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11/28/2023 c17 DawnYugo
Can you continue the fanfic "Ore-Tachi Sanjou"? I'm curious about the story of Ryotaro and Luka.
11/22/2023 c17 63KKD Silver
Ok. Time to dive in and check this out while also giving my notes about what I thought.

Noticed the Reiwa Era Toku in there… that’s it.

Great to see friendship rekindled between our leading Riders

A recolor for Celica’s armor? Sounds boring. What next?

Heartless? Oh boy.

…Ok, let’s see if I remember this old joke right. …A BLIMP?! IN FIRE EMBLEM?!

Cute how this version of Rinea and Berkut interact with this history.

And you straight up ripped out the Green Lantern oath for this line for the goddess.

Also, the plural of millennium is millennia.

Oh… crap. Another monster design? I mean… not that bad, right?

Unless it’s this new Rider. …Ok?

CTV formation? WHAT CTV formation?! *sees the descriptions of the form* oh… no…

ProtonJon: Have fun, Tom!

-_-… we’ll be here a while.

So Alm gets the ring from Celica and goes into a KR Mach/Shurikenger style intro? Ok…

Also, wow. Weird hearing Celica call upon Duma while Alm does the same for Mila.

Blue & Pink hair in the sailor fuku? How does Alm know what that is? And who could that be? Foreshadowing?

Cool on the shield for a Final Form Ride.

And Jedah is now a Heartless. You had KH on the brain writing this?

And now confirmation of Byleth being Rinea’s ancestor in this world. Cool.

And talk about a bittersweet ending in Echoes. I mean, I get it. War and all, but yikes.

And foreshadowing/spoilers for another story to confirm connections. Cool.

Also, final form preview?

Lots of foreshadowing this time.

Cool joke at how much time has passed. Wow, it’s still crazy it’s been 4 years, almost 5, since this story’s history actually started.…I feel I should update my designs just enough to match my current art style, because… my goodness. Ok. Consider that part of my lead up to whatever the next milestone is for KR Hero.

And finally we get to the one spin-off that merges F.E. with Persona… views have changed since then, but man.

And let’s not forget, Rest in peace Grandpa Gregorio and Grandma Carol.

Onto the outro notes… ok. CTV still means more vehicles. *sighs*

Sky Mage? Ok. I personally can’t tell, but we’ll see. Sky Prism? Might be a close thing connecting to it, but we’ll see.

Cool way to make some workarounds for the plot of Echoes, though I’m confused. There isn’t a specific Seiros Shield unless there’s one in Heroes I’m missing.

Also, it took me a bit to recognize the Kill la Kill OVA reference. Man, that was so wild.

Saint is a cool design, but honestly, the first image that came to my mind was Kamen Rider Blade’s helmet when you mentioned Rhino beetle. The only one from Showa I can think of would be Stronger, and his head’s too big.

Man, so many references I missed… wow.

Otherwise, very cool stuff, glad we could see this. It’s great to see KR Hero back in action, and the timing for it was perfect for the Explanation Corner. It was up on Tuesday when I saw it, so that’s great. Too bad I missed it. Hope I didn’t spoil something. Otherwise, Happy Thanksgiving to all. Take care, and Keep it Cool.

*salutes* Jaa ne.
5/12/2023 c2 2Potato-Sama69
I don't know why a lot of crossover writers put in a fucking opening like bro this is fanfic it's all words this aint a damn tv show enough with these it's a sign of just jank and a bad story plus it's unnecessary padding to the word count and if you struggled with getting it to work then why add it no no one is at the edge of there seat speculating over a damn fanfic opening no just like real openings most will read it once and then never again i didn't even skim read that shit i just went to leave a review because i'm tired of bullshit like this what's next gonna write conversations like:

MC:I'm from another world and you fake and game
Lord:I will now believe you and give you good succ MC
MC:How did i get these cool powers i sure hope nothing bad happens
MC?:Behold i am Another/Ganba/Dark/EdgyName and also MC's Evil counterpart/Clone/Soul/Whatever and am here to Be Evil/Do petty shit/Blame MC for things/Pad out story that will never be finished like my 80 others.

