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for Mono Roulette : Casino of Despair

8/1/2017 c13 19BIBOTOT
So what is more scary, a human-tiger hybrid or a guy wearing Jason mask and brandishing a chainsaw? My money is on the latter. Whichever the case, props to Kotetsu and Lindsay for being able to stop Kira before somebody really gets scared to death.

Keiko and Hotaru are not getting along. I don't think anyone in this boisterous group would get along with the bossy student council president.

Roman seems like a cool guy. He has a shady talent and his personality seems to conform to this. An interrogator is not what an agent provocateur is, and I am really interested in what he would use his talent for in the Mutual Killing Game.

At this point, I wonder if Kotaru is really a coward, or he is just a masochist pretending to be the damsel in distress. Uhmmm.

Good job introducing the characters so far. Hope you can catch up with my story as I catch up with yours.

7/31/2017 c22 11Colton989
Aww! Dammit Tobi, why did Kotetsu have to die first!?
7/31/2017 c12 19BIBOTOT
Kotaro really creeps the hell out of me in this chapter. Also, if he is a virgin, how does that make him exempt from getting killed?

Mami. Mother? More like mamary gland.

And Tatum is probably the Ultimate Dickhead of the group. I wonder how does being a house doctor make you such an asshole.

So Veronica's brother is the boyfriend of Aurone here. That's quite interesting. Will see how this influence their relationship.

Pretty cool chapter, but some mistakes are quite obvious that I can detect just by skimming through. I recommend revising and correcting this.
7/30/2017 c11 BIBOTOT
Alright, so here is my impression of the characters so far.

Veronica the protagonist seems rather quick-tempered. I wonder how this will affect her free time segments, as she does seem more of an assertive, if not aggressive person.

Not yet anything about Lindsay, Hatsumi or Hotaru.

It seems Miyuki and Kazuro already know each other (enough to give nicknames to one another). I hope to see some background into how they got along prior to the killing game. And since there is also a house doctor in the house (get it?), I look forward to them battling over the treatment methods.

There is a witch doctor in here? I wonder if he can mind-control people using voodoo dolls or summon a ward that can shoot stuff. Whichever the case, he can be a very 'creative' killer if he is on the offence.

Keiko seems surprisingly naive when she thinks there is going to be a party.

Kira just freaks me out. In the middle of a killing game, the guy wearing Jason mask and wielding a machete stands out more than ever.

Keelani the fire dancer, without going further, I will guess she comes from Hawaii.

An ecchi writer? Well, I hope he survives so he can recapture the whole events of the killing game packed with needless fanservice. His thoughts are also disturbing, even more than Kira's.

The Spanish guy is kinda funny. I will try to think of him as Bane.

The Ultimate Experiment seems like a strange title. Normally, human experiment is illegal, so if he is experimented on, it should be a secret. He looks to be the only member of the cast who is genetically and biologically mutated. Looking forward to newest chapter, I can see that he has kicked the bucket. A shame. Was really hoping some strange character would get a second chance for a change.

Anyway, that concludes my impression regarding the characters (except Ryoko who has yet to appear). I will catch up with the main plot soon. Cheers.
7/30/2017 c22 Guest
Oh my gosh I loved all three of these. Best laughs ever!

Holy crap, girl, Hotaru is now the Ultimate Arsonist for me! I'll also add a new title for Roman, Ultimate Overprotective Brother-Figure because I get that vibe from him watching over Aurore so much. Also, aww! I approve of the Kotaru and Aurore ship...Kotarore? I'll try to come up with a better name.

Oh Tate. So charming yet sends chills up my spine. Haha, he's so smooth. Poor Robin, I feel bad for him. Still, gotta love yet another ship! Rotetsu? Maybe? Heh, I'll work on it.
7/30/2017 c21 1Notadeadguy
I also forgot to write this but I don't mind the 3D models. I'm curious to see what the characters look like
7/30/2017 c22 Notadeadguy
Ok, So the First Motive is Secrets huh?

I wonder who'll go the distance to keep it hidden. Of course, that'll be all in vain considering that Monokuma will probably reveal it soon enough.

Honestly I read a lot of Horror Manga, and that Torture scene was child's play in my opinion. Though I think it's best you don't ask me any ideas on torture. It's a lot worst. Anyway, hang in there Ryoko. Monokuma's probably going to keep you alive since you are VERY IMPORTANT.

My gut instincts are telling me that Box of Fear will play a role. Chekhov's Gun, a trope that means that everything the author writes has a reason for being there. That box has a reason to be there, and it's not just for gags. I know it will play an important role later.


Anyway as for the Elevator Shorts, Thank you again for accepting mine. It was fun to write my character and I really liked the alterations you made. They weren't minor changes but they were nice. And now people know that even this serious girl has her quirks. Muhahahaha

For short 5, I always knew this day would come. When I first saw the roster in their rooms. I took a guess on who hangs out with who. I was mostly off in my guesses but I was right about Kira dragging Kotaru in his misadventures. I mean Kira's the type of friend that comes up with the stupid ideas. I pray that this will not become the motive for the next murder. Lol

