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12/21/2023 c20 Sora9979
The whole Wrestlemania theme that was brilliant on the whole I hope we get to see Rukia next time maybe a few of the other female Soul Reapers as well especially the ones who didn't exactly get really good husbands oh well here's hoping
11/13/2023 c1 Willom
This was great but I do have a question do you not know what a gallon is? Because someone came have an entire gallon of cum in their mouth it is impossible. Also someone can't have six inches of a dick just in their mouth. Otherwise great.
11/2/2023 c5 15Trace Reading
Things they don't have in Naruto:
Blu-ray players
Clan Restoration Acts
TEENAGERS WITH 17 INCH DICKS seriously dude that's like shoving your whole arm into someone -_-
10/24/2023 c5 horrorfan1993
I cum so hard.
7/19/2023 c1 Guest
Too she died
7/21/2023 c22 54Dragonlord0
In the words of Zoidberg when he wants more Anchovies. MORE! MORE! MOOOOOOOORRRREEEEEE!
6/28/2023 c22 volcasiron30
glad that you back we miss you can you add Sasha Braus (Attack On Titans), Jessie(Pokemon), Satsuki(Kill La Kill),
5/14/2023 c22 Guest
This is awesome. The ridiculousness and over the topness is the best part I don’t care what other people say. Don’t tone it down. If anything make it even crazier. Can’t wait for more great work. One of the best stories in a long time.
5/14/2023 c15 Jamie Charlton
This is the most horrible book from the chapter on why let Minato have a harem in this book tha name is Naruto’s not minatos
4/15/2023 c13 MarioCatjr
Can You Do Ayame Next
4/12/2023 c21 Jamie Charlton
The story was good until now
4/11/2023 c22 Sora9979
Rukia, Rangiku, Orihime,Tatsuki,, Yuzu, Karin Kurosaki would be good
2/25/2023 c18 Sora9979
Just want to add we could have done without the butthead picture dressed up as Naruto that's just sad
2/25/2023 c16 Sora9979
I do enjoy how your evil mind works but I definitely have to say I would like to see Rukia and Orihime have that the blonde it would certainly make for an interesting show not to mention there are so many possibilities Heck if it was my story just for giggles I would throw in caulifla and kale just for laugh heck you can even put him in Universe 6 in Vados too
2/23/2023 c22 Wraith72138928
Now dont get me started on how this is slowly turning naruto into a beta simp
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