As long as this doesn't get worse than dry semen on a hotdog forced down the throats of orphans i will at least give it a 5/10
12/11/2022 c16 63KKD Silver
Like before, this review is more a collection of thoughts. Hope it works.

Sounds like Tiki-Chan is describing a mix of The Force plus the Morphin’ Grid at the start.

Not sure why the memory loss. This is a bit concerning. Did Takeshi lose all his memories or is this just reflective of how long the writing has taken? I mean, Yea. Takeshi nearly turned slave isn’t the best to remember, but still. Ouch.

Pretty cool we finally get Takeshi with his main ride after all that time in previous chapters of complaining. So we’re led to believe locals who don’t know of motorcycles see Takeshi’s ManakeRaider as a dragon?

The divide between the two local Riders feels a bit off. But I like the general idea brought here.

Wait, seriously? You’re using a flub of Celica’s name as her disguised name? Yea, on top of the physical features being obvious, the world is dumb.

Clever way to acknowledge Fodlan without spoiling Three Houses to 2019 Takeshi. Not sure why the diary angle, but it works. Then hear Rinea’s reasoning… wow. Also, cool note on connections. Both to Genealogy of the Holy War and how Rinea links to Fodlan. But I guess it’s been a while.

Why’s Celica trying to eliminate historical artifacts? That’s like people in the Middle East trying to destroy biblical sites.

Wow, even Tiki-Chan finds your flub of Celica’s name being her disguise crazy.

Good to see Takeshi and Celica could meet on actual speaking terms. But again, why is she so determined to keep people from poking around the past?

And I suddenly see the Persona connections. Phantom Thief, Blue Rose?

In hindsight, the rings feel like a Kamen Rider Wizard reference when you call it a magical foci. But I do now know of the whole Engage Ring situation, so… yea. And now it feels like you’re reading my mind before I make these points. And there’s a hinting to the Legends Marth story with Celica’s POV of meeting Haruto.

Man, Celica’s getting really touchy about her past with Berkut. I mean, I think he was an antagonist at one point, but still. Ouch.

Something seriously had to have happened to make Celica not want friends from the sound of it.

And there’s the mechanic of turning back the clock from Echoes, Mila’s turn wheel. Clever use of that ring. If only Takeshi had cards to let him rewind time and counter some of that.

I-Ok, we’re so in sync if you’re somehow able to get Takeshi thinking the thoughts I had with why she’s destroying these historical artifacts.

Man, the way you had things worded here… oof. I bet that dug deep into Celica.

Ok, what in the world made Alm run off in fear in the past? That alone couldn’t have been reason enough for Celica to start hating her old friend, forced or not. And this stuff reminds me why I hate soap opera nonsense.

And just in time for a battle to commence. Here goes.

And the first time Celica goes to help people in this chapter, Alm just attack relentlessly without realizing what she’s doing? Geez. And the two aren’t going to make up like this. Nice showcase of Hero-Kamui’s cards.

And what hit Celica when she was starting to get to her old friend?

Why the comments between Tiki-Chan and Hero about the Kamui form? Is it because the base form of said Rider is a female?

Man, the magic is REALLY messing with Alm if even after Celica tried talking to him in Rider form he still didn’t get a hint.

And now, flashback territory. This is really nice. And man, the changes were really going fast in those from the looks of it.

All the while, Alm’s realizing Celia’s in trouble. Good notes on the random panels, though.

And crap. Jedah corrupted Celica with her own emotions towards Alm. This will be a bigger issue than I thought. Surprised Takeshi’s cards on Celica didn’t black out like Hibiki’s.

