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5/3/2020 c18 1Xion The XIV
Hmm I have to agree Gigamax/dynamax can't really see it doing anything in the story, because we know Random pokemon can do it without needing trainers, but it would of been studied harder if that was the case in each region. At the same time for the Legendary pokemon I agree on certain points. Like each pokemon takes power from their source but can only hold so much at any one point. But pokemon like Arceus/Groudon/Kyogre/Rayquaza/Palkia/Dialga/Giratina and a few others should not be beaten by a single person EVER. The thought that Team Aqua/Magma/Galactic thought they could ever try and control any of them is laughable.

Idk where I read it before I liked the theory that a pokemon only evolves when their container is either empty or need more power then they can hold so it triggers evolution process to have the power to fight. So a pokemon on their last legs needs more power to fight they evolve, but pokemon that Need more power to fight will evolve.
5/2/2020 c18 1JackFace123
I love how this story is going, and while I'm sad about the tension in the team it's understandable. I think you're doing a great job as a writer. Keep it up.
5/2/2020 c18 1995hzq
Great chapter, one thing though, Monferno's line is incapable of learning Stone Edge, only Rock Tomb and Rock Slide. But its your story. Saur finally evolves, great, when will he be ready for Frenzy Plant? Plus how long will you make Atlas evolve? Can't wait for reunion with Dawn and Luna. Lastly will Zima and Oz show up again later? Alongside Misty's former Gyarados?
5/2/2020 c18 17griffin blackwood
Nice work
4/27/2020 c17 Sherlock
Perhaps I seemed a bit desperate in my review but let me elaborate:
1)Interference-if you make Cynthia the pairing, you can focus fully on ash making ash's interactions with Cynthia sporadic for a large part scattered across a large time span you know to build up a rapport.
2)Progression-a problem many face in pairings is you gotta keep updating the roster and that means you have to write about it a lot, but all Pokemon fans know her team well you can simply go ahead with that.
3)Character developement-Cynthia is known for her interest in myth and ice cream (lol) so you could just put up short adventure arcs with her and ash later on and so you don't need to worry about her character development too much.
4)Mythos-she would be an easy way to introduce the lore mythology and even the big names of people in Pokemon world.
5)Sinnoh arc-You can use Cynthia in the dining arc by then ash will be an accomplished trainer and she will have become champion so it shall introduce romance at the right time too soon or too late spoils the whole thing.
6)Rarity-This pairing is rare since people argue on age and whatnot this is fanficition you can tweak the ages as much you want, Cynthia is such an interesting character but very few use them this will an original to your fic which very few can boast of.
7)She is Cynthia lol
4/27/2020 c17 Sherlock
Please keep the pairing as ash x Cynthia we have very few of those you can adjust the ages if you wish think about it
4/22/2020 c17 talesfanjmf
Bit of an odd chapter and certainly not what I was expecting but it gives some bit of backstory on Fuji as well as setting up some future events. Now all that's left is figuring out what Mewtwo will do; will we see another version of Mewtwo Strikes Back or something else. Only time will tell.

That being said I found this story to be rather captivating, as a matter of fact I have spent the last three days binge reading it and now that I have caught up I figured that now would be a good time to share my thoughts.

One can certainly see the inspiration you got from other fics while reading this from time to time. Now that's not a bad thing mind you since we all have to start somewhere and you have been trying to set this story apart from the likes of Challenger and Traveler.
Your selection of Pokemon so far has been rather fitting and unique in some aspects, especially when it comes to Pokemon like Screecher, Zeus, and Delphi. Doubly so on the later but the Trapinch was another solid choice and I look forward to seeing what you do with it.
So yeah party has been solid and you have plenty of solid interactions between them and Ash. However there are a few issues that I have with the Pokemon.

First of allis the Ampharosite. I thought that you bringing up Mega Evolution in this story was a nice idea but I was also pretty bummed about how you haven't done anything with it now that Zeus has finally fully evolved. I think that having Mega Ampharos be used against Blaine as a trump card would have been nice to see Air Lens or not. Granted them not being able to Mega Evolve would address much issue but you haven't brought this up at all which is weird because you'd think that is one of the first things Ash would bring up after Zeus became an Ampharos. I guess time will tell what happens in that regard.
Also I can't help but wonder if Ash will get the Venasaurite as well especially with Mewtwo having been finished and things not looking particularly good for Fuji.

