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9/14 c5 TrumpasaurusRex
Luna is a year younger than the Harry.
Forcing this pairing so hard by making them all meet before Hogwarts ruins the story. It makes it really unbelievable. But throwing Luna into the same school year as Harry? Why would you change canon so much?
9/14 c1 TrumpasaurusRex
The odds of running into Hermione pre-Hogwarts are astronomically low. And you had him literally run into her. That would NEVER happen.
She is almost a year older than Harry so she would have gone to Diagon Alley the previous year. Of course, she may choose to return, but the odds of it being the same time as Harry Potter and physically slamming into her? It wouldn’t happen.
There’s a reason Rowling wasn’t heavy-handed with getting him to meet Hermione.
It’s better to stick to the train. Much more plausible.
7/25 c19 Sheelahdog
Wow! Just... wow! Is that it? Is it complete? I don't want it to be but I can't imagine adding to that.
7/23 c15 Sheelahdog
I like the raven version of happy birthday. I can clearly picture it and it made me laugh.
7/22 c6 Sheelahdog
And who is Uriah Heap? He is in the title chapter but didn't appear
7/22 c6 Sheelahdog
duhduhduh... where is Dumbledore?
7/22 c5 Sheelahdog
ppor Hedwig. She never gets to deliver anything since those death ravens showed up.
7/21 c3 Sheelahdog
I know the poll has long since closed...but the answer to your question is Luna Now. That is always the answer to that question
7/21 c1 Sheelahdog
So I guess they are the opposites of an obscurus? What an interesting idea.
5/30 c19 Guest
Will there be more chapters
4/10 c19 7throughhiseyes
this was great!

I enjoyed reading it, thank you
2/13 c19 Shadowalker666
Have just finished reading this. A good and enjoyable story, sadly though it looks like it will end shortly.
2/9 c19 Amber Eyed Dragon
I have not started the Keeper of Life part of this series yet because I was hoping more chapters would come out at some point. So I'm just gonna ask: is the title for this chapter(ch19) meaning that the series is over, or does it mean the hunt for Horcrux' is over?
1/28 c8 Pointer3109
Girls hold hands. Whether with a boy or another girl. Especially young ones. Boys...not so much. Generally only the very young ones.
12/11/2020 c19 Wolfric
I have just caught up with your fine story. I look forward to where you take it from here. Thanks for writing. W.
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