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9/8/2021 c27 2ZeraoraTheKnight
Yooo he back from the grave! This is honestly amazing. I am quite happy for Ash to get a break, and I think that this chapter is a great way to not only end the Rocket arc, but also fully separate yourself from Traveller. Some chapters were a bit too similar to some of Traveller, but I think that from here on out, it's now your own story. Keep up the good work!
9/8/2021 c27 46Poke-ranger21
can you update your profile? cause you still have screecher as a misdrivious and atlas and a trapinch
9/8/2021 c27 17griffin blackwood
Well worth the wait
9/4/2021 c26 Letsgodown
Is ash ever gonna turn his hat backwards?
8/16/2021 c26 Astrid
This story has really come into its own and I can honestly say it’s up there with Traveler in terms of quality. I personally think Team Rocket is epic In this fic. Them being g really powerful fits the tone of this fic and Ash being a bit whiny is understandable with all the stuff he’s had to face. Super excited for Ash vs Giovanni I’m the next chapter and I wonder how he’ll get out of it (maybe Gengar told Red about where he’s going)?
8/15/2021 c14 Fox
Just a note - I'm very much enjoying the story, however the part with Misty's Magikarp is incredibly similar to what happened in another story written by . It's a Harry Potter and Pokemon crossover, and almost literally every detail is the same. Ron in his case caught a Magikarp with everstones embedded in the scales. He thought it was shiny. Eventually Harry tricks Lucius Malfoy into trading for it, and when Lucius finds he's been tricked, he kicks the Magikarp away which then evolves and things he realizes he's in trouble.
You may have mentioned that this was an homage to that in one of the earlier chapters and I missed it, if you did, I apologize. Aside from that, I think the story has been great so far, please keep up the good work!
8/13/2021 c26 Blitzwinger
Will there be another update soon? That cliffhanger at the end is suspenseful
8/7/2021 c26 Rylek196
Since this story is a huge pile of shit, I'm gonna self promote my better story than this abortion. *Ahem* I hate to repeat myself (Just kidding, this story is shit, and deserves it), but I have been writing this amazing story called "Long Way to Fall". It has great characters, great action scenes, great descriptions, and great expansions to the Unova lore. So what are you waiting for, it's only a few clicks away from my profile :D
7/23/2021 c26 3ElementTwisterZ
I’m really loving this story so far and these last few chapters have been amazing. I really hope you update soon as that was a pretty big cliffhanger at the end of Chapter 26. I’ve actually really loved the fact that Team Rocket is really dangerous and they’re not played for laughs. It really matches the tone often story and I think you handle them really well.

I also really like your interpretation of Ash and how despite being a good trainer, he still has ways to go to become a Pokemon Master. I don’t mind him being whiny right now as he’s dealing with a lot of stuff and it’s very realistic. I really think the development of Ash’s character is great and I’m excited to see where you take his character next.
7/21/2021 c26 R3DR031N
i love this story and your writing style, really hope you update soon
7/21/2021 c23 lordcromwell
I stumbled onto this story a few days ago and have been reading it since. I think you are a talented writer able to draw us into the world you created. However I noticed that "black fog" matched another story I have read called the great adventure, were you inspired by it?
5/12/2021 c26 8Mazongian
So this is definitely of similar quality to Traveler, and much god has this hooked me hard.

Seriously, the deep seated dread you left me in with this last chapter, the degree of realism brought into this world, it's crazy and I love it. I hope your muse returns for another chapter soon.
4/15/2021 c26 Holl0w Dan
Ouch ash really has been put through the wringer eh
Im curious about whether youll give him a fossil pokemon, dont think ive ever actually seen it in a fic before, reckon either aerodactyl or tyrantrum would fit his team
Am also very interested in how his adaptation will play out, especially if hes a ghost type and meets giratina one day
4/12/2021 c23 exstermnater66
hope it's gonna be aura if so will he get a riolu or lucario
3/18/2021 c13 exstermnater66
I hope ash starts doing contests couse there a great way to learn combining moves like ice aqua jet
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