Another issue I have is with the Snorlax. Now I don't have a problem with what you're doing with it character and story wise since having a strong Pokemon that needs time to get to trust and like Ash is fine and I like how you are handling it. My issue comes from two things really.
One is how Ash isn't really using much of Snorlax's moveset beyond a few select moves. Yawn as well as Rest a Sleeptalk combo would have been helpful in quite a few occasions and I can't help but find it frustrating that you aren't having Ash make better use of what he's got. Hopefully that'll be addressed in a manner that makes sense.
Something else that bothered me is how Snorlax seems to not be mentioned whenever it's time to feed the Pokemon. Considering how food is one of the issues with owning a Snorlax, I really was hoping to see how you would deal with that particular aspect and it really is a bummer to see you ignore it.

Other than that, the characters are solid and you have been doing some neat things when it comes to the Gym Leaders in particular.
Red being Ash's brother is just weird to me and to be honest I can't help but feel like having him in this story feels unnecessary since he really isn't doing anything and even you seem to forget that he is here.

Team Rocket certainly got a boost in the terror and menace factor though, with each encounter being worse than the last in addition to the sadists and psychos that aren't afraid to use guns and leave bodies wherever they go.
The way you're handling Ash is fine as well aside from the things I mentioned previously though. He really has seen and been through things no one should experience, especially at his age. Plus you've given some nice justification for how he's acting and wonder how he's going to end up after this thing with the Rockets is all over.

So all in all I have been enjoying this story so far and will be keeping an eye out for what you have planned moving forward. Also I know that this is a weird thing to bring up but I was wondering if you could explain what it was Cassidy meant when she brought up having a bad experience with a condom being penetrated when she was 21. Ever since she brought it up at Lavander Tower I can't help but think about it and was hoping that you would tell me what happened.
4/19/2020 c17 Duja89
Nice chapter. Though after the ones on the island it progressively felt less and less of someone actually writing in a journal and more you giving story elements.

I actually have to disagree with A Wordsmith on your story being too much like Traveler.
It’s not a big deal that you’ve used the same places because you’ve used them in different ways.
In Traveler, Seafoam was an icy hell that focused on Ash’s perseverance and bit of arrogance to go through such a dangerous place when he was warned not to.
Here it was more of a general cave exploration. Hell change the Pokémon found, get rid of the ice, and change the plate to rock and it could fit as an exploration of Rock Tunnel.
Both stories used the Big Riddle Inn like the anime but took different approaches to Blaines personality.
It’s the more unique elements of Traveler like going on missions with Gym Leaders/Champions, the League battle with Mewtwo, and Ash’s loner personality that if you start imitating would make your story start being a copy.
And I love Uprising by A Wordsmith and am not “calling him out” but I see more important parallels with Uprising and Traveler than this story.
4/19/2020 c17 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
like the view and history of the creation of mewtwo
4/19/2020 c17 nebulae venandi
Excelente! ansioso pelos próximos capítulos.
4/19/2020 c17 griffin blackwood
This was a fun way to advance the plot
4/16/2020 c1 Kyu9930
Teach natu to use teleport in her battle style, and let the mayhem ensue.
4/16/2020 c5 Jack1nTheBox
seriously? again with the tripping? I don't remember even cannon ash being that clumsy.

Ah well, aside from ash's tendency to trip this is pretty solid. I'm curious to see what other Pomemon he's picking up in the future.
4/15/2020 c16 nebulae venandi
Capitulo fantástico, estou ansioso pelos próximos.
4/15/2020 c2 Jack1nTheBox
Ok hold on now, two things, one, tripping on a tree root? Really?

and two, what the heck is up with that philosophy, Plkemon are people too so they shouldn't be killed, but I'm totally cool with catching them and having them fight? And what the heck do the inhabitants of your pokemon world eat if pokemon aren't an option?

It's a nice fix but I do have a few things that kinds bug me
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