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for Ben 10 and Star vs the forces of evil

6/21/2018 c62 Guest
Will see Ben and star children from the future like a boy and a girl each have a Omnitrix and the wand respectively
6/21/2018 c62 1Leafeon12
Awesome chapter. :)
6/21/2018 c62 1Ultimatrix bearer
Ha take that Marco.

6/19/2018 c61 benalien100
What will the people of Mewni react to ben(the boy that's dating their princess), who can transform into aliens that are more powerful than the monsters on their world, once they find out of about it; will they be afraid of him or hate and angry with him but if they choice the second option he can just transform into humungousaur or rath to scare them right and he won't care what they think of him because star will be by his side.

P.S. can you please not make ben and star break up if she has to go back to Mewni, try to make ben, gwen, and kevin go with her to help them.
6/21/2018 c62 50awsomerebel55
Nice chapter. I liked how Ben stood against Hekapoo although I thought that it would've taken him less time, but it was a nice chapter. Now Hekapoo knows about Ben's power and the Omnitrix, wonder how that'll affect the story. I do think that Ben'll be able to punch or give Rhombulus a run for his money.
6/21/2018 c62 5Gamelover41592
good job on this chapter and thank you for doing this episode :D
6/21/2018 c62 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
6/14/2018 c61 Dragon storm
Are two things I like to ask. The first is Eon going to get his our version of star in the episode Ben 10000 return? Two are Ben and Julie still friends in Omniverse since they never were together in the story
6/7/2018 c61 170EvaShinobiKaiserKnight
Ok at first glance I figured Star damaged the Omnitrix before... but then I realized the Wand was cleaved so... in other words taking into account how Azmuth was able to give the sword to Sir George... holy crap Azmuth made the wand!?
6/3/2018 c61 benalien100
Do azmuth and glossaryck know each becaue if they do is it because azmuth made the wand so that glossaryck will teach each princess and queen on how to use it or is glossaryck made of the magic of the book so that he can teach on how to channel their magic into the wand and it release it.
6/3/2018 c61 benalien100
Are you planning on skipping episode Mathmagic because there had been no episode about school in the ben 10 series(well there were some but not doing school work or anything like it), but if you are then star's problem will have to be something different from a math question. By the way, do paradox and omnitraxus know each other since they both know about space and time, but the bigger question is; do both moon and the magic commission know paradox or not?
6/3/2018 c61 Guest
Will you do the Heinous episode?
6/3/2018 c61 Guest
I know people are saying that Ben can catch Heckapoo easily but she still is part of the High Magical Commission so she is still going to give Ben a run for his money. On the side note can't wait to see when Ben actually first met Star in their youth.
6/3/2018 c61 Dragon storm
Two things I'd like to say one I didn't think you think you were mad ar me maybe annoyed maybe but not mad. In this chapter you raised a good point in the story when when azmuth told star this is the second time she's damaged something he made that implies he made her wand which now that I think about it we know very little about it we know it's been in the butterfly family for Generations but we don't know where it came from.
6/2/2018 c60 benalien100
When you get to the chapter of star transforming into her butterfly form in her sleep and opening portals to different dimensions, are you going to make ben use to wand like marco did in the episode but in that episode marco got crescent moon marks on his cheeks when he use the wand. Are you going planning in that chapter for ben to get the same marks or are you going to make a different mark when he uses the wand. But will it affect the ultimatrix at that time.
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