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12/16/2020 c5 Guest
I always loved Draco and hated Ron. I really like the idea
12/10/2020 c24 Crazyindiangurl
I feel Hermione barely plays any role in the chapters just Draco and Harry
11/21/2020 c93 FreeLoveFreeSpirit
Brilliant! Just read this whole thing in about a day. IDK if you plan to continue it but i love it regardless!
11/19/2020 c1 Guest
I always hated ron...and loved Draco...
11/5/2020 c77 Guest
You’ve gone barmy. This story was fine at the beginning but Bellatrix as muggle studies professor and other death eaters as professors. Draco and Harry acting like 2 year olds. And Luna and Dora going into snapes chambers. First of all Dora and Luna barley knew each other in the books and movies. This whole story is absolutely rubbish!
You don’t use any British slang either. They are British. Bloody hell mate!
10/26/2020 c1 Sextant
Harry's hair is black. That is a big deal in canon. Otherwise, good story so far. Please fix the hair issue. He wasn't a brunette.
10/9/2020 c1 Pointless Malfoy
And now for a musical interlude:

# It's that time of year
Now that reviews are in the air
When that total git with his girly blonde hair
Is in another fic for moronic dramione fans
That nauseate-ate-ates
In a million different ways
From the Slytherin Common Room
To the Prefect's Bath room
No matter where you hide
You just can't escape this crap!

Hold a shitty plot up in the air
With a romantic bit that no one bloody cares
Get your common sense wiped
And then bury all your scorn
Paint your glasses pink
Then extract your wisdom mate
Post a gushing review
And pretend your name is Snape!

Might as well skin yourself alive
Learn to speak Parselmouth
Climb inside a padded cell
And behead the fecking writer
Eat a Chocolate Frog
Wear radishes on your ears
Casserole Nev's Gran
Disembowel yourself with sneers!

The Great Hall is vibrating
This story's shit and grating
Its truly nauseating!
Let's hope it gets deleted
And never see it ever again!

Now you've read it once
Your brain will spring a leak
And though you hate this fic
You'll be quoting it for weeks!

Oo oO
10/10/2020 c2 1FurrFriend
I don't hate the idea of Draco and Harry being friends, quite the opposite in fact. I certainly like it better than Harry and Ron being friends. But this feels so incredibly forced, so contrived. "Ah yes, someone told us to be friends so we forgot years of animosity and now we're the bestest of buddies!"

It's just not convincing.
10/2/2020 c62 LilLinkGirl
...You gave up didn't you...Why did you go in this direction? If you were going to start trying for a funny borderline crack fic then you should have started over so the flow would have been better. You went from serious dark topics like abuse and PTSD to having your death eaters openly make fun of their own dark lord who they supposedly fear above all things and planing parties with a decorations committee. I don't know if I can make it to the end of this! Having humor is fine but you have to match your stories mood and pacing otherwise people like me who binge the whole thing wonder what's going on and why does it feel like we're reading a whole different story. Pick a direction and stick to it. If you want to change direction and feel of your story then re-write the story so that it all matches.
10/2/2020 c37 LilLinkGirl
I know that I'm nowhere near the end of this so I'm holding on for hope but you really made me hate Harry for this "3rd book". It's like you had him forget all the lessons he learns over the 7 years he's already experienced. He's as reckless and short-tempered as he was in the books at this point, if not worse! He's doing things that make no sense. Being Luna's friend yes, ok. Telling her and Sirius, who can't be anymore of a man-child in your story, makes no sense! They were told to do so only if necessary as it was against the rules. These plus rolling over Hermione, who you put in there to be the voice or reason, are the actions of children! They are 17 in this story, what the heck?! You started out great, though Hermione should know what's going on with Harry because that was in the books but I let that go since this is a fanfic, but now its slipping to childishness for the sake of funny is not sitting well in how you set-up the story so far. On another note, you might want to take out the part where Lupin drinks the potion 'cause he shouldn't have been that violent. Like I said I'm nowhere near the last chapter of 93 (at this point in my reading) but I just had to put this out here. I hope they start to act more like their "real" age soon 'cause it seems like they haven't learned and ain't learning anything and that isn't really appealing.
9/25/2020 c41 sacri-interesting-legious
God, that would be a good place to end it though. Harry would just not give his blood to Voldemort, and wala!
9/25/2020 c37 sacri-interesting-legious
Awwww I wished that he would get freed :(
9/25/2020 c34 sacri-interesting-legious
Why don't they trust Remus? I'm confused by this. Is it because of the timeline? You know, they could have just acted it out for the timeline...oh weeeeell
9/25/2020 c33 sacri-interesting-legious
OHHHHHHHH! I think I got it figured all out! OMG, the twins knew Peter was on the map...? But then what about Harry?
9/25/2020 c29 sacri-interesting-legious
Why is Sirius called Dragon? I thought he was Snuffles...?
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