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4/30/2019 c25 4929Pieces
*gross sobbing* This is the only canon I will accept! :') Besides the fact that this has been one of my favorite songs ever since you told me about it, the way it all fits together seamlessly into this amazing fix is just superb. I want this to be how it went, so badly! For him to have always been with the guys, for them to have always been fighting together even when he was facing Heaven. For them to come to his rescue and to have been there through the Purgatory souls. For Dean and Sam to know that he rescued Sam, for them to always be united. So beautiful. I love.
4/27/2019 c24 29Pieces
o.O That one got dark and down. Man, they really do live some crazy lives... This was painful to read but I know it all leads to a satisfying and incredible epic conclusion where everyone finally gets what they deserve (peace, family, friendship, love).

...You know, in my head.
4/22/2019 c23 29Pieces
:'( that one was a downer, omg. I want to hug and hold and cuddle Cas with all the tender love he so richly deserves but doesn't know it. I'll take solace in the head canon that after all this the boys rescue him and teach him that being alive isnt punishment...
4/19/2019 c22 29Pieces
THANK YOU FOR THIS, MAY CHUCK BLESS YOUR SOUL :') I so badly need this. I'm just gonna keep it here and come back to it whenever I think about how badly the show dropped the ball on this amazing trio!
3/30/2019 c21 Guest
Fine, break my heart, it's okay. No really, I didn't need it to keep beating or anything. I do need Cas's to carry on though! Darling Cas, the fallen hero just trying to do the right thing and always being punished for it :'( All the hugs for him. Both because he needs them, and now *I* do too! O.o
3/25/2019 c25 Black Fungus
Now that's the way it should have went!
3/22/2019 c20 29Pieces
Such a sad and yet strangely bittersweet song for such sad and yet strangely bittersweet moments! It's heartbreaking how much Cas has gone through, and how little healing we really REALLY get to see him get. But these bedside vigils and determination to do better every time they fail is so... sad... but... at the same time... kinda strengthening. I mean, they all could have packed it in by now but here they are, still keeping vigil once again, determined not to leave his friend behind. :') So much sad but I love it!
3/12/2019 c25 227LadyWallace
:') I love this song and I loved this story! You know I'll never get tired to Season 6 AUs where the boys actually work with Cas. I especially love how you still had him go through with the plan to take in all the souls, but they instantly helped him keep his head and get rid of them once Raphael was defeated. Geez, if only. But so many family feels here. Obviously, I would have loved for this to be how it actually went. Thanks as always for your lovely stories n_n
3/12/2019 c25 5XYZArtemis
Great job! God, season six was a TFW disaster...
3/11/2019 c25 81shadowhuntingdauntlessdemigod
Wow I wish this is how it had gone down. Cas saving Sam from the cage was especially well written, I love the visuals of it!
3/11/2019 c25 Laureleaf
Another great chapter! My heart would like it better if the show had gone this way, but what is plot without conflict? We love TFW in some part because of their stupid mistakes that make us facepalm and scream lol. Looking forward to the next post!
3/11/2019 c25 5Ardoa88
Yes! That is EXACTLY how it should’ve gone down :) so glad you wrote this- these one shots are amazing and actually inspired me to do my own one-shot series ;) so thanks for that too! Keep up the amazing work!
3/11/2019 c25 emnm2525
3/11/2019 c25 41e-pony
Everything would have just been so much easier if they had communicated better and stuck together. Nice summary of a TFW might have been.

~ Pony
3/9/2019 c24 Laureleaf
This is the perfect song for their various resurrections.
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