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for Mono Roulette : Casino of Despair

7/19/2017 c20 10Katastic Writer
Gosh darn you Tatum with your lurking in the halls! Nah, but he's a very enigmatic individual with a knack for acting to boot. Quite the amusing free time with him to start off, just as any other ones will be in the future!

Also, wow, a casino with a swimming pool and library? I'd wanna live in a place like that, though without the risk of death. Looks like Veronica almost got a taste of despair as well, but luckily Robin saved the day there! Tension is already rising amongst the others, though, and it's a matter of time before Monokuma drives it further with a motive. Whatever it shall be...
7/19/2017 c20 126TheRoseShadow21
The character interactions in this are absolute gold. Especially Tatum being...well, weird. Sleazy? I think he's supposed to be sleazy but to be honest he confuses me, in the most entertaining way. But yeah, I liked this chapter.
And no, your planning strategy wasn't wrong, it makes sense to me. I do have to admit to not being a fan of using a roulette method to decide the deaths, but that's more personal preference than anything-if you can make it work so it fits in with your general plan and it is true to the characters, then you can do whatever you like lol. It is your fic, after all.
Anyway, you're doing great, so keep up the good work
((Also, Tobi's sister, please don't steal the computer again! I know the deaths are sad but the story won't progress if you do that!))
7/19/2017 c20 1Notadeadguy
Ok so three days have passed and Veronica has finally left her room huh?

well it'll probably take a while for her to adjust but for now it seems like everything's fine.

Ok so my analysis shows that...

1. There's now a pool since Mami and Kaz are in bathing suits (I'm guessing this is a popular place for a murder)

2. There's also now a library (I don't normally see Library's in a casino)

3. That thing with Tatum was apparently his free time event. He's the type of guy you can't read, so can't say I trust him or like him just yet.

4. Ryoko isn't back yet apparently

5. I didn't see Kotaru or Hotaru in this chapter... in the present. So I'm guessing either they are in their respected rooms or something's up. Though I have my doubts since Monokuma hasn't introduced his motive yet.

Anyway excited to see the next chapter soon
7/19/2017 c20 2ObieSenpai
Pfft, god damn it Tatum.
Well, I guess we know what Veronica's fetish is, hehehe.
A mastermind who is out for blood. EVERYONE WILL DIE!
Liked this chapter, gope you post again soon!
7/19/2017 c20 41mayurie
You're back Tobi! Aw, that just show that your sister really liked your story and you did a great job with it! Though when she read this chapter, the question is whether the laptop will be taken hostage again or not XD

Geez, I got shivers just thinking about nice Tatum-but maybe he's really nice inside, who know? Lin got the lecturer part everytime someone did something, but when she'll do a prank with Kira (which I'm pretty sure she'll do later), who will lecture her XD

Ooh, the first (was it the first, again?) traditional medicine that Robin gave someone. Be glad that you received it Veronica, it's not good to distrust everyone in this kind of game you know-but trust the wrong person, and you'll ended up dead...

Anyway! A great chapter as always Tobi! And lucky you, I got a big spoiler on DRV3 and decided "fuck it, may as well read every spoiler that exist" haha. And go to sleep already, that's one of the heavenly right that we got in this cruel world XD
7/2/2017 c19 ThePeasantOverlord
Levy 101: No likey skeletons. Seems like the shorts are bringing the excitement together. And Veronica is actually lucky then? No coincidence? Awesome!
7/1/2017 c19 4A-SHSL-Revival-All-In-My-Head
Siblings are literally the best, but highkey glad I'm the youngest! But anyways, yaay for more cute interactions with everyone in the elevator! Poor Vero, like it was unlucky for the luckster to get caught when her luck got her winnings buuut cake is always a great substitute for money anyways...I'm 1000% here for Kealani being that aggressively good friend and Keiko always being that subtle but not so subtle perv! Wooow who knew the calm and collected one aka Lin could be a prankster too? Prankster couples are goals but poor Levy! Also, I'll be sure to send in those PT phrases in a bit! But yeah, great job with continuing to write Kealani well and for these elevator shorts! Can't wait for the next update!
7/1/2017 c19 11Colton989
I hope Kotetsu gets more shorts.
7/1/2017 c19 10Katastic Writer
Oh how lucky that I am an only child, but it's cool that your sister wants to read your work. Also an excuse to have more cute moments with these students! I felt bad for Veronica losing all of her winning due to talent (and an accurate talent at that), but I agree that cake makes everything better. Kira and Lin playing pranks and causing mischief was funny to read as well, even if poor Levy had to fall for it. I'll send in what you need soon as well, no worries!
7/1/2017 c19 2ObieSenpai
OH boy! Veronica has Nagito levels of luck!
And Kealani, oh I think you are favorite hirl here. I would JUST HATE if you died!
Pranking in an envirement like that? An interesting way to bring up morale. Hey, it works, maybe?
Anway, time to leave for AX (Anime Expo)! Yeah!
7/1/2017 c19 41mayurie
Aw, these elevator shorts are so adorable. Sulking Veronica is cute, and Lin and Kira is basically the prankster couple. Panic Talk Phrases huh? Do we need to send a specific one like for when they're cutting someone's statement, when they initiating... what was it called again, that cross sword thing (lol), etc? Or can we just throw some sentences like when the culprit got cornered? I haven't played DR for a while and now I forgot about all the fancy words for those things that happened in the class trial XD
6/30/2017 c17 ThePeasantOverlord
What a damn straight savage.
soon as you're back.
I also feel like your writing has improved? I'm not sure, maybe it was just a prolonged absence but I really enjoyed this chapter...maybe enjoyed isn't the right word...
6/29/2017 c18 2ObieSenpai
No! Kotetsu! My home-dog!
Well, the first casuality has happened. I guess he saved them yes.
And Kotaru is showing his illness. A shot of adrenaline helps with anythimg, except a dead body. And that doctor, oh, he is one of those characters that is both your favorite character andthe character you hate the most. "I love you Tatem." Immature and kind of triggered me a little, since that is NOT what a doctor does when someone is dying, but I LOVE IT!
I wonder if people will get curious about Kotaru now, ask him if he had collapsed before, and the reason why. The elevator short was cute too.
Ship time!
Veronica and Tatum, because the foil is so strong! Kaz and Miyuki, but I think they may already be boyfriend and girlfriend, for they act like it already. Also, due to her being an artist and him being a "lewd manga author," I also ship Aurore and Kotaru. She seems like a sweetheart, and honestly, even if her body size isn't fit in the dezcription, she could be the one that could reforms Kotaru.
Kotaru is either going to be a victim, or a survivor. I don't see how he will become a killer with his condition, but if you could make it work, props for you.
Anyway, hope you post again!
6/29/2017 c17 Mystique Monroe
I love you Tate...


I gotta say, I enjoyed both the elevator chapter and the main one. Oh Robin, don't let thye anger get the better of you. My poor characters couldn't be so different, could they?

Poor Kotetsu. His furry butt will be missed. The big question though, is who is the mastermind of this game? I have my guess, but only time will tell.
6/29/2017 c18 10Katastic Writer
The awkwardness is real with these two, but it's so cool to read about these two together! Kotetsu, there is no such thing as too fluffy and you are perfect the way you are. You shall be missed!
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