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for Ben 10 and Star vs the forces of evil

3/30/2018 c56 Dragon storm
Great chapter as always. I think you should do Heroes United and alien Swarm. As for alien Swarm ben say something like if Tom will in trouble and we said not to trust him you would do the same thing to get star on his side with helping Elena. As for Heroes United the battle between Alpha and upgrade Rex was awesome
3/30/2018 c56 Bobby Jenkins
why not both I mean you can have both right there both great and plus I don't want choose one over the other if means can't watch them both but if I were to choose one I would want heroes united but I like to have them both of heroes united and alien swarw in my opinion.
3/30/2018 c56 6Purplefairy121
Heroes unite! I did not see Alien swarm so I have no idea how it went down
3/30/2018 c56 50awsomerebel55
Who do you think is the more threatening villain, Vilgax or Toffee?
3/30/2018 c56 1Leafeon12
Awesome chapter! :)
3/30/2018 c56 1Hero Time 81
Are you gonna do the episode "Con Of Rath"?
3/30/2018 c56 5Gamelover41592
good job on this chapter and in this one at least ben learned his lesson
3/30/2018 c56 1jesus
3/30/2018 c56 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
3/24/2018 c51 magmatron555
If you do omniverse time war with the other bens each should have a star. But for mad ben his star should be themed after furoisa. For their future children ken has a omnitrix while his older sister has the wand. ben 10000 has biominitrix
3/23/2018 c55 Guest
I have a question: If you dont plan to write "Alien Swarm" How is Ben going to get nanomech?
3/22/2018 c55 Guest
why won't you do heroes unite I want to see Upgrade again please don't ruin this for me got it!
3/24/2018 c55 50awsomerebel55
I can already picture Kevin being all possessed by darkness and Ben trying to subdue him with Humongasaur.
3/21/2018 c55 Dragon storm
Thank you for answering my question and I respect your decision
3/22/2018 c55 1Leafeon12
This chapter was chapter and I can't wait until the next one. :)
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