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for Sword Art Online And Only Sense Online Crossover Challenge

7/29/2017 c1 Guest
pleace..you can do it
4/19/2017 c1 Mr Miliardo
The concept of a crossover between OSO and SAO is something I've toyed with in the past, but in the end none of my tries even got out of alpha stage.

Main problem is OSO is pretty... serene. It's a game with none of the darker and edgier parts of SAO. All right, inside of it you have monsters, griefers, PK and MPK, but never on the scale of SAO, never with the same significance of even the lighter arcs in Alfheim or GGO, especially when and where the veteran crew from the death game is concerned.

Wanting to cross the two over you should either make OSO darker and edgier or bowdlerize SAO, and both or either of these choices would end up messing up the plot (requiring a flashback to explain WHY things are like that in your story while in canon they're different) even before arriving to the main part of the story. The Conflict.

The real problem is in fact finding a Conflict (capital intentional) that must be part of the story without being too easy for the SAO brigade or way over the top for the OSO contingent. And be credible.

Every story worth reading MUST have a conflict, else, without a common enemy to fight, without a Big Bad, you'll find yourself reading a day by day domestic diary, and while for some this may be good enough, stories like those is they never get over the 10k words before petering off and dying. Some don't even get at half that word count.

Personally I've failed at every step in finding an adequate Conflict. I just hope there's someone out there with more imagination than me who'll maker a good job out of it.

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