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8/5 c21 1Fanfic gyrl
So that scene where Tony Stark threw the arc-reactor, is also symbolic of RDJ throwing drugs away. I did not know that. Cool.
7/13 c78 pwrmom2
I absolutely loved this!
6/27 c78 GrimmSouyl
5/29 c78 anon
ive read this story since it started and now i wish i hadnt wasted my time i stuck witht it thinking it was going somewhre, but this whole story just feels like boring filler, just if your going to write you know your story has to have a point or a heart and soul but this was just empty. find a soul for your story if it has no meaning it has no purpose
5/6 c10 StayBlessed
Enjoying the story, but this chapter really was pointless lol.
5/4 c1 2jormander2012
Haven't gotten far ill be honest but the concept interested me. there is a slight problem and it's nothing major just an observation really. the beginning starts out with the winter soldiers pov and you did a good job capturing the idea of a man devoid of most thought he was sent on a mission and all that mattered to him was the mission. that aspect was caught perfectly as it did in the movie. that being said in writing it doesn't translate well for some reason it kind of gives off a dull lifeless part. normally that's fine because it's in the middle of the story or after I've already been into the chapters the problem I see here is that this was your opening scene so some might not keep going after the first bit. I'm interested enough to keep going just for the fact u did do that bit so well but I'm a stickler kind of for details like that and you did top 5 I've honestly read. anyway hope the rest is just as well written but wanted to point that possible issue before I went to far on.
4/20 c78 suziq968
This was all kinds of fun to read. I liked how you showed them working through all the trauma without spiraling into a total angst fest. Good balance of fluff, drama and action too. Also, super cute chibi Harry!
4/18 c14 suziq968
If it helps, as soon as Nighty ate his own poo, I knew it wasn't Sirius. That was helpful during the dream sequence.
4/15 c23 hdres
I like how Tony is trying to unravel the complete mystery that is Bucky and Harry. Some of the misunderstandings are so funny. Thank you for sharing your story
4/14 c11 hdres
Very exciting. I really like how you are building Buckys struggles and how he tries to meet Harry’s expectations. Thank you for sharing your writing
4/14 c10 hdres
I am enjoying your story and the inadvertent misunderstandings between Bucky and Harry. Thank you for sharing your story
4/13 c15 Zavod
I highly recommend the author add a "HurtComfort" warning tag to this fic.

I read as far as I did because the concept of the Winter Soldier POV was interesting.

But, while some people enjoy hurt/comfort, I do not. personal preference.
3/31 c78 patty.clark.792
Good job. I loved it so much. Thanks for your time and effort
3/27 c75 jimmy.oz
Really is a good story. keep up the good work.
3/24 c2 aries12345251
this is quite good and seeing bucky trash snape is kinda fun
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