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10/19/2017 c1 3ObsessedWithHPFanFic
Fun chapter and great ending! Thanks for sharing.
9/22/2017 c1 10Wanderer's Cynefin
HERMIONE GRANGER! divorce Ron! If you don't, I will personally forge your signatures on the papers but Divorce him! What a git he is how can he separate two amazing best friends? That filthy toerag... You should've punched him in third year not Malfoy!
5/13/2017 c2 Guest
A great little story
Like the plot
Looking forward to that which direction it takes
5/14/2017 c2 2mwinter1
5/12/2017 c2 Guest
yea I can tell where this is going, bash ron just to put harry with hermoine.
5/12/2017 c1 3ir7
as a oneshot it was cute. but if you going to make it H/Hr, please don't. it doesn't bode too well.
5/12/2017 c2 1Arnie1701
Hermione should divorce Ron already.
5/6/2017 c1 OldMasterMage
Nice story bunny. Thank you for posting. Look forwards to see if more comes.
4/21/2017 c1 8Geckomom
4/20/2017 c1 3ir7
It's a cute one-shot *.*

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