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for Natsu of the Darkness

2/28 c2 kingpj999
I will be honest, the story is good and interesting but the grammar really sucks.
12/6/2023 c68 Great Dark Knight
As for harem, maybe Juvia and Levy aren't needed because they have more chemistry with Gray and Gajeel.

Jenny,Hisui and Minerva kinda underrated so maybe you should add them
12/4/2023 c68 12chipsandfish2
As long as Sayla’s still a member of the harem, it’s all right with me.
12/3/2023 c68 Mr.DragonMan
okay okay but hear my out add Juvia
12/1/2023 c68 UnseenUrge
I love your story author!
11/13/2023 c67 pixelgames805
Am I the only one wondering why Natsu's dragonification hasn't started knowing that his dragon died and he couldn't do the dragon soul ritual to seal himself inside Natsu to create the antibodies?
8/1/2023 c15 XxKonekoLoverxX
so does natsu not have his dragon inside him making antibodies to prevent him from going full dragon? if so does his dragon look like red eyes black dragon from yugioh?
7/19/2023 c67 altajir95
Awesome chapter.

Looking forward for the next chapter. Stay safe and stay healthy.
7/5/2023 c66 Guest
Good chapter
7/6/2023 c66 altajir95
Awesome chapter.

Looking forward for the next chapter. Stay safe and stay healthy.
2/26/2023 c4 DogmaticNonsense
now erza trying to say don't attack laxus right after she was about to attack? after stopping Mira a first time just to make the point she was going to be the one to go attack him first.

what do you want your characters to be doing exactly? this confuses the situation pointlessly by breaking your own continuity.
2/26/2023 c4 DogmaticNonsense
this makes no sense for natsu to do whatsoever.
this entire chapter breaks character, both based off the og story and what you've written so far.
not to mention how out of Character the earlier sudden bout of self loathing and self pity in front of the group was
2/26/2023 c3 DogmaticNonsense
a few grammar and sentence structure errors so far but nothing major that ruins the story.
just stuff that you have to do a second read for to be like "ah! gotcha." by shifting a few words around or adding one you know should be there through context alone.
simple things that happens when you type too fast, for example, and a quick proof read could fix it easily.
good story so far though.
2/26/2023 c3 DogmaticNonsense
how does their difference in magic matter here? its not a fire vs. ice situation in this?
12/25/2022 c65 Geralt D. Wolfwood
Nice chapter I would consider yukino learning something other dragon slayer magic maybe some kind of takeover maybe god or something I saw this really cool takeover dragon soul idea that sounded cool. Or maybe some kind of god slayer Something to bring variety to the story without rehashing something like celestial dragon slayer magic maybe it could be something like gods have devolved into higher spirits who you can contract with or something
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