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9/30/2021 c28 Reader
Wasn't expecting Ash vs Lorelei this early
Too bad Misty ditched as would've loved to meet her
I remember one of the islands having Team Rocket activity in FRLG but post league, will that happen here?
9/30/2021 c27 Reader
I fully expected Ash to win either with Infernape mastering Super Saiyan Blaze or Saur Mega evolving
But Ash losing makes sense since likely sets up there more personal face off later when Ash is stronger and more mature
At least Red saved the day
9/30/2021 c26 Reader
Damn! Paralysis! Delia did not deserve that!
The reveal hits more since Ash respects Giovanni
It's different seeing Ash face Giovanni without it being for his 8th badge
9/30/2021 c25 Reader
Well, well, well! If it isn't the city consequences of Ash's actions
Still this took a dark turn
Feel bad for the Pallet people
Hope Atlas recovers since I want Ash to have that Flygon
9/30/2021 c24 Reader
This chapter was tense and awesome
Sabrina will scold Ash or maybe call Erika and Delia to do it
Will Silph sponsor Ash like Rose did for Leon?
9/30/2021 c23 Reader
Did you give a hint to what tge Black Fog is?
And Sabrina uses a Master Ball
9/30/2021 c22 Reader
Two awesome battles in one chapter
Scyther vs Gallade made me think of Sirfetchd vs Gallade in Journeys
Missmagius should evolve ASAP so Ash should get its stone
Will you do the P1 tournament with Monferno and Poliwrath?
9/30/2021 c21 Reader
Ash battling gym leaders in rematches and all that training will definitely get him the wins now
9/30/2021 c20 Reader
Was hoping he'd get an Eevee soon
Sylveon, Umbreon, or Glaceon are possible options since Ash doesn't have there type at the moment
Great tournament and was interesting to see AJ
Will Samurai and Giselle reappear?
9/30/2021 c19 Reader
Slightly more contests then usual but was fun to see Dawn and work out issues between Luna and Hydrus
9/30/2021 c18 Reader
Was waiting for this evolution
Will we get Mega Venasaur against Giovanni's ground types?
9/30/2021 c17 Reader
These were from the logs in Pokémon Mansion on Cinnabar correct?
Can't wait for Mewtwo to strike back
9/30/2021 c16 Reader
Too bad Ash lost
Super Saiyan Blaze strikes again
Hope it evolves to control it
9/30/2021 c15 Reader
Was hoping Ash would get a Sneasal here
Or maybe a Cubchoo
The two are my favorite ice types after Glaceon
Team Rocket looks to catch Arceus
Will the Azure flue have a role or maybe the Master Ball?
9/30/2021 c14 Reader
Misty just made her own worst enemy
Anime Misty was a bit forceful when trying to get Pokémon she wanted
Like when returning Mikey's Eevee and keeping it close so if was abandoned then would snag it quickly
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