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for Ben 10 and Star vs the forces of evil

8/23/2018 c69 Dragon storm
Okay here's some suggestions for alien Swarm. First make Kevin mutated with an ID mask putting it near the end of season 3. Secondly break it up three parts that way it's easier make
8/14/2018 c68 Guest
now that Ben has got the ultimatrix and its time for Star to get her new wand.
8/14/2018 c68 Guest
8/16/2018 c69 warhaven22
Thank you so much for providing us with a worthwhile story to read and I do hope that you keep giving is curve ball story twists like normal
8/13/2018 c68 Dragon storm
First off let's give this writer a round of applause for an excellent story. As for the Magic high Commission I'm pretty sure there out of a job now ( after season 3 of star) after all the whole Meteora mess was mostly their fault after word got out I'm pretty sure none of the Kingdom trust them anymore. Anyway as I was saying great work hope to see you again soon
8/15/2018 c68 warhaven22
I think queen moon is not useing her common sense fully because Ben has the title of hero and if her kingdom is anything like the ones of earth then she would have recruited Ben right away just my two cents on the matter
8/12/2018 c67 Dragon storm
You know I thought just came to me. What are you going to do with the alternate timeline version of star in the -and then there was none/Ben - two-part. Star wouldn't it in most the timelines. Or example Ben 23 Max is dead and wouldn't have set star up on Earth, gwen 10 it's still a kid so she wouldn't have met her at her yet and no watch ben cuz I know anything about aliens but I you can have him meet star at the end of the episode
8/13/2018 c68 47awsomerebel55
Awesome story, I look forward to the sequel and how badly that damn lizard will be beaten by the Ultimate Aliens.
8/13/2018 c68 6Purplefairy121
Oh my God. please make a sequel soon, because this is the greatest story ever!
8/13/2018 c68 StrongGuy159
Awesome story make sequel please.
8/13/2018 c68 Zorobak
I hope that Star listening to her mother backfires.
8/13/2018 c68 5Gamelover41592
awesome job on this chapter and nice finale though I was expecting Star to give Ben a goodbye in person but please let me know when the sequel is up
8/9/2018 c67 Dragon storm
Thank you for understanding. heinous broke and their house why would they reason with her when they could have just throw her out I mean Ben dad has the plumber gun why didn't he shoot her. Also there's something I want to talk to you about the Magic High Commission or is it the high magic Council whatever you know what I mean they are terrible at their jobs I mean one kidnap the kid and another dimension or over a decade over dimensional scissors that she lost another broke into their house trap them in Crystal and kidnap them, they falsified their records and lied to the butterfly family and that's just the stuff we know of that they did they could have done a whole lot more that we don't know of I'm surprised Queen moon didn't fire them on the spot after the trial
8/9/2018 c67 Dragon storm
Alright the Epic finale. I like how you managed to blend both face the music and the first half of the final battle perfectly in sync.
8/11/2018 c67 167EvaShinobiKaiserKnight
Ok I see where this is going the next season will work side by side with Ultimate Alien if I'm correct and in turn in the most likely scenario Toffee will be facing the Alien Force and the Ultimatrix as well. Write on my friend write on.
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