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for Ben 10 and Star vs the forces of evil

10/19/2017 c37 5Gamelover41592
great job on this chapter
10/19/2017 c37 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
10/18/2017 c36 1Ultimatrix bearer
Still arguably the most epic point in the series.

10/18/2017 c36 5Gamelover41592
great job nice ending :)
10/18/2017 c36 53awsomerebel55
Vilgax will make a comeback and Star's side of the universe will return most likely.
10/18/2017 c36 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter Pt 2 continue please.
10/17/2017 c35 StrongGuy159
Awesome chapter Pt 1 continue please.
10/17/2017 c35 173EvaShinobiKaiserKnight
I guess after the whole War of World 2 parter we'll be seeing Toffee capture Ben and basically force Star to destroy her wand.
10/17/2017 c35 5Gamelover41592
awesome job on this chapter and good call brining in Star's friends as well :)
10/6/2017 c34 CMC
I wish all the other authors were quick of updating chapters of their fanfictions as you do.
10/8/2017 c34 StrongGuy159
Awesome story continue please.
10/6/2017 c34 Guest
next the Highbreed wars
10/6/2017 c34 1Ultimatrix bearer
Totally forgot how good this episode was...

10/6/2017 c34 173EvaShinobiKaiserKnight
Ok now we get Toffee and his monsters (formally Ludo's monsters) kidnapping Ben to bring Star to him with the wand.
10/6/2017 c34 5Gamelover41592
nice job on this chapter
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