending to Ep. 20 is not bad (bittersweet even), I wish they have finished the series in a different direction. I agree with you; poor Dean deserved so much more after everything he and Sam went through all their lives. I'm sorry I didn't leave any comments on your other fanfics. I didn't want to stop reading till this point. It's just that awesome. Thank you for posting your version of the series. I hope you're motivated enough to finalize your story with your own version of the ending. With Victoria part of the show, it made everything more interesting than the show already is.

I am looking forward to reading your next work. Till then, stay healthy and stay safe.
11/27/2020 c16 Mistoflees
Hi! I have been following your stories for the last couple of months. This is the first time I am leaving a comment. I absolutely adore it! I am reading your work and its like I can visualize in my head what would be like on the show. Your character and your ideas flow very easily into the storyline of the show.
I was expecting Tori to get pregnant but didn't expect them to loose the baby, and was a great twisting in plot! I'm curious to see how this will reflect on Tori and Dean dynamic and Sam too. I have two things I would like to point if you don't mind. I don't think it was perceptible how many months she was far long , and it felt a bit strange she didn't went to the doctor. Didn't felt realistic on that aspect.
About that ending...I was disappointed. I agree with you, it should ended on inherit the earth. Actually I got a bit confuse at the end of that episode, because that felt to me like the ending, and I thought why is there another episode? I hope you find inspiration to finish your story, because I would love to read your ending for the show. I am positive it would be very satisfying.
11/23/2020 c16 Love.Fiction.2021
Nice chap
11/23/2020 c16 Ansley Hope
3 i love it
11/15/2020 c15 Love.Fiction.2021
Nice chap
11/13/2020 c15 SassyGrl23
I haven’t watched any episodes of the final season. They’re all saved to my DVR. Sam and Dean although fictional have been a big part of my life for the last 15 years. They’re the brothers I’ve always wanted but never had!:(
10/19/2020 c14 12CuppaTea13
Wow. I just found your series the other day and I have been binge reading, with only a short stop when I had no internet. This is such an impressive series! You have made me laugh, cry, and fall even more in love with this show and I adore Tori and especially her and Dean's relationship. You had me ugly crying for several of these chapters, and these last ones as well, and I just cannot wait to read more, so bravo!
7/6/2020 c14 13CopperMax
Oh good. You made me cry again
6/30/2020 c14 9Love.Fiction.2021
6/30/2020 c14 6Mezita
Although I feel sad for the son they never had, now they have Sam's soul back and that's what matters, oh does it? After all he was a pretty bad version of himself, and now I am wondering how he will feel about his nephew death...
6/23/2020 c13 5krayonder
AHHHHHH! I literally spent the last few weeks just reading every single story up until this last chapter. I understand completely why you did what you had to do. Tears were in my eyes and I cannot wait until you update the story.
4/14/2020 c13 Guest
Please update soon, isolation is lonely without this story!
3/28/2020 c13 shariebery
Omg. Noooooooooooooo, dean and torrie deserve some happiness. They would have made great parents. Please in the future of this story let them have one. Poor Torrie. She is going to be such a mess
3/25/2020 c13 Guest
Omg I had a feeling this would happen but thought Sam would be the one to do it
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