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7/5/2020 c21 Poseidon3000
good fic
6/27/2020 c17 Guest
I as well wasn’t into Dynamax honestly. I would you to use Z-Moves, maybe by the main characters since it probably doesn’t make since yet. It’s a big part of Aloha’s trails and I think of them as short term Mega Evolution moves. If want refs if you do use them I would suggest Eldritch by TaurusVersant on ao3.
6/24/2020 c1 TinyPoisonFlower
As far as first chapters go this was awesome! I’ve met the main characters, got a taste of the relationships they’ll have and Ash already has two great Pokémon. Also your writing is top quality so that helps a lot too
6/23/2020 c21 Duja89
Nice chapter.
Always good to see training chapters especially when the team is pretty much set and getting to their final forms where they can really develop their battle styles.
They may have taken a bit too easy to the new moves and some of them could have been taught the move from another team member that already knew it or had an affinity for the type which would have promoted more interactions but that’s just my opinion.
Small discrepancy with Eevee- in the Pokédex article you wrote “there are only a few alive” but later you say something along the lines of they are rare but not hard to find.
6/22/2020 c21 1995hzq
Great long chapter, Megavolt looks like a game changer and Golduck learning to fight in water is a good boost, glad Ash take better training. Its funny when Surge and Misty shooed him when training them, but understandable, he should know no one reveals secret training methods so easily to others.

The battle with Erika is good, wonder how Saur will grow under Erika's Venusaur?
6/22/2020 c21 talesfanjmf
Nice to see Ash take training as seriously as he did in this chapter. Really liked how he got all that help too.
6/22/2020 c21 13A Wordsmith
Hey man, glad to see this! A solid boost-up chapter, giving the whole team some much needed training and new moves. Bit worried about the TMs you gave them, though - three for some, Zeus learning four: it can feel like a really big bump in the road, and I'd suggest spreading them out more in the future. Also consider being able to teach them TM moves naturally - I can definitely see Monferno having been able to teach Kratos brick break, and other things like that.

Hydrus getting some underwater training is good, and Megavolt sounds awesome for Zeus - although now I sort of wish you had reversed these two chapters lol, if only so we could see all the new techniques during the tournament.

All in all, great chapter, and keep up the awesome work!
6/22/2020 c21 anarion87
nice chapter
6/22/2020 c21 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
poor ash being dragged to the expensive place by eevee :d
nice battle's with surge and erika
6/22/2020 c21 smaiti96
Nice chapter. But didn't screecher already evolve in previous chapters?
6/22/2020 c21 17griffin blackwood
This was as a fun read
6/21/2020 c11 Guest
You are not a good enough author to be pulling this stuff
6/7/2020 c18 Valkyrie3420
No pikachu or charizard? or greninja?
6/6/2020 c20 Guest
Umbreon, Glaceon and Sylveon are the must because Ash has yet to get any pokemon of these typings. Leaning towards Sylveon if you consider it, because some of Ash's pokemon already are capable of using Dark and Ice types attack but none has yet use Fairy types attack.
5/27/2020 c1 midnightscar17
Does ash capture the trio starters
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