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10/14/2020 c23 duckie288
hmm so u are including an 'adaption' into ur story however it is not completely an OP skill and its only 3 types so at least its not super powerful. Since you did mention there was only 3 types of adaption and gift was not 1 of them, you problem should just outright say Ash has an aura adaption since if he was 'dark' then any physical abilities wouldn't work on him flatout and even at a basic lvl; Sabrina should be able to sense 'ash' has an basic darkvoid outline to his budding 'dark' auras. The next chapter sounds pretty action packed so i hyped up! :D
10/14/2020 c23 17griffin blackwood
That was a great chapter! Well worth the wait
10/14/2020 c23 Haziq Saffari
Sorry about your breakup, and college is busy stuff. Intense chapter, can't wait for the next chapter.
10/14/2020 c23 1Npss06
Great story and great chapter, what I will say though is that I don't really sympathise with Ash in this chapter. He was asked to help capture an ancient serial killing ghost, of course there was a high chance he could die. Sabrina may not have been upfront about why she asked him but she was honest about the danger. It was his choice to go along
10/14/2020 c23 2I am vegito
thanks for the chapter broo it's so much interesting
10/10/2020 c22 duckie288
1 of the best FF i've about Pokemon, keep up the great writing and now i join the rest of us waiting for the next new chapter after binged reading all 22 chapters lol
10/8/2020 c3 bananahead1
if zubats didn't attack on hearing you in the games then ill happily admit that the character is stupid the moon shard should have glowed for ash since he's the chosen one unless he's not this time around
10/5/2020 c17 SvenTheDecoy
meh. I've always thought the entire mewtwo storyline should be scrapped. even for anime it's ridiculous.
10/5/2020 c14 SvenTheDecoy
the only time anyone should ever have a togepi is if it's a shiny king. or they're a contest trainer
10/5/2020 c11 SvenTheDecoy
he's still an idiot, and why does no one consider killing the rocket execs when they've shown their own willingness, and desire, to kill humans?
10/5/2020 c10 SvenTheDecoy
he better not give up that moonstone
10/5/2020 c6 SvenTheDecoy
lemme guess, ash loses to gary. is there a reason that Ash is such a wimp? letting Gary steamroll him into letting him use ALL his TMs for nothing in return? not sure how Gary can really be classified as a friend. he's pretty much always a dick. i like the story, just getting tired of reading about the blessed idiot hero, who wins despite his MANY shortcomings.
9/8/2020 c22 1Immortal Fafnir
Hey, Xatu line can learn miracle eye, try it...it will be a good move to learn
9/6/2020 c19 hobbes319
did ash forget about the ice plate thing he found
9/5/2020 c2 Steelrain66
Jack, the Deadpool of the story with the fourth wall breaks
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