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for If the Stiletto Fits

8/16 c10 CloneGirl 897
Loving it so much! Please update soon, I want to find out what happens next!
7/14 c1 taylor.catrice82
I haven't even finished reading the story and I really like it! Please keep up the great work.
6/20 c10 Guest
Please update! I wanna see if she calls Jareth.
6/6 c10 Guest 2021
Very romantic. Thanks for this lovely piece.
5/20 c10 yuialla
It's great that after so much time you decided to return to this, I was really looking forward to the continuation, I hope the next chapters will appear faster
5/19 c10 2FireShifter
I'm sooooo glad you updated again! Please update again REAL SOON! :-D

Stay awesome!
5/16 c10 24telcontarian
Girl, you have no idea how much I screeched like a banshee when I seen the email sitting in my inbox. Even though it has been three years, I fell straight back into your wonderful story—after doing a mandatory reread, of course. There is something comforting about both Sarah and Jareth's characters, something warm and familiar about them that feels like you are bring welcomed back with open arms and reacquainted with old friends. Thank you so much for updating, I cannot wait to read more
5/15 c10 1Jediavenger
I missed this story so much, I'm so glad you're back at it
5/15 c10 1Maantje
You updating this reminded me of how much I enjoy your story and gave me a good excuse to reread it
5/14 c10 8rosesnblueberries
Oh I love this! I ADORE this! I only recently discovered this story but I practically binge read it. I love the premise, I love Jareth, I love Sarah, I love everything! I’m so excited to see what happens, if Jareth helps her with the will thing, how their relationship develops, what happens with Sarah’s family, and everything else!

Absolutely lovely story! 3
5/13 c10 Margot Grazyna
Tyle interesujących wątków jest poruszonych, sprawa ojcowskiego testamentu jest bardzo interesująca, bardzo ciekawi mnie co dadzą poszukiwania.
5/13 c10 10BowieQueen
I had to reread the whole thing as soon as I saw there was an update. I am so excited. I am so happy the trolls and their mother don't realise it's Sarah. Arghhhhh I just love this story. Thank the Bog you have your mojo back. I am so ready for this.
5/13 c10 BustedBrain
I’m absolutely giddy with this update. This fic is an all time favourite and I’m so damn happy you’re back.
5/13 c10 Amy
Oh my god, thank you so much for updating! Really missed this. I'm so excited for the new chapters when they come out!
5/13 c10 Annibale
I am so happy your muse returned on this one :) I loved it when you were working on it before and can't wait to read more.
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