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1/25 c1 2Rockadoodle88
Pretty good. Bulbasaur is my favorite starter as well, it's the best dino... frog... flower thing. Pretty good start, although there are quite a few of grammar, punctuation, and spelling issues, so hopefully you'll fix that soon enough. Interested to see how this story goes.
1/25 c29 1AlphaShenron
Natalie sure is reckless but yet I can't help but think that she's acting this way to prove something. Or its a self destructive spiral after what I assume to be the loss of a pokemon.
1/24 c28 Namittheking
I really liked the chapter! loved all the fights! but i have to say that I'm starting to hate Natalie
1/24 c28 4Atheist God
Holy fck Natalie is annoying
1/24 c29 haziqsaffari2
Its ok to focus on your own life first before fics. Well Natalie is being quite the opportunist, its good she didn't catch Tyranitar, it would probably cause mayhem nonstop because it was separated from its child. The Jellicent should gives her a hard time seeing that she least contributed to its defeat, until she proves herself to it. Like Ash and Snorlax.

Atlas' recovery is good news, even though it would take a year at most, but relieved nonetheless. Keep it up.
1/23 c28 haziqsaffari2
Hope for some good news on Atlas, its been rather intense. Nice battle with Lorelei's Abomasnow.
1/23 c29 Uberzilla
Yeah, Natalie sucked big time in this chapter. First she attacks a retreating Pokemon in the back, then basically steals that Jellicent after Ash's team brought it down. I don't care what reason she'd have for acting like this, I really hope Ash gives her some comeuppance or something.
1/23 c29 17griffin blackwood
I love how Unbelievable Natalie was for most of the chapter, acting very much like canon Ash.
1/23 c29 Reader
Natalie's got some issues
A bit too obsessed with power I think
1/23 c29 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
interesting disaster prone trips seems nothing can go the right way for ash with both the onix and tyranitar and the fish of doom.
12/1/2021 c28 Guest
Amazing Job!
12/1/2021 c28 Guest
This story was rlly good and im rlly impressed. I love how each character is portrayed and i like that ashs team is much more unordinary than other fics, which i find quite refreshing to read. The thing i like the most is definitely ashs growth as a character. We see his highs, and his lows, when he celebrates and learns, and when he suffers emotionally and physically from team rocket. delia getting hurt and oak being kidnapped reminds us that our actions have consequences, and ash learns that the hard way. Atlas being hurt severely really made my heart hammer, it was so emotional, for some one with a lot of promise finally coming out of his shell, but then being hurt right after that, most likely crushing their hopes and dreams of flying and battling as flygon.
11/20/2021 c28 1Corpj123
Just got caught up with the story... a few thoughts.

I think that overall, the story is good. Ash has an interesting team, and I more or less like this sort of slower pace to power you're taking. It's taking him a while to get strong and that's okay.

But damn... those Team Rocket chapters really sucked. The first raid in Saffron was cool. It was the best chapter of the fic, actually. But it should've stopped there. The following encounters with Team Rocket just make Ash feel like a little bitch of a protagonist and it's not satisfying to watch him lose over and over.

On top of that, the most incompetent Pokemon League in any fanfic ever is here to criticize him. Sabrina, Erika, Misty... Red... other people. Blue as well. What the fuck are any of these idiots doing? If they're willing to bitch so much about a kid fighting these criminals, why the hell aren't they doing it? It happened way too many times for the excuse of 'I wasn't there but you still shouldn't do that' to fly.

Holy fuck were those chapters triggering. I almost quit reading the fic like three times but I liked the earlier parts so much I wanted to keep going. I'm sorry but the gym leaders in this story are really dumb. They're really stupid. They're way too ready to criticize a literal kid for being headstrong and making dumb decisions, and for all their blustering about what decisions he should be making, they really took a long fucking time to actually do anything about Team Rocket.

So many other parts of the story are great. I love the battles, I love the Pokemon he gets, he's generally having a good time, battling people, traveling around... generally what you want from a Pokemon fic. But man, that arc was rough as hell. It was bad.

I think I'll keep reading for now. I hope that this doesn't happen again, because I'll just unfollow/unfavorite if the fic becomes unfun to read again.
10/14/2021 c28 7MiqdadS
[This was written on my phone, and the fanfiction app doesn't work very well with autocorrect, so please excuse any errors. I'm also not very good at writing good reviews in general, so this might be a bit... scattered?]

I'll be honest, I didn't like this fic at first. It seemed like it was just another 'Ash becomes champion level in a week' fics and I'd be bored out of my mind in the moments when I wasn't laughing at the absurdity of some of the things I see in these fics.

That lasted until the Natalie and Jack left and Ash started to face real trouble. Some of his more annoying character traits were also balanced out in those few chapters and he's slowly, and believably, growing as time goes on. After the first Rocker Raid, I wasn't just enjoying the fic, I was loving it.

Your characterization is really good. Every character has a defined personality and there's very few OOC moments. I particularly liked the relationship between Ash and Gary. Their friendly rivalry is much more amusing to see than the full on hatred I see so much. I also have an irrational hatred towards the Nurse Joys, because they can really be dicks sometimes.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter and I'm glad to know this is only the first arc.
10/8/2021 c28 Guest
I had fun reading the last two chapters the fight with Giovanni Is very detailed and good write, i had fun and monferno evolves in the infernape and Giovanni escapes, will sees him after? Will ash gets bis vibrava in good status? Thank you for continue this story have a nice day and stay safe
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