Wait… not knowing the franchise. Pocket Camp? Who is Neo-Hero? He sounds like… no, it couldn’t be. Could it? …Goseiger?

Then a correction to stage from a Vice style Gaim quote?

And… wait. What? “Anything you can do I can do better?” Why that song? Still, cool armor for Anel-Hero.

So many things about Neo-Hero seem way too familiar here. No… it can’t be… and~ time to investigate?

Crazy Takeshi/Hero is basically forcing Neo-Hero into a quiz to figure out who Neo-Hero is during this whole battle. All these things… Neo-Hero is…? You, Pika?! Wha~?

Good names for the clique, but I didn’t expect this to really happen.

Oh… Blue Rose was Dragalia reference? Oops.

Either way… yea. This is amazing. Great chapter and I look forward to the future of this.

More importantly, I may not always be the best with memory with all these things, but I am also happy I could be there for you. Without you, I don’t know where I would be. It’s good to have a little brother figure I can actually talk to and I wouldn’t trade our friendship for anything.

Thanks again, Pika. Here’s to another ten years. Hope we can meet in person one day… Otouto.
12/1/2020 c15 12ROCuevas
Really great work
12/1/2020 c15 17HackerEX
Glad to see you finally back in the saddle. This arc was pretty okay all things considered, but I am just more than happy this fic is back
11/30/2020 c15 63KKD Silver
Wow. Gotta say, this chapter was pretty worth the wait. It has been a while, so I don't know when I'll get to the art, but this story was still great to read. It felt satisfying to finally get some closure to this arc as Takeshi is able to help Kamui and then get over his worries as well. Draconic Armor is already awesome along with Takeshi getting his own bike on top of that. It's really an incredible chapter, and my favorite parts include that ending battle with the Draconic Armor, Takeshi getting motivated ala Ex-Aid's final bout, and how he and Kamui helped out others in the long run.

Keep it cool, Pika, and I'm looking forward to next time. *salutes* Jaa ne.
11/30/2020 c15 ARSLOTHES
I'm hoping Kamui and Takeshi will get together since they're cute
5/1/2019 c14 17HackerEX
I've been following this fic for quite a while and I gotta say, I am very excited to see what's next. The characters are okay, the choices of worlds are nice, the only thing I can really complain about is that these medieval fantasy characters are using Japanese words and honorifics.

Other than that, keep up the good work man!
1/27/2019 c14 KristoferViloria


It's a rule.

Your characters are all speaking Japanese to one another at all times. But you, as the author, write them for the reader in English for an English-reading audience. That being the case why would some words ever appear in your story in Japanese? Especially simple words like "Yes," "what," or "Mom"? There is no excuse for this.

This is a common arookie mistake in anime-based fics. It doesn't add authenticity, flavor, or style, it just shows that the author wanted to try and show off and failed when they tried. It's the literary equivalent of "Hey, look what I can do!"

Aside from that, it's a good start for a self-insert story. I've seen worse, I've seen better, but I am still entertained enough to,keep,reading, so the mission of any first chapter is accomplished!
9/7/2018 c14 Guest
Quite well done.
9/5/2018 c14 63KKD Silver
This was an interesting take on events. I see why you did everything you did in this one. Needless to say, it wasn’t easy for me to make that decision, so I can see Takeshi’s struggle with how to handle that.

I’m starting to feel the mystery woman is secretly a villain towards Fates, Echoes, and Tokyo Mirage Sessions. So all of the next worlds are more me trying to find a way to save the worlds and uncover the truth behind that woman’s motives.

Still, great action, great development, great drama, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out.
9/4/2018 c14 ARSLOTHES
Sorta hope you pair Takeshi with Kamui based on their interactions, looking forward to the next chapter
5/27/2018 c13 12ROCuevas
Quite good work this was. Can't wait for the next one.
5/26/2018 c13 ARSLOTHES
I see the part where you quote the twelfth doctor. I like it and am looking forward to the next chapter
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