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for Mono Roulette : Casino of Despair

6/29/2017 c17 1Notadeadguy
Ok. Holy Shit. The tiger's down and not even before the game started.

On the bright side we still have 16 participants... well 15 since Ryoko's in detention.

Alright, anyway, There's some things I noticed:

1. Monokuma called Roman Mr. Sister Complex

2. Aurore seems attracted to corpses

3. Monokuma seems to be aware of who Ryoko. But considering that she's treating her like a psychopath it could possibly mean that the mastermind is someone else... or you know it could also make her all the more reason she's the traitor but something feels off and it's making us miss something important.

Anyway, things are finally kicking off and shit has already hit the fan. Hope to see what happens next.

Also sorry about your job
6/29/2017 c18 11Colton989
Damn you roulette!
6/29/2017 c17 126TheRoseShadow21
YOU QUIT YOUR JOB?! WHY? Ahem, anyway, I guess having freetime is good too...but yeah, this was a very exciting and chaotic chapter, and I was NOT expecting a death to occur already. RIP Kotetsu. Not sure what else to say so I'll just leave it at that for now. Keep up the good work!
6/29/2017 c18 TheRoseShadow21
Ahh, so this is how an elevator short looks. It was very cute- Kotetsu and Aurore are so awkward, it's adorable. Hngggg.
6/28/2017 c18 41mayurie
This elevator short is making me cry for our dear tiger boy. He shall be remembered as the savior of Veronica and Kealani... Ugh, I'm crying now. Damn you Monokuma for being a petty rule stickler! Damn you random lottery/roulette for choosing Kotetsu instead of no one! But this also made me interested in making an elevator short too! Hm, I wonder if I can do it... Well setting all that aside, good night Tobi!
6/28/2017 c17 10Katastic Writer
I think shocked is an understatement as I was left speechless for the most part. I mean, holy crap! I definitely was not expecting that early of a death! The dastardly random generator has taken its first victim, and it just had to be our tiger son! Kotetsu, you will definitely be missed and your sacrifice shall not go in vain. (Also Elevator Short for tiger son, heck yeah please~)

On another related note, reading each characters' reactions is a great way to get into their minds and learn what to expect from them. Well, most of them. A handful seem to be mysterious with their emotions about the whole ordeal, which is also nice and it gets me pumped for how they will handle their new life in the casino.
6/28/2017 c17 11Colton989
SON OF A BITCH! Why Kotetsu for the first death?
6/28/2017 c17 41mayurie
Am I shocked!? Hell yes I am! I mean, I know it happened with Junko on the first game, but I never read an SYOC that killed someone so early, Tobi! Nooo... why roulette, why? Why must you kill that adorable student!? Whyyy... Kotetsu, you will be remembered. May your soul rest in peace... Nooo, why did you kill him you cruel random generator...

Okay okay, going back to the review. I'm glad you're back, and with a long chapter! I don't know how I feel about Tatum being the first person appearing on this chapter though... That ass was just so irritatingly calm in this whole chapter, I would've thought that he was the mastermind if I don't know better. Or maybe he is... Really, I can't believe he didn't rescue Kotaru immediately after that, what, heart attack? Did you even take the Hippocratic Oath, you know, as a doctor? Ugh, and now I'm rambling.

Alright, back to the review. This chapter is basically everyone (except that ass) panicking about the situation, though I'm a little worried about Aurore's reaction (her lack of?) and how she wanted to look at... Kotetsu's corpse closer. Shesh, I'm on the verge of tears here. Kotetsuuu... I missed you already you dork. And Ryoko is gone... or is she? Anyway, the roulette killing game is starting...

Well, despite the shock about that gruesome end that Kotetsu met, you did a great job, Tobi! I think you described everyone's emotion really well... My characters are, at least. Keep up the great work! I'll look forward to the next update!
6/19/2017 c16 ThePeasantOverlord
I am very sorry this is happening and im aware how long it takes to write a good chapter. Its fine if you take a long time because we arent going anywhere either.
-a sympathetic whatevermyusernameis
6/18/2017 c16 11Colton989
Take your time.

I ship Kotetsu and Robin

Can't wait for the first motive, murder, and execution.

6/18/2017 c16 2ObieSenpai
Okay, since I am wirking, I know how you feel. Now that I am full time I haven't even started chapter three of GOD, lol.
However, since my days off are wednesdays and thursday (aka both my "roommates" are working) I have time to work on it. I feel bad if your off time is the weekends.
Well, best regard from a very sorry 0b13
5/31/2017 c1 ThePeasantOverlord
Damn done it again, nice long chapter. Really like the difference in relationship between the characters, and you can definitely see Kotetsu getting eased into them.
Relationship wise theres a blossom between Kira and Lindsay, Miyuki and Kazuro have knowm each other for some mysterious reason, and I do sense a bond between my bean Levy and V than that, I kinda really like Tate for some reason? Tate and Kotetsu are probably my faves right now, along with Veronica bc shes so emotional!
Statues of the peeps? love it.
Also, PM me the Elevator Short! I really want more details for this mo matter who the character is!
5/30/2017 c15 11Colton989
Kotetsu is adorable, good job
5/30/2017 c15 Mystique Monroe
I'm still here!

Ryoko huh? Golly, I hope her adoration of doctors isn't going to pass on to other... similar titles in the room.

Robin... You are just entranced with Tony the Tiger, aren't you? Oh know you love nature but... geez.

Tate... you are as wonderful as ever. But that light scowl when Roman took the attention... whatever are you planning.

So, who will be the first to die here I wonder. My money is on someone we already like and expect to be in the power trio. Until then, I look forward to the neon pink blood bath.
5/30/2017 c15 10Katastic Writer
Hi, hi! I am here~

Whoa, Ryoko is there?! Oh my my, this is an interesting development indeed. What could this mean?

The interactions continue to amuse me here. I love every one of them, even the unspoken ones. Monokuma has also made his presence known and shall soon be seen by the students, and the real fun begins! Also for the funtastic elevator shorts, I figure that any group interactions that show off talents would be cool as well as moments of friendship development. Perhaps even ship teases? Anything fun for you to type would be cool either way.
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