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6/9 c39 Hermione24
Can't wait for the next chapters... hope Harry and Steve becomes friends.
5/13 c39 1kittyranma
Wonderful story. As for falcon and winter, I'm waiting until there is more I don't like waiting long. The same goes for Wandavision. There is enough now that I'm finally thinking of watching the mandalorian series.
5/10 c11 SoManyDaysToLive4
I love this! Bucky the Batman is hilarious! Also, animal crackers xD
5/10 c39 Incognito Girl 3
Me: this is such a serious moment. Poor Harry. Poor Bucky. Poor Steve
Tony: this is above my pay grade and im a billionaire!

Completely pulled me out of the serious moment but i loved it!
5/7 c39 DemiDino
Logan is on Disney, I'm not sure if it was when you wrote this but at some point Disney added Star and its on there
5/1 c32 RunOnSentences
Tony fucking stark is losing a battle in the sky against regular wizards on brooms. Fucking. Stupid. The moment STORM of all X-men joined the fight, the wizards should have lost right then and there. Not even a fight.
5/1 c31 RunOnSentences
I mean holy shit, at this point you’re gonna tell me that dumbledor and Voldemort could take thanos, hela, and the ancient one at the same time. It’s insane.
5/1 c30 RunOnSentences
Man, just make a literal superhero even more pathetic, why don’t ya?
5/1 c12 RunOnSentences
You overpower the wizards wayyyy too much tbh.
5/1 c10 RunOnSentences
This back and forth and back and forth is getting irritating at this point
5/1 c8 RunOnSentences
I definitely think he should at least be able to fully repair his own arm. Just seems like something that would be common sense for him to be able to do
5/1 c4 RunOnSentences
He just happens to keep bezoar on him at all times?
5/1 c2 RunOnSentences
Underpowered? Dude, I genuinely think Bucky tears snape apart 7 times out of 10. He’s just way faster
5/1 c1 RunOnSentences
Okay, you DO realize that strangling someone to death leaves marks right? And autopsies will absolutely figure out that they were strangled to death? So why does he bother being sneaky in order to “leave no trace” and make it “look like an accident”
4/30 c9 9slytherinlibrarymole
Is Nighty Sirius? Please lt it be Sirius. That would just be the best of dramatic irony.
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