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5/27/2020 c20 13A Wordsmith
Hey man, glad to see another chapter!

This is probably my favourite out of your all. Tournament chapters are always fun and I think I could tell you were excited writing it, and the choices were all well though out and choreographed. My only real concrit would be to let a theasaurus rest for a bit - we’ll forgive you for the same adjective appearing more than once, and you don’t necessarily need to go digging for stuff like provocative, which might not be the exact definition you want lol. But Screecher’s evolution was excellent and the battles all nicely done. My favourite out of those would be tauros v Monferno - something about the description really got me.

And ah, the famed eevee. If you’re skipping type doubling you’ve got glaceon, umbreon, and sylveon. All of those are viable options - although sylveon’s movepool, annoyingly, did not match up to the upgrades swsh gave everyone else - I’m personally going to vote for glaceon. With every eevee I’ve read about before, it’s always a friendship evolution, and I think it’d be a cool arc for the mon to know exactly what it wants to do and then the journey lies on both itself to prepare for the evolution, and Ash to supply what it needs when it’s ready. Of course, take that all with a grain of salt - your story at the end of the day, and I’m very excited to see where you take to.

Excellent chapter, thanks for writing!
5/24/2020 c20 KaterinaWhite
Really nice so far! F*ck AJ and his methods! Will be waiting for more!
5/23/2020 c20 Duja89
Tournaments are usually boring for me because it’s a given that Ash will win or the other top prizes are enough to make it feel like a win and they’re usually rushed with boring battles.
This was a yearly tournament advertised by Silph across the region giving out a Pokémon for top prize and only 32 people participated? And a first year trainer with only 5 badges won? Realistically there would have been a lot more trainers competing and some of them would have been strong enough to beat Ash.
Somehow you made it entertaining to read though. I can’t figure out why but I was compelled to keep reading rather than start skimming through the battles.
Eevee as the prize...eh...not too exciting and I figured from the start it would be Eevee or something special from a different region like you did with Chimchar.
Overall good chapter
5/23/2020 c20 zxan
here i thought misty would scold ash for hydrus' poor performance in the water
5/22/2020 c20 1JackFace123
That was such a good chapter! I loved every second of it! 3
5/22/2020 c20 nebulae venandi
Capitulo muito bom!
Admito que não esperava um Eevee, mas é uma ótima escolha.
Por qual evolução do eevee você tem preferencia?
Eu pessoalmente gosto bastante do Umbreon e Glaceon.
Screecher eu diria a grande protagonista desse capitulo, gostei bastante que ela tenha evoluído.
A equipe do ash está evoluindo bem, e acredito que nesse capitulo ele entrou no tipo de pensamento que o pokemon estar totalmente evoluído é somente o inicio da jornada de cada pokemon ao crescer em força.
Um capitulo excelente, estou ansioso pelos próximos.
5/22/2020 c20 6OFARiolu
So many possibilities but Sylveon and Umbreon would round out the team well in terms of typing. Glaceon could also fit as well excited to see whats to come!
5/22/2020 c1 3Bigeagle
The moment you had Ash meet Red I got curious but after fully reading the first chapter I was pleased with your creative touches and originality. I'm going to read the other chapters soon!
5/22/2020 c20 17griffin blackwood
That was a smart way to introduce an eevee
5/22/2020 c20 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
liked the tournement yay for ash beating AJ wonder if his whiping like crazy on the stage would warrent an surge to take a closer look at his training style
yay for the Eevee let the betting pools open up on what evolution it take's
5/22/2020 c20 1995hzq
You sure work fast, great chapter. The tournament was exciting, final opponant is unexpectedly AJ. Finally, Eevee is a great pick for the prize. Hope you make Eevee evolve into Sylveon, they are strong Fairy-Type. Plus a good substitute for Luna.
5/22/2020 c20 talesfanjmf
Wow. I was really impressed by how you managed to fit in the whole tournament in this chapter without it feeling rushed at all.
Kudos to Misty for finally besting Surge and to Screecher for finally evolving. She truly kicked ass throughout the tournament and showed just how strong she's become. Screecher really is going to be an asset against Sabrina.

Everyone else did good jobs so no complaints there and I did like how this tournament exposed Ash to several weak points his team members have. All I have to say is that he takes advantage of the Gym Leaders that are close by to help out in that regard.
I imagine Surge will be a great help when in comes to teaching Zeus how to deal with ground types and Misty can give Hydrus some tips on how to fight underwater. I imagine that the promise of a dive ball will serve as a good enough bribe.

I was surprised to see AJ here too and if this portrayal is anything to go by you don't really have much love for him. Wonder how many other familiar faces will pop up during Ash's trek through Kanto.

Additionally I was pleasantly surprised to see Eevee was the prize for winning. Since Silph was sponsoring this event a part of me was expecting a Lapras or maybe a Porygon.
However I am happy with Eevee and can't wait to see how it fits into the team as well as what you'll evolve it into.

Overall this was a great chapter and the additions of Misty and Surge only made this better.
5/22/2020 c20 anarion87
nice chapter
5/22/2020 c20 50Poke-ranger21
great chalter, and yay! ash got an Eevee!
5/17/2020 c19 D1amondGamer
This is a great story, Why did you stop?
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