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7/14 c55 Guest
Grammar in this chapter is awful
7/15 c55 gilgmesh101
Awsome chapter.
7/12 c55 Vincent balmes
Dude that was an awesome reply hope to see the next chapter of fairy tail soon bro not that you got my message from october 27 man I need a reply from you on the review man please I need you to tell me what you think on what I said man please let me hear your answer bro
7/14 c55 erasenpai946
Really you're playing Natsu and aim facing a weak version of Laxus when Natsu defeated Laxus alone in my vision the fight is too forced (as Natsu can consider himself the most powerful demon in Zeref when he doesn't even ze anyone without magic he defeats) poor of them when Acnologia appears it will slaughter them
7/12 c55 28Imperial-samaB
Keep it going
7/12 c55 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent job
7/12 c55 altajir95
Awesome chapter, especially the fight against Thorson, it was sure brutal.

Looking forward for the next chapter. Stay safe, and stay healthy.
6/26 c14 TheChaoticDragon
Alright, be honest, who else was expecting the Radio Demon?
5/13 c16 Guest
I would like to say that chapter 16 and chapter 2 are the same, I think there are a problem.
5/11 c54 Vincent balmes
Dude that was an awesome chapter and all but can I please see the next chapter where natsu can use his dragon slayer secret arts man c'mon give me a reply and also can you at least think about what I said on october 27 man please at least tell me what you think on the review man I need to know this anyways i'll see you in the next chapter of fairy tail natsu of the darkness or maybe on inner power bro I'll see you soon dude bye
5/13 c54 erasenpai946
I still maintain my opinion about these fights in Edolas and the bow itself, for me this version of Laxus has not always been for example clearly the real Laxus is much stronger than him and Natsu defeated Laxus so there is no sense in him having to work with a version without Laxus magic (and thinking about it Laxus without the Dragon slayer tear was fragile this version of it should be fragile too) and Edo, Erza Ur is stronger than she should have defeated her (in my opinion)

PS: But this story is still good, just this Edolas arc, which is horrible (not in your story, I say Edolas really was a very bad idea) but I'm still rooting for Natsu to stay out of the timeskip (which, in my opinion, was another useless thing in the work since none of them got more lined up with him) but if I have this story I hope that Natsu will be left out somehow Acnologia will throw him away from the island with Ultear finding him (which would make it easier for her to add to the harem ) and it would be hilarious when they come back Ur to find out that her daughter and companion to the same man as she
5/12 c3 4Ikrani
Got as far as I could. I tried, dude, I really did, but there's only so much leeway I can give before a Natsu/harem story loses the goodwill it gets from being a Natsu/harem story.

I believe it was Einstein who once said, "Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times is a pattern." The tell-don't-show style of describing events not only leads to a rather breakneck pace, but also waters down the emotional impact those events should have. I initially told myself to wait until the harem is assembled, but if it was described with the same barebones word description, I wouldn't have cared. I can't get invested.

The other major peeve I had was the dialogue format. Every time a new speaker starts speaking, ALWAYS start a new paragraph. There is no exception. Often times, a new speaker would start, but I would read it as the previous person still talking. Starting a new paragraph conveys that clarity. As it stands, I am only getting clarity for such lines when I arrive at the end of the dialogue.

I'm sorry, but even with the telling-not-showing aside, I just cannot get into a story where I need to stop at every other line to figure out who's supposed to be talking. Having to rewind and reinterpret a moment is a serious immersion-breaker. If you're so inclined, go back and fix that in your previous chapters. Some people can put up with bad grammar, but a lot of others can't. As popular as your fic is right now, I guarantee it would be Grand Poobah of FanFiction if you fixed that one recurring flaw.
5/11 c54 28Imperial-samaB
Well this was good and i can't wait to see what you do next
5/11 c54 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent job thank you
5/11 c53 ikusatsunagi
Thx for the chapter
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