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20h c31 6Lewis James Potter
Love the story so far but think Lupin should be included as a Auror to, or even bring Sirius and Regulas in to. At some point i think even Arthur Weasley should show up, meaning Harry meets Ron.

Just ideas. You might have already added.

Chapter Names, but still loveing
6/23 c60 Guest
Aww James, I just want to Hug him! Also, why do I have the feeling that Mad eye and Dumbeldore are planing something.
And most importantly... YOU METIONED MY BABIES, please save them. Remus can teach Harry or something, I just want to see him happy. Sirius too please.

Thank you for writing and this chapter ️

#Iwilldieonthishill #iloveyouauthor
6/23 c18 Lewis James Potter
Yaa, a hero, just what you need to take out Dark Lord Dumbledork!
6/22 c14 Lewis James Potter
Love the story, suggest chapter name ins in the story and on the chapter, list drop down
I think it makes the story flow better

but this is a cool story
6/21 c60 Jostanos
I have a feeling that they are satisfied that Harry has a caring guardian taking care of him now instead of those that Dumb Bell put him with originally.
6/21 c60 Argonaut986
Shenanigans and returning home.
6/21 c60 17PhaedraZev
Omg, Harry is telling the photo of his parents about his life now. That's just heartbreakingly beautiful. It's sad to know that Sirius was torn out of the pictures, but it can't be helped since people don't know the truth.
6/21 c60 1Alphagirl16
Loving the story and family development but I need Sirius innocent and a dog father again. He and Remus need to visit and start trips to the magical world please.
6/21 c60 iHateHotWeather123
Back to normal and the cuteness and the story with everyone..Glad to see and read this again..

The whole, Harry being or living with the Barton's family was honestly SO BAD to read..It mad no sense at all..I didn't see the point of it since Pro.X school has kid for Harry to interact with along with ALL his family of X-Men and James and Tony etc etc..

The chapters with The Bartons was horrible..It did nothing for Harry personally and was just so ORDINARILY, PLAIN, SAD, domestic to the point that it made no sense.. I was WAITING and WAITING for you to get over those chapters and really didn't understand why you felt Harry and James need to stay with the Barton's at all? It was like another story altogether but domestically BORING.. I waited and waited without reviewing because I didn't think it'd be more the 2 chapters at most but it was so much nothingness that I couldn't take it anymore and had to comment on it..I apologize for offending you for it but I couldn't TAKE MORE of Harry just staying with them for NO REASON and it was truly torture to read something SO BORING while the REST of your chapter was so cute and amazing to read..

Lastly, why bring the two humans to Pro.X school..They're human and honestly, enough of those two..Those Barton chapters made me somewhat dislike Clin's whole family now..LOL.. Can't stand them... Ah well..Glad that's over with..ON TO YOUR REAL story..
6/20 c60 13Stephanie MRV
Omg this hit me in the gut.
I hope Harry keeps this same happiness as he grows.
I do kind of miss the jaded more mature Harry from the future.
This kid is too childish for me. But you are making him realistic so what do I know.

Moody is such a softie for that album
6/20 c60 1buterflypuss
good chap
6/20 c60 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's and excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
6/20 c60 5Joanne Frances Tiano Cajilig
This precious...
6/20 c60 3WhiteElfElder
I wonder what the other shoe is with those pictures...the trap that lay within? CONSTANT VIGILENCE!
6/14 c59 5Joanne Frances Tiano Cajilig
This story is very interesting...
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