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for Mono Roulette : Casino of Despair

5/6/2017 c12 10Katastic Writer
(Dang this website is so broken right now, I can't even- )

Nice, four more down and two to go! They're a nice variety as well. Kealani is calm and friendly it seems though she seems to not really know where she is at the moment, Kotaru is perverted but easily frightened the poor kid, Kira is really funny and I'm eager to see his interaction with the others, and Keiko is a cutie and I like her aesthetic. I'm sure the other two will be just as cool!
5/6/2017 c12 41mayurie
and finally the student list is almost complete-just two more prologue to go! kealani seems calm but more friendly, and kotaru is a perverted crybaby XD kira looks like the prankster type, i hope the people he's gonna suprise is not going to get a heart attack. and i think you portrayed keiko perfectly, tobi! we just haven't seen 'that' side of her, probably because she hasn't meet anyone yet XD i'm glad you already figured out your plan about the survivor and mastermind, though it'll be difficult to guess it because you used the lottery generator lol. well, i'll think of it somehow.
5/4/2017 c10 ThePeasantOverlord
This is playing out so well, all the characters are great!
5/3/2017 c10 Mystique Monroe
Okay, I didn't see an alert for this, so I feel bad for not reviewing sooner.

1) Aurore is such a calm soul... poor dear is going to see that ideology snubbed out like a cigarette. But she's pretty. Speaking of cigarettes...

2) Oh Tate. They have no idea. I have a feeling that I know someone who he will have a lot of fun with.

Happy Writing!
5/3/2017 c10 126TheRoseShadow21
Okay, someone who is actually excited by the whole set-up. That's a new one. Tatum is clearly going to be an interesting one, in a way that is just as likely to be bad as it is to be good. Not got much to say about Aurore, but she seems nice too. Keep up the good work!
5/3/2017 c10 10Katastic Writer
Aww, there's my girl! You did an amazing job portraying her here. I only noticed one instance of a misspell (talking about the paintings near the end, the second "Aurora" would be Aurore I assume), but it's not a big deal. I still really like the portrayal!

Tatum is another curious one. It seems that he might treat this situation like a game. Very interesting indeed, I'll be watching out for him for sure.
5/2/2017 c10 41mayurie
update again! is fanfiction got trouble or something? cause i didn't get any email alert from the stories i followed, weird... anyway, aurore seems like an elegant and calm person, and tatum seems really cool and i can't wait to see him with the others! good work tobi, can't wait for the next introduction!
5/2/2017 c9 TheRoseShadow21
Huh, for some reason I didn't get an email alert about this new chapter. Oh well, at least I decided to check in on this. Hatsumi and Roman seem pretty cool, though Hatsumi definitely seems more easy-going and friendly than Roman does (even if he does have a bunny in his pocket). Get some sleep, and I look forward to the next chapter :)
5/2/2017 c9 10Katastic Writer
I'll go ahead and combine thoughts for both Ch.8 and 9 here for convenience~

So we now have a duo who are already familiar with each other, which is both awesome and despairing considering what could possibly happen to one or both of them. So far they seem really cute, I'll look forward to getting to know both individually and together.

The other two are very curious. Hatsumi seems sweet so far, while Roman is the polar opposite yet still cool. I had to look up what an agent provocateur and recognized what it was, so that's a unique talent for sure. It'll be fun to learn about these two as well!
5/2/2017 c9 Mystique Monroe
Curiouser and Curiouser. I'm fighting the urge to look up what an Agent Provocateur is, just because I feel like there is going to be this whole revolution thing with Roman. Nice to see the confirmed characters lining up, especially of the male persuasion. Happy Writing!
5/2/2017 c8 Mystique Monroe
Aww, Kaz and Mami are adorable.

This does not bode well for them. Like, one of them is def gonna have a mental breakdown like Pikachu Girl from End of Hopes Peak.

Even so, I like them!
5/2/2017 c9 41mayurie
looks like hatsumi is a cheerful one! your new memories starting from now on will surely outshine this one hatsumi, just not in a good way. oh my boy roman, you're here-i love how you potrayed him. a black executive chair made him more awesome, that's for sure. and i'm sure both of us are sleepy, because i don't think i saw roman's hair color being mentioned when i read this chapter XD keep up the good work, tobi! and go to sleep!
5/2/2017 c8 TheRoseShadow21
3 3 Ahhh, here it is, the prologue with my two precious characters. You've portrayed them both perfectly, so well done on that (I adored the bit about Kaz having his own personal sea adventure in the bath, lol, so cute). You did make some mistakes with comma placements and the like, but you're still improving, so that's good. In any case, I'll PM some of the mistakes and how to correct them when I next log in, so yeah. I look forward to the remaining prologues (and Kaz and Mami's reunion, and the rest of the story D), so keep up the good work!
5/2/2017 c8 mayurie
updateee XD we're all still here, tobi! i can't wait for the story to start too!

i like miyuki. i don't know why, but i like her already! though it may be because she's an oboist XD kaz seems like a bit of an airhead, i don't know what to think of him yet.

and your writing skill improved, i can definitely see it! you're doing great tobi, i can't wait for the next introduction!
4/30/2017 c6 126TheRoseShadow21
Yep, Hotaru is pretty awesome, and with a markedly different reaction to everyone else. She seems pretty sassy, too, and I feel like it'll be pretty interesting when she meets the just-as-sassy Veronica, lol. Anyway, I look forward to the next prologues, so keep up the good work.
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