I have nothing to say about the third one except that I know Robin's Sexuality. Let your lover rest his furry butt in peace bro.
7/30/2017 c22 2ObieSenpai
SELF DEFENSE THROUGH THE USE OF FIRE! Get away from the president or she will roast you (literally).
Roman, why you try and beat up perverts like Kotaru and Kira? Ever heard of the sacred bro code? Telling that to a girl that he obviously likes is a sure fire way of getting hatred among your fellow male peers.
Damn it Tatum, stop making us think of impure thoughts! We don't want to imagine that sort of stuff!
Liked all of these. Hope you post again soon!
7/30/2017 c22 41mayurie
Triple elevator short updates! Aw, I'm starting to love our pyromaniac president even more now XD Poor Kotaru needs a break, and I feel like there will be impending doom heading in Kira's way. Robin and Kotetsu was just so adorable together... And hoo boy, the first murder is coming! I forgot to mention this on my previous review, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOBI! Hope you'll have a great year ahead.
7/30/2017 c21 128TheRoseShadow21
...how do you forget that it's your birthday? Anyway, happy belated birthday, I hope it was a good one.
So...this chapter, holy hell that was wild, especially with the whole thing about the box and the secrets. I don't 100% understand the box but the thing with all the secrets was handled very well, and I'm interested to see who snaps under the motive. Also, Ryouko's getting tortured, it seems? I am worried...
So the other stuff you mentioned-I'm fine with you 3D modelling my OCs, and I like the idea of the space-station story. And I can't remember if I sent you executions or not, but I am crap at them so I probably didn't...so anyway, yeah, great work, keep it up!
7/29/2017 c21 10Katastic Writer
Well Happy Birthday wishes to you, Tobi!

So now I know that Kotaru is a precious, albeit perverted, cinnabun son even though I came to that conclusion much sooner. It's good to make it official though. Also Kealani requesting that kind of drawing of her, interesting choice there from the Fire Princess. Loving these interactions!

On another note, I'd put Hotaru in a corner for burning those poor books. What did they ever do to you, Hotaru? Huh?

God, I felt bad for Ryoko getting tortured like that! What did she ever do to you, Monokuma? Huh?! But yeah, that was hard to imagine. Curious to see that Tatum cares that much about her to the point of being angry. Also Monokuma referencing characters from the other games...Hmm, very curious. And thus the first motive is introduced, and all I can say is, "Veronica, you don't know how wrong you are." Poor girl is in for a world of hurt.

So yeah, those are my strange thoughts and I'm all too eager to see where this goes! Also excited for more Elevator Shorts because of the nice breaks in between death and despair!
7/29/2017 c21 41mayurie
Alright, a new chapter filled with nicknames, torture, and the first motive. Let's get reading!

Kotaru is adorable even with his perverted tendencies, and Hotaru turned out to be a pyro. I feel bad for those book, don't think Keiko is gonna be happy if she know what Hotaru was doing. And won't Monokuma get angry with Hotaru destroying the library's properties?

I totally cringed on the torture part, that's just messed up you damned bear. What's Ryoko's role in this game again? I don't even know why Monokuma was trying to get information from an amnesiac girl, pretty sure it won't work.

So no one can't lie or they'll get to face their greatest fear. I'm a little messed up in the brain and I enjoyed it when my characters suffer, so Keiko part was quite fun to read haha. Definitely not fun for my girl though, first she got chased by something she's afraid of and after that she got the news that someone is currently got their hand on her darkest secret...

Speaking of killing game in space, there's actually one called Dangaronpa: Scarred Starlight by Zetakuma on this site, so you may want to check that out if you haven't yet! A new story huh? I can't wait to see that! Oh, and I don't mind if you're gonna use my OCs for your new hobby-in fact I'd feel honored if you used them haha.

Alright, overall this was another great chapter from you Tobi! I'm always anxious after the motive, don't think I can handle anyone dying anymore haha... Anyway, get some sleep for now! I'm looking forward to the next update!
7/29/2017 c21 2ObieSenpai
Pffft, Kealani why did you ask him to draw you in the first place? Do you have a massive ego that needs to be stroked?
Now you aren't making me ship Kotaru and Kealani. Kolani/Keataru. Sounds pretty good.
Oh, no, the number one thing that makes me cringe, torture. Poor girl!
Keiko what do you mean "sell your body?" Did you mean...in that sense.
Now you got me curious as to what Kotaru's secret was. Most likely the nature of his condition.
But he's, Veronica, people will kill for keeping a secret.
But why, due to luck, is Veronica considered AAANNNOOONNN!
Liked this chapter, except the torture part. Hope you post again.
7/27/2017 c20 2ThePandaExperience
Ah man, too bad I have to wait for the next chapter! Bbut Anyway, I'm chill w/ your casino idea - in fact it's great. It's original and I like the thought of like, a roulette draw on punishments or something. I reread it like, twice, to get familiar with the characters and I suppose I'll give my opinions on them.
So, Veronica. I enjoy a fresh protagonist. Her personality is kinda more relatable than a heroic and supportive character. I don't often like those. So, all in all, keep it up with her, I guess. The way she acts tough but is a softie for sweet guys, its adorable.
Secondly, I guess I'll talk about the ones I'm suspicious of. Tatum, of course, though I feel he's simply...a prankster like Kira. Just chiding for reaction because he was...neglected of it? Not sure.
And, surprisingly, Levy seems a lil suspicious. He's getting close to Veronica, I guess. Maybe he has magical eyes - which now I see what I typed is really stupid. Though, on contrast he's a good love interest, he's sweet, save my further suspicions.
Those r my opinions on the matter, I guess. It didn't really contribute to anything. Love the story keep going yaaaaaaaay
7/22/2017 c20 Mystique Monroe
Sorry for the delay, but I have been busy with work and show I'm in.

Oh, Tate. Tate, Tate, Tate. You are one crazy SOB. When the first murder happens, I feel like he is going to be suspect number 1.

On that note... who WILL die second? Hmmmm. I have no idea.

Robin, you a mystery, even to me.

As for the mastermind... I may have a clue of who it is.

Happy Writing!
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