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for Diary of Trainer Seth

9/5 c19 Gremory6
Well dam. I actually ended up being enthralled and read both chapters in one sitting. That was one trip i didnt expect to be taken on at midnight. I admire the update of maxie's motives as it gives it more realism than what you could put in a children's game. I really enjoyed the fight scenes, they were extremely descriptive and imaginative as usual. Seth's character development works at a slow pace allowing us to really set into his current mindset and i think you're doing a great job at portraying it. Im looking forward to reading more in your next update and i hope youre doing great
8/30 c8 gator101gator
So far, I like this story...the right amount of story liberally sprinkled with some, ahem, lemony scenes... hope it continues this way too! I’ll be honest though, not looking forward to the m/m scene(s) that I have a feeling will be showing up...I’m a fully hetero guy so 2 dudes getting it on is kind of a turn off for me, to be bluntly honest, so I’ll more than likely be skipping that/those scenes whenever they come up but otherwise, I am really enjoying this so far!
8/8 c19 Guest
Where is the next update
8/6 c19 kingcoldflame
You have good story with a good plot and nice sciences the only criticism I have is that there little to no training when you add training secens the readers connect more with the pokemon and you see the ways that use to get stronger if you need references read Traveler By Straight Elf or Acension by BlackStaff both give good examples on adding training secens the only other criticism is the lack of development of side characters like may and Wally their both important characters and just a mention of why there doing adds characteristic and personality but overall good story
7/18 c19 apostlelord
i hope his first time with a man is with wally.
6/8 c19 Guest
Will we get a Brawly/Seth scene in ghe hot springs? pls do so we need to see his gay virginity get taken
6/8 c9 Guest
Aw I was kinda hoping for some Brawly/Seth actuon but I guess he kinda isnt ready yet? But will we get some human gay scenes soon tho? Not just with Wally?
5/13 c19 ThePhazon
This is one of the best stories I read recently. Thanks for making me enjoy myself in this times!
5/13 c14 ThePhazon
SEX AND EXPLOSIONS sounds like a porn movie directed by Michael Bay
5/12 c6 ThePhazon
From FFXV, The prince and the guards? I think
5/7 c19 Spyro fanboy
when will kyra evolve again? I think it is high time that there is some gardevoir smut
4/21 c19 Agoodnameguy
A truly grand battle. You had me on the edge of my seat for this whole chapter. I'm interested to see the aftermath of all this. Especially given it's scale and the fact mega evolution was involved.
4/21 c16 Agoodnameguy
Gonna admit. If a girl tried that on me I'd only be submissive for like 20-30 seconds. After that I'd try and turn the tables. Guess I'm more of a dom... huh the more you know.
4/21 c14 Agoodnameguy
I've dabbled in butt stuff myself. Must not be built for it as wasn't all that grand when I tried it.
4/21 c12 Agoodnameguy
I'm not usually into the gay stuff. But I make an exception for stuff like this. I'm the kinda guy that prefers romance to stew and boil a bit instead of just sex for no particular reason.
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