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9/30/2021 c13 Reader
Trapinch is a great catch and can't wait for it to be a Flygon
Ash vs Paul was good but feel Paul has hit a roadblock with the bond part of Mega evolution
I just learned about Scyther evolving into Kleavor in Legends of Arceus and would be cool to see Kratos become one
9/30/2021 c12 Reader
Ash dealing with a lot emotionally now
In Traveler he had a Drowzee to eat the nightmares
Here he has a Xatu that sees his unfortunate future
Psychic types have a love-hate relationship with Ash
9/30/2021 c11 Reader
Intense chapter
On a side note, does Ash have a gambling addiction?
9/30/2021 c10 Reader
Ash and Erika are totally siblings
Battles were great too
Super Saiyan Blaze reveal was awesome
Was surprised that Ash and Dawn met this early and traded
Scyther suits Ash much better and will be awesome once a Scizor
Will you hint some Pearlshipping since will be in touch?
9/30/2021 c9 Reader
Great chapter
Misdreavus is a great choice besides the usual Ghastly line
I had expected Ghost Marowak to be Alolan variant
I also expected Ash to catch Orphan Cubone for shared Team Rocket hatred
Ash and Paul getting Mega evolution is cool but why Fuji conveniently have those for both?
9/29/2021 c8 Reader
Ash wakes up from surviving a near death experience and then immediately has another one
Feel like Snorlax will give him some trouble though
9/29/2021 c7 Reader
Awesome chapter again
I always thought Giselle to be a Ground type specialist with Graveler and Cubone
Her beating Gary was a surprise
Please tell me that Ash just won Super Saiyan Blaze Chimchar!
And so the Team Rocket part of Anne occurs
At least Golduck evolves to save Ash
9/29/2021 c6 Reader
Great tournament arc
Game St. Anne is a place to gain EXP and money so this tournament lines up well with it
Too bad Jack and Nat aren't competing
9/29/2021 c5 Reader
Ash vs Surge was awesome
Only thing I would've preferred different is either replace Pikachu with Magnemite OR Raichu with Electabuzz since i really don't like evolution line teams like Misty using Staryu and Starmie or Norman and his Slakoth line team

So is Ritchie's starter Sparky? Will Charmander give him obedience issues like it did Ash? Also will Ash's anime Bulbasaur and Squirtle appear
Should have Misty catch the Squirtle Squad for her and her sisters and maybe Bulbasaur is caught by Brock
9/29/2021 c4 Reader
Natu was a smart choice for part Psychic type Starmie with its Ghost type attacks
I would've preferred Krabby or Poliwag (Poliwrath) for Ash's Water type but let's see how Psyduck does
No Nugget Bridge Challenge?
9/29/2021 c3 Reader
Poor Natalie losing
Was Charmander too tired to use a fire type attack against Aron? Maybe if used her Grass type first against Geodude but likely wanted to preserve her only type advantage for the final battle. If Brock had used Onix or Ryhorn then she would've won
Will she have a rematch eventually?
At least Ash won with only one Pokémon

Best rival Paul appears and Ash catches Clefairy
Will anyone get a fossil Pokémon? Ash with an Aerodactyl would be cool
9/29/2021 c2 Reader
Mareep instead of Pikachu in Viridian forest was unexpected
Think Nat should've caught a Pikachu if anything
She'll have to rely on Charmander's Metal Claw against Brock
9/29/2021 c1 Reader
Awesome first chapter
So Ash is Red's from Adventure's younger brother? Or is he RBY Red?
At least Jack got a Pokémon with a Mega evolution like the Kanto starters
I always believed that Ritchie and Assunta could have been the Charmander (Zippo) and Bulbasaur (Assunta's Ivysaur) trainer so wouldn't have to use OC or Leaf if wanted to stick to anime

Bulbasaur is the best choice for Kanto since has type advantage against Viridian Ground types, Pewter Rock types and Cerulean Water types
Also has resistance to Vermillion Electric types and Caledon Grass types

Natu is an original first catch but I prefer if foreign Pokémon are introduced slowly as feels natural when writing about a rookie Ash's introduction to Pokémon

Looking forward to read the rest of this story
9/27/2021 c28 2ZeraoraTheKnight
That was great. I can't wait for the next chapter!

Also, do I see a Glaceon in the future?
9/26/2021 c28 1Uber Ghidorah
Ah, the Sevii Islands. Such memories. I actually caught my first ever shiny Pokemon there. A cute little Spinarak, now a mighty Ariados, was caught on Six Island. Glad to see the Sevii Islands make it into this story, and hoping Ash catches something here.
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