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13h c22 8Light Hero Kaiser
Most interesting great story so far can't wait for more
5/18 c22 guest Lumi
This is a fantastic read, so I hope your muse finds time for you -
5/18 c22 ulttoanova
I really like this so far, I don't have much to say about it but I hope you update soon.
5/1 c22 johfra56e
love the story very interesting looking forward to more
4/23 c22 mauricio11
looking foward to the next update
3/26 c22 Killerpickle
Please Update!
And if you do I would recommend exploring more esoteric magics and not canons version which just boiled down to saying some words, waving your wand and wanting it to happen. What you have done with Harry and Dumbledore is something that should be explored more not just with them but General magic that everyone learns at Hogwarts

Thanks for the story and please do Update!
3/26 c5 Killerpickle
What I don't fucking get is why don't Basilisk's have secondary eyelids to stop their petrifying affect? its pretty common for reptiles and other amphibian animals to have secondary eyelids...

Also whats going to happen with the you know Basilisk's being killed by a roosters cry ain't Selena going to die in like the first week at Hogwarts because of it?

I know you have abandoned this but still, Also I do hope you come back and finish this story/edit it.
3/14 c22 Guest
Love this story I hope you continue it!
3/13 c22 Ares26
I like this story it is unique.
2/20 c15 4Geldrid L. Malifaka
HA! Knew it!
2/20 c15 Geldrid L. Malifaka
I don't care what 'repurpasing' actually means, Harry definitely uses those books to wipe his ass.
1/30 c22 8CoSmO333
i am loving this story thanks for sharing
1/29 c12 18Loveless Demon
Snape being so smug about that revelation is just great. James is probably doing gymnastics tbh
1/12 c22 kirahunter
I am quite enjoying your characters and storyline. I love your original characters, namely, Harry Potter’s familiars. They are both well written, and well thought out characters.
12/30/2023 c22 robosarell1.0
please continue
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