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for Mono Roulette : Casino of Despair

10/7/2017 c27 11Colton989
Dammit! Kotetsu and Robin would've been perfect for each other
10/7/2017 c27 41mayurie
Agh, the format is messed up! Hope you can still read it lol
10/7/2017 c27 mayurie
Hell yeah, the romance and shipping stuff is starting now, with Keiko as the captain. Go get it girl, steer them to the right way! I believe in you!

Anyways, that was a super awesome elevator shorts and special, and I can forget about the main story for a while... Until I remembered that Robin died *sob* But still, a job well done Tobi! As for the couples, I'm gonna go nuts and give you these couplesKaz and Hotaru (may Kaz's adorableness lessen Hotaru's coldness and literal fireKeiko and Lindsay (disciplining time!Kealani and Roman (the combination of a hot-headed girl and an ice cold guyLevy and Miyuki (I can imagine it now-Levy comforting Miyuki when Kaz got himself a girlfriend)

Whoohoo! This fired up my day, so thanks a lot for that! And nice to see that you had gotten to the third trial of NDRV3... things will get better eventually. And by better, I mean in a bad way, so it's gonna get worse. Lastly, Maki is best girl for me!
10/7/2017 c27 1Notadeadguy
Oh boy... Here we go again...

Short 9: Nice guys always finish last, but I never expected Robin to think like that. Eh, oh well.

Short 10: Tatum is going to be confused but I have a feeling he's going to turn it around on Robin like the troll he is.

Special: Oh boy, it looks like Keiko's taking the reins in the love wagon this time. Good luck girl! Try not to get floored!

Anyway, If i do think of weird ships I'll pm you
10/7/2017 c27 2ObieSenpai
As you already know, my main ships are KotaruXAurore and KiraXLindsay. Not really anything else. But yeah I love that miniseries. Not much to comment on these elevator series so yeah.
10/7/2017 c27 ThePeasantOverlord
Oh heck here comes the #matchmaking again. I think the challenge is ritual now for all of the guys. Kira, Levy maybe Roman is next who knows? And...Tatum is sure into a lot of confusion about that cake
10/2/2017 c26 19BIBOTOT
Ok, wow. Quite a few things happen in this chapter, where do I start?

The lab records give out a rather creepy feeling, I know that Hope's Peak Academy has been monitoring its students like lab rat, but this seems like depriving their freedom if they can easily forcibly separate two students like that.

Veronica went nuts with this one. Her father must have been one hell of a son of a bitch for her to react so violently. I like the way her perspective is used as well as how it takes four students to finally bring her down.

So Robin has bitten the dust, or be with the spirit as Tatum said (savagery from the Ultimate House Doctor). From the look of it, he seems to have been sacrificed to the gods.

And now we have Hotaru exposed as having a fake talent. Who could have known. And now she is the number one suspect, not only because she lied in the first place, but also because her talent directly relates to the circumstance of Robin's death.

Great chapter. I am eager to see more.
10/2/2017 c25 BIBOTOT
Nice seeing the character interaction. Notary is creepy as always. Robin is mysterious as always. Levy is still speaking Spanish and Veronica is just being herself.

Alright, that was not cool, Hatsumi, treating the bible like that. May God smite you.

Someone was a bully in primary school? That's it? I guess some people do have lame secrets like Makoto Naegi.

And someone fed another to alligators. That's quite something. I am going to guess it is Robin, because witch doctors in bayous are commonly depicted.

God job so far. Keep up.
9/25/2017 c26 ThePeasantOverlord
Damn, Veronica sure packs a punch. She rekt like...everyone. And, Roman is kinda suspicioso because he was the only other one who knew the talents, however this has not been confirmed so I can't be sure. Anyone who wasn't really involved in the whole Veronica beat down could be suspicious. All evidence sort of points to Hotaru, which in DR classics is probably not her!
All in all, I'm sure this will end up juuuust fine >:0
9/25/2017 c26 126TheRoseShadow21
HOLY WOW That was action packed. Poor Veronica, having that kind of past. I'd hug her, but don't want her to hit me as well. Since my precious duo also probably need hugs, I'll go hug them instead. And RIP Robin, you will be missed. He really didn't deserve to die like that.
ALSO holy wow once again at the revelation of Hotaru's actual talent. I don't think she was the killer, but I have a feeling this will be important. That, and I am super curious as to what everyone else's files look like. Hopefully you'll show them?
Anyway, keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
9/24/2017 c26 2ObieSenpai
Um...Okay then.
So Requim has seperate protagonists.
I have super saiyans.
And now you have prove the how? I am all too curious how you are going to approach this. Then again, it was all too obvious. Oh well.
I, along with so many other people, were right!
I am all too interested in how this will happen. Please post again soon!
9/24/2017 c26 10Katastic Writer
Oh my my, Veronica certainly has serious (daddy) family issues! I was getting worried for Robin and Kaz for a moment there. Oh wait...

Oho, my suspicions about Hotaru seemed to be on-point! I knew I voted for her in the poll for a reason. XP

ROBIIIIIIN! PRECIOUS BAE! Why did it have to be you?! Agh, sadness...I want justice for him now. So, looking over what happened to him, I was actually about to suspect Hotaru of burning him. Until Roman pointed her out as the probable blackened. Then my suspicions disappeared because that means that it's too obvious to think it's her. Now I'm stuck trying to think who it could be. Thanks, Roman.

Anyway! Great chapter as always! I look forward to seeing some more Robin goodness before falling back into despairing reality~
9/24/2017 c26 41mayurie
NOOO MY PRECIOUS ROBIINNN! How could this be!? He was one of my favorite characters... He was so young! He had a bright future ahead of him! Damn you, roulette! Damn you...! God... I'm gonna cry for a bit in the corner there. Please excuse me for a minute *sob*


Alright, I'm back. I'm gonna miss our dear witch doctor, that's for sure. Though to be honest, I did expect him to be the first victim... Either him, or Keiko. Still sad though. I'll discuss more about him later on, but first let's get to the chapter.

When I saw the title, I knew someone gonna be murdered. But still, I didn't expect the 'serious family issues' part to be Veronica's. I thought it was gonna be about either Roman or Hotaru. I totally didn't expect that kind of backstory from her. But really, I feel bad for our resident luckster. Well, I also feel bad for Robin and Kaz who got beaten up by her, but still. Agh, now I feel bad for Robin as he got beaten up before burned by someone-what was his last memory...?

Okay, to the murder before my mind got taken over by sleepiness. I assume Robin was still unconscious until when Veronica woke up, so that means he was recently murdered-but then again, can't really know for sure since it's just from Kealani's account, and fire won't just go out in a second especially when it got a person as a fuel. At least we know that Veronica didn't kill, yay!

Main suspect gotta be Kealani and Hotaru, but as usual in DR universe I'm sure the first suspects won't be the actual blackened. And speaking of Hotaru, I guess Roman got her real title from the book he was holding earlier? Is this confirmed; Hotaru Nagasaki, the Ultimate Arsonist? Really though, the way he immediately pointed Hotaru as the culprit just make me suspicious of him... I'm watching you, bunny boy.

Other suspects would be the people who was taking turn to watch Robin, though even now I can't believe that someone really did kill (but I'll totally believe it if Tatum killed someone). I think the fact that Robin gave Keiko sleep aid is gonna be important, but who knows... Oh, and I noticed that Monokuma called her Shakespeare instead of Touko Wannabe (right? I forgot lol) in this chapter.

Anyways, I'm wondering whether all of the secrets gonna be out of the bag when we got into the trial... I'm curious about Tatum's and Kaz's secret lol. What kind of secret did the blackened kill for? Is it something we've seen, or is it the ones we haven't seen yet? I guess we'll see in future chapter.

And speaking of chapter, thanks a bunch for the fast update Tobi! This really made my night, since tomorrow is Monday for me... Also, I think the action scenes were great! And you really need to prioritize your sleep first and update later man! I don't know how many times I said this already, but go get your well-deserved sleep! Have a nice dream!
9/24/2017 c26 1Notadeadguy
Oh dear looks like the secret's out. Yeah Hotaru is the Ultimate Arsonist. Muhahhahaha! I bet I had some of you fooled when I blamed everyone else of lying. Anyway, it seems like Roman managed to find out Hotaru's identity really quickly (probably thanks to the book). And now it seems like she's being pinned for Murder. Though in retrospect, it looks pretty obvious. Wonder who could've killed Roman when Veronica was out?

Speaking of Veronica, Holy shit, she's dangerous when the box goes on her head. She knocked a good chunk of the cast with those savage blows.

Now for Robin... It seems like when he woke up he went to the lounge for some reason and Hatsumi was with him... or so I'm led to believe. What happened in that lounge? I suspect he was Thrown into the fireplace since the area was pretty much intact but what were the events leading up to it... hmmm

Anyway, good chapter and I hope to see what happens next
9/24/2017 c26 Mystique Monroe
I now know that I have a heart... because it is breaking. For I will never see the Tatum and Robin sexy times.

I enjoyed the chapter, as well as the fact that our characters jumped to conclusions, much like the canon casts. That being said, my original idea of the murderer was off. I though Robin was going to snap and off someone. I look forward to the upcoming trial.

Hashtag Justice4WitchDocotor.
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