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for Between the Sinners and the Saints

4/28/2017 c1 7SomeDays
wooo looks like I cam back to ff just in time ;)
Great prolouge as alwayss.
Can't wait!
4/27/2017 c1 Heartwood98
Well, this was awesome!

Eldred never striked me as an especially interesting character in For A Reason. I mean, he was always intriguing, but I didn’t finish that story thinking of him as a stand-out. I never expected to want to know him more than as the cheeky bartender.

Boy, was a wrong…

I don’t know how you do it - I really don’t - but somehow you create characters that are incredibly complex and so well rounded. The best part about them, though, is that they sneak up on you. In the beginning of this prologue, I wasn’t fully on the Eldred-train, but as time passed, as we went through the hardships of adapting to a district together with him, I grew really attached to him. It all became more than just an experiment; it become a fantastic journey.

I miss him already.

Could we please get a story just about him?

Another part I really enjoyed was how you depicted District Six. I know Tyler has already mentioned this, but whatever - you do an amazing job of adding layers on top the little information Suzanne Collins put in about each of the districts in the novels and put your own twist on it. It’s astonishing, really.

But that’s enough of the praises, I’m sure you’ve had enough of it by now (?). Either way, I’m totally looking forwards to this story and I’m totally submitting a tribute when I get the time to. So expect a PM from me sometime during the next week or two!

Also, really like the new Weebly page! Tosh is bae af
4/23/2017 c1 10BamItsTyler
That was a nice read.

I still owe you a review..since I'm finished with school, I can deliver on my I.O.U. No need to send the loan sharks on me.

This had everything I, as a Hunger Games lore fan, loved so much about the series that Ms. Collins barely mentioned. This is somewhat good, because the fanfiction created by those who care enough to see beyond the useless fluff, often create what you do in every single SYOT you make.

What I'm saying is that you capture the Districts (6) and give your own spin on how life is and how the conditions are. Everything from the description of the smog, and the description of the misfits and how they barely had any clothing to wear, was a treat for me. The working condition description was also very interesting, alongside the Peacekeepers and their mannerisims, very uniform and calculating, so good on that.

. . . speaking of District 6, I MISS PRESLEY! :L. ugh.

Edsel . .. when you came up with that nickname, did you do so as a nod to the old Edsel cars they used to make way back in the day? If so, you truly are an old soul.

The District 13 headcannon, also very thoughtful, I liked it a lot. A smart, "rebel" like way to get information to an from each area in Panem. Really demonstrates how a rebellion is supposed to be, rag-tag, and underfunded.

In my opinion, if Eldred became President, I dont think he'd last long. Empathetic yeah, but not wholly antagonistic are brusque enough to retain power long enough to stave away an opponent. As long as he surrounded by good people, he'd be 'aight'

So yeah ... I might submit a tween .. . im not sure where exactly, however.

Good luck, even though many of us have left, I think theres enough people in the SYOT scene to pick up where our other friends have fled.

Gimme form right now. Wheres your weebly!? Lemme